Estelle FAYE à la Bibliothèque Municipale Tours 27/09 19hDe Tiphaine le 25/09/2017 à 17:40

Adeptes de l’Imaginaire, curieux de littérature, amateurs de découvertes, nous vous invitons à la Rencontre avec Estelle Faye, auteure de romans de fantasy, ce mercredi 27 septembre à 19h à la Bibliothèque Centrale de Tours

L’équipe de la Bibliothèque Municipale
2 bis avenue André Malraux
37000 Tours

Tél 02 47 21 61 41èque-Municipale-de-Tours

GOOD TIGER NewsDe Xavier le 07/09/2017 à 23:23

Good Tiger reveals details for new album, 'We Will All Be Gone'; launches first single, "The Devil Thinks I'm Sinking", online

On February 9th, Good Tiger will release their sophomore full-length, We Will All Be Gone, via Blacklight Media/Metal Blade Records. For a preview of the album, the first single, "The Devil Thinks I'm Sinking", can be heard at

where the record can be pre-ordered in the following formats:

--Digipak CD

--180g Black Vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 500 copies)

--Flesh Pink Clear Vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 200 copies)

--Opaque Pale Pink Vinyl (USA exclusive - limited to 500 copies)

With music instantly accessed at the touch of a button, it seems that the urge to pigeonhole bands as quickly and neatly as possible has been driven to ever more extremes in recent years. Good Tiger, however, forge their own path. Blending their influences in a manner that defies lazy classification sets them apart from their contemporaries, imbuing everything they do with a distinctive sound and feel, and with We Will All Be Gone, Good Tiger have dramatically built upon their stunning debut, 2015's A Head Full Of Moonlight. Comprised of guitarists Derya "Dez" Nagle and Joaquin Ardiles, bassist Morgan Sinclair, drummer Alex Rudinger and vocalist Elliot Coleman, Good Tiger has raised the stakes across the board - every track on We Will All Be Gone has a definitive character of its own, and none stay in a single gear, all of them dynamic and textured as they evoke various tones and moods. Tracking at Middle Farm Studios in southwest England, the band also recruited producer Forrester Savell (Karnivool/Dead Letter Circus), and engineer/mixer Adam "Nolly" Getgood (Periphery/Animals As Leaders). "We worked with Nolly on the last album, we had a great working relationship, and wanted to explore that further in a more developed situation," Dez explains. "Forrester has made some of our favorite albums, and is someone we could trust steering the ship. Having self-produced for so long it can be at times quite difficult to let go, so it was important we found people we could fully entrust to help create the album we wanted to make."

Before We Will All Be Gone's release, Good Tiger will head out on tour in North America with I The Mighty and Hail The Sun, plus Biffy Clyro at select shows.

Good Tiger line-up:
Elliot Coleman - vocals
Derya "Dez" Nagle - guitar
Joaquin Ardiles - guitar
Alex Rudinger - drums
Morgan Sinclair - bass

CANNABIS CORPSEDe Xavier le 07/09/2017 à 23:16

CANNABIS CORPSE stream their complete new full-length

CANNABIS CORPSE are now premiering their smoking hot forthcoming album, 'Left Hand Pass', which has been scheduled for release on September 8th.

CANNABIS CORPSE comment: "What's cracking all y'all weed smoking freaks out there!? I am very happy to serve up another gore soaked platter of marijuana murder music! Cannabis Corpse has been around for over a decade now. We are thrilled with how this new album has turned out and hope everyone can tell that we are genuine lovers of old school death metal brutality. Enjoy the new album fiends!"

CANNABIS CORPSE have previously released the artwork and track-list of 'Left Hand Pass', which can both be viewed below.


1. The 420th Crusade (4:29)
2. In Dank Purity (2:57)
3. Final Exhalation (2:54)
4. Chronic Breed (4:46)
5. In Battle There Is No Pot (3:26)
6. Grass Obliteration (3:21)
7. Left Hand Pass (3:18)
8. Effigy of the Forgetful (3:32)
9. Papyrus Containing the Spell to Protect Its Possessor Against Attacks from He Who Is in the Bong Water (4:27)
10. The Fiends that Come to Steal the Weed of the Deceased (3:50)

Total playing-time: 37:00

Turning a classic album title such as ENTOMBED's 'Left Hand Path' into a weedy phrase would normally be punishable by having to listen to the worst of MODERN TALKING on continued play. Yet CANNABIS CORPSE not only get away with it, but the death metal and pot aficionados are actually doing exactly what their massive following is happily demanding of the Americans.

CANNABIS CORPSE were conceived out of a passionate love for Floridian death metal shared by MUNICIPAL WASTE bassist / vocalist Phil "LandPhil" Hall and drummer Josh "Hallhammer" Hall, who created the band in 2006 in Richmond, Virginia.

Sharing a penchant for marijuana, the brothers decided from the start to leave the stereotypical genre subjects of gore, splatter, and horror behind and infuse a green sense of humour into their lyrics. Meanwhile it has become a badge of honour for many of the Halls’ idols to have one of their titles turned into a tongue-in-cheek parody. And while there can be no doubt about what inspired a verbal monster such as "Papyrus Containing the Spell to Protect Its Possessor Against Attacks from He Who Is in the Bong Water", the track-list of 'Left Hand Pass' may be read as a death metal quiz for sorts.

CANNABIS CORPSE immediately hit a nerve with their debut 'Blunted at Birth' (2006), while the following full-length 'Tube of the Resinated' (2008) and the EP 'The Weeding' (2009) demonstrated that the band was a musical match to those that they paid obviously tribute to the likes of CANNIBAL CORPSE, MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE, and OBITUARY. With 'Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise' (2011), the Americans set another benchmark of keeping the old school spirit alive. Before the release of fourth acclaimed album, 'From Wisdom to Baked' (2014), the spliff lovers' complete catalogue was re-issued on Season of Mist.

Now CANNABIS CORPSE are doing once again what they are best at and hammer out a perfect death metal album that combines straight-to-the-point songwriting with technical prowess. Time to fly high again with 'Left Hand Pass'!

Style: Death Metal

Phil "Landphil" Hall: vocals, bass
Josh "HallHammer" Hall: drums
Ray Suhy: guitar

Cover art: Pär Olofsson

Available formats
Vinyl LP in various colours
Picture Disc


ACT OF DEFIANCE NewsDe Xavier le 07/09/2017 à 23:07

Act Of Defiance launches video for new track, "Overexposure"

Act Of Defiance - the heavy metal group featuring the veteran talents of Chris Broderick on guitar, Henry Derek on vocals, Shawn Drover on drums and Matt Bachand on bass - will return with their new album, Old Scars, New Wounds, on September 29th via Metal Blade Records. After slamming back into the metalscape with their first video/single "M.I.A.", Act Of Defiance is back today with a second new music video/track, "Overexposure". Directed by Vince Edwards, the melodic scorcher is backed with fast-paced imagery of the band members in their finest form - churning out a precise metal assault!
Watch here:
where you can also pre-order the album in the following formats:

--180g Black Vinyl
--Golden Vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 100 copies)
--Auburn Marbled Vinyl (US exclusive - limited to 300 copies)

On Old Scars, New Wounds, Act Of Defiance has upped the ante. Each of the 11 new tracks sound fresh and urgent while wielding a timeless quality that will connect powerfully with metal fans new and old - and there aren't many contemporary bands who can make such a claim. Naturally blending a plethora of metallic styles and never recycling ideas, Old Scars, New Wounds is an even more dynamic and diverse collection than its predecessor. The title - plucked from the blistering track "Conspiracy Of The Gods" - stands as a metaphor for life in general, and the breadth of lyrical matter covered is as broad as the styles of heavy music found on the record.

Old Scars, New Wounds track-listing:

1. M.I.A.
2. Molten Core
3. Overexposure
4. The Talisman
5. Lullaby of Vengeance
6. Circle of Ashes
7. Reborn
8. Conspiracy of the Gods
9. Another Killing Spree
10. Broken Dialect
11. Rise of Rebellion

Going into writing the record, the quartet had no grand plan, and spread across the continental US, the individual members worked separately, bouncing demos back and forth and building on each others' ideas. Like many contemporary bands, through taking advantage of available technologies they made a record that is very much a collaborative effort, despite the distances lying between the members' home bases. Recruiting producer Dave Otero (Cattle Decapitation, Allegaeon) they tracked the record likewise, with Broderick laying down guitars in his own Ill-Fated Studios in LA, Derek and Broderick's vocals tracked at Red Light Studios also in LA, with Bachand tracking his contributions at Manshark in South Hampton, MA and Drover's drums were laid down at Atlanta's Glow In The Dark Studios.

Having proven themselves on the road in support of Birth And The Burial both as headliners and supporting the likes of Killswitch Engage, Hellyeah, and Hatebreed, the band are looking ahead to the expansive touring that will accompany Old Scars, New Wounds, and their hunger to get back in front of crowds has not abated in the slightest. Upcoming touring plans are set to be announced very soon.

Stay tuned for more news, tracks and videos coming from Act Of Defiance, in anticipation of the release of Old Scars, New Wounds.

Act of Defiance line-up:
Chris Broderick - guitar
Henry Derek - vocals
Shawn Drover - drums
Matt Bachand - bass

HOLISPARK NewsDe Xavier le 07/09/2017 à 23:01

Vidéo " Believer (Imagine Dragons Cover)"

ARCHITECTSDe Xavier le 07/09/2017 à 22:58

Découvrez le nouveau clip et morceau inédit Doomsday

SepticFlesh premiere new video clip De Xavier le 02/09/2017 à 10:21

The highly anticipated tenth SEPTICFLESH full-length, 'Codex Omega' has finally hit the shops today, Friday, September 1st. The Greek masters of symphonic death metal are celebrating this occasion by releasing a video clip for the track "Portrait of a Headless Man".

The sinister clip created by celebrated director Jon Simvonis is now streaming

SEPTICFLESH comment on their new video: "We are proud to present the video for our song 'Portrait of a Headless Man' to you. Does this look like a dystopian artistic trip or like something sinister that is in fact happening right now? In any case, this clip represents the aesthetics and dark atmosphere of our new album 'Codex Omega' perfectly. Push play and connect!"

SEPTICFLESH have previously release the following statement about their new album: "The beginning of autumn marks the release of our tenth opus 'Codex Omega'. You are all welcome to enter Inferno in search for the last Testament. Here only the Headless prevail, as there is no godhead above. Here Martyrs died for the sake of reason and knowledge. And our Art is our Church. Our Queen is no 'virgin' Mary. Our Gospels are bringing fear. And at the end, the true identity of Trinity is revealed. Behold Codex Omega!"

'Codex Omega' has already been named "album of the month" by Spark Magazine (CZ), Ultraje (PT), and Ghostcult Magazine (UK) with more such highest scores confirmed but not made public yet.

The artwork for 'Codex Omega' has been created by frontman Seth and can be viewed below.

1. Dante's Inferno (5:34)
2. 3rd Testament (Codex Omega) (4:08)
3. Portrait of a Headless Man (5:00)
4. Martyr (5:07)
5. Enemy of Truth (4:55)
6. Dark Art (5:24)
7. Our Church, Below the Sea (3:59)
8. Faceless Queen (5:20)
9. The Gospels of Fear (3:41)
10. Trinity (4:07)

SEPTICFLESH are painting an apocalyptic vision and make full use of their impressive musical palette consisting of death metal and orchestral colours on their tenth full-length, 'Codex Omega'.

From their alpha EP 'Temple of the Lost Race' that was released one year after their founding in 1990, the Greek musicians have pushed the limits of the metal genre and continued to explore new sonic path with every following release from their debut album 'Mystic Places of Dawn' (1994) to the stunning 'Sumerian Daemons' (2003), which have in the meantime all been re-issued by Season of Mist.

Yet SEPTICFLESH had clearly come into their own sound when they unleashed their celebrated comeback album after a five-year hiatus that re-charged their artistic batteries. 'Communion' (2008) offered a well-balanced amalgamation of metal elements that were freely drawn from the darker side of the genre including death, black, and gothic metal with epic orchestral arrangements. This symphonic excellence was based on guitarist Christos Antoniou bringing to bear the fruits of his academic studies of classical composition, which he passed with honours and distinction.

With a clear musical compass to navigate, SEPTICFLESH continued to explore their sound and the compositional possibilities of this new-found metal continent. 'The Great Mass' (2011) and 'Titan' (2014) saw the Greeks evolving at fast speed and at the same time gathering adherents as well as critical praise in ever growing numbers. Extended touring on both sides of the Atlantic and performances at about every important festival further consolidated the bands burgeoning status.

Although the biblical omega marks the end, SEPTICFLESH on the contrary are reaching their current peak with 'Codex Omega', an album that clearly witnesses the Greek visionaries having come to maturity and expert craftsmanship in every sense.

SEPTICFLESH are the undisputable masters of symphonic death metal and 'Codex Omega' is the perfect proof for this bold statement.

Seth Siro Anton: vocals, bass
Christos Antoniou: guitar, orchestration
Sotiris Anunnaki V: clear vocals, guitar, 12-string guitar
Kerim "Krimh" Lechner: drums

Guest musicians
Giannis Poupoulis: oud (on "Martyr" and "Faceless Queen")
Vahan Galstyan: duduk (on "Portrait of a Headless Man")

FILMharmonic Orchestra of Prague conducted by Adam Klemens

Soprani: Flora Tzini, Christina Alexiou, Margarita Papadimitriou
Alti: Antonia Despouli, Kandia Bouzioti, Kiriaki Trohani
Tenors: Michalis Platanias, Romanos Papadimitriou
Basses: Nikos Tsachalinas, Romanos Papadimitriou
Conducted by Margarita Papadimitriou

Zero Gravity Studios (Athens, Greece)
Smecky Studios (Prague, Czech Republic)
Fascination Street Studios (Stockholm, Sweden)

Produced by Jens Bogren and SEPTICFLESH
Sound engineer: Terry Nikas
Sound engineer for the orchestra recordings: Jan Holzner

Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios assisted by Linus Corneliusson


Available formats
Collectors Box
Digipak CD
Gatefold double LP in various colours

DIAMANTE : De Xavier le 27/08/2017 à 18:28

There's a New Girl in Town...

Si vous aimez Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, Debbie Harry... et Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard, Bowie... et le bleu...

Check this out !

Clip du précédent single "I'm Coming Hot"

Nouveau titre "Sleepwalking"

Los Angeles - based Mexican-Italian-American solo artist DIAMANTE releases her brand-new single “Sleepwalking” today via Better Noise Records following its premiere with Brightest Young Things.

Produced by Howard Benson [Chris Cornell, Kelly Clarkson, My Chemical Romance, Halestorm], “Sleepwalking” sees the up-and-comig rock firebrand revealing new layers to her craft both sonically and emotionally.

About the song, Diamante explains, “’Sleepwalking’ is the augmented supernatural version of a post-psychologically gut-wrenching heartbreak. It's about being so completely immersed by the loss that their presence is felt everywhere, even physically. It's a sinister heightened reality where the only means of escape are by living in the numb in-between world of wake and sleep”

“Sleepwalking” follows her debut single “Coming In Hot” which premiered via Alternative Press and has garnered nearly 400K views to date!

Coming In Hot is also the title track to her forthcoming 2018 debut LP. The upcoming collection brings to light a signature sound the artist has been developing meticulously since age 13. Now 20, Diamante is poised to breathe new life into rock. With her edgy style, sultry vocals, pop sensibility, and unabashed swagger, Diamante draws from myriad influences and calls to mind legends from a spectrum of rock icons including Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, Debbie Harry, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, and Bowie.

SERIOUS BLACKDe Xavier le 25/08/2017 à 19:38

„The Witch Of Caldwell Town“ lyric video available
„Magic“ album out now!

It’s getting serious! Melodic power metal band SERIOUS BLACK not only releases the highly anticipated third album, titled „Magic“ today, but also a brand new lyric video for the song “The Witch Of Caldwell Town” is available now.

What melodic power metal band SERIOUS BLACK has achieved in less than three years of band history and with only two albums under their belts, is extraordinary. The band, consisting of musicians from bands such as Firewind, Rhapsody, Tad Morose, Edenbridge, Visions of Atlantis and Dreamscape, has positioned itself directly among the leading formations of their genre. Tours with HammerFall and Gamma Ray made the fanbase grow rapidly and with the first headlining tour in September 2016 SERIOUS BLACK impressively demonstrated that they are a real live force! Inspired by the consistently euphoric reactions of fans and the media alike, the band will already release its third studio album, titled "Magic", is available now.
“Magic” sees SERIOUS BLACK reach the peak of their creativity and takes the listener on a journey through a world of fantasy. A 14 songs strong jewel case CD marks the 2basic” album, while the 2CD Digipak comes with an bonus CD (”Live In Atlanta”) and the ltd. “witch board” box set even includes an additional unplugged CD. Of course “Magic” is also available on (black and white) Vinyl. After the launch of the album, SERIOUS BLACK will hit the road once again – again as headliners and this time supported by special guest and AFM labelmate Herman Frank.

(Special Guest Herman Frank):

07.09.17 DE - Nürnberg - Hirsch
08.09.17 BE - Sint Amandsberg / Gent - Jeugdhuis Asgaard
09.09.17 NL - Weert - Bosuil
10.09.17 DE - Monheim - Sojus 7
12.09.17 UK - London - Underworld
14.09.17 FR - Nantes - Le Ferrailleur
15.09.17 ES - Madrid - Caracol
16.09.17 ES - Barcelona - BÛveda
17.09.17 FR - Puget-sur-Argens - Le Rat¥s
19.09.17 IT - Milan - Legend Club
20.09.17 AT - Salzburg - Rockhouse
21.09.17 CH - Zürich - Werk 21
22.09.17 DE - Munich - Backstage
23.09.17 CZ - Zlin - Masters of Rock Cafe
24.09.17 HU - Budapest - D¸rer Kert
26.09.17 DE - Weinheim - Cafe Central
27.09.17 DE - Hamburg - Markthalle
28.09.17 DE - Oberhausen - Helvete
29.09.17 DE - Stuttgart - Club Zentral
30.09.17 DE - Berlin - Nuke Club
01.10.17 AT - Vienna - Viper Room
06.10.17 (JP) - Tokyo - Harajuko Astro Hall
07.10.17 (RU) - St. Petersburg - Opera
08.10.17 (RU) - Moscow - Moskva Hall

The Voynich Code - Behind the Mirror feat. Ed Garcia - Guitar PlaythroughDe Tiphaine le 24/08/2017 à 10:10

DECREPIT BIRTH - Hieroglyphic (Official Playthrough)De Tiphaine le 24/08/2017 à 09:51

La rentrée à la Maison de la bd BLOIS 41De Tiphaine le 23/08/2017 à 16:49

La rentrée à la Maison de la bd c’est :

· L’exposition Il était une fois l’homme de Jean Barbaud, du 12 septembre jusqu’au 4 novembre

· L’exposition Bulles d’archéo, quand la bd met en scène l’archéologie à Blois de Joaquim Diaz et de Renaud Pennelle, du 12 septembre jusqu’au 4 novembre

· Vernissage des expositions le mardi 12 septembre à 18h

· Reprise des cours BD pour les 8-12 ans, le mercredi 13 septembre à 14h, avec Ambroise Crèche

· Reprise des cours BD pour les 12 ans et plus, le mercredi 13 septembre à 16h, avec Henoch Nsangata

· Reprise des cours BD pour les adultes, le jeudi 14 septembre à 18h30, avec Fabrice Meddour

· Reprise de l’atelier illustration et dessin pour les adolescents et adultes, le samedi 16 septembre à 10h, avec Annie Bouthémy

Der Weg einer Freiheit De Xavier le 22/08/2017 à 21:59

Der Weg einer Freiheit unleash complete new album and announce new guitarist

DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT are unleashing their complete forthcoming album, 'Finisterre'. The new masterpiece of the rising German black metal stars will be released this Friday, August 25th.

The fourth full-length of these fire-starting Germans is now being streamed :

Frontman Nikita Kamprad comments on behalf of the band: "Today, we are finally able to present our full new album 'Finisterre' to you. We hope that you will enjoy it! However, we also need to let you know that our long-time guitarist Sascha decided to leave the band to pursue his own musical vision. Whenever possible, he will still be helping us out as a backliner. We thank Sascha for all his passion and dedication to this band and wish him the very best for his future endeavours! We take this opportunity to introduce our new guitarist Nico, who has already stepped in as live guitarist for some shows in 2011 and is now joining us full time. The past three gigs with him, including our release show at Summer Breeze, went great and we are more than ready to finally unleash 'Finisterre' and see you on tour in September and October!"

Former guitarist Sascha adds: "I am using this opportunity to give a big round of thanks to everyone who contributed to DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT in any way and any form over the past six years and everyone who is going to do this in future, because I will remain with the band behind the stage whenever possible and you might see me jump around before a show to make sure that everything runs smoothly. This way I can keep working with my best friends. My decision to leave the stage was sure not an easy one and took me a long time, but I just have to move on in a musical sense and dedicate my creativity for my other band FUCK YOU AND DIE and another new metal band venture that is taking a huge part of my time, passion and care. If you would like to connect and catch up with me - feel free to hit me up on the socials. Please enjoy 'Finisterre' as it is a magnificent piece of art and I believe in Nikita's way of creating music. Thank you again and see you soon! Probably sooner than you might think. Sincerely, Sascha."

Artwork and track-list of 'Finisterre' can be viewed below.

1. Aufbruch (9:49)
2. Ein letzter Tanz (13:49)
3. Skepsis Part I (5:05)
4. Skepsis Part II (5:36)
5. Finisterre (11:13)

The musical puzzle that adds up to become DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT turns into something more complex – yet also clearer defined on the band's fourth studio album, 'Finisterre'. The original pieces are still in play: the aggressive German directness akin to ENDSTILLE and a penchant for brooding melancholy as embodied by IMPERIUM DEKADENZ. Spiralling psychedelic moments comparable to DEAFHEAVEN and WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM also find their place – as well as a knack for majestic melodies that shows parallels in Swedish black metal spearheaded by MARDUK and DARK FUNERAL.

Yet while DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT are clearly progressing along the lines laid out by their previous acclaimed effort, 'Stellar', the band has found a way to make these pieces fit more seamlessly. 'Finisterre' flows together into a coherent picture that stresses the Germans’ unique approach and sound. This album marks the point where DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT turn their various influences into a work entirely of their own expression despite never trying to cover up their roots. This impressive maturity has been reached through several stages.

Founded in 2009 by guitarist Nikita Kamprad and vocalist Tobias Jaschinsky, DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT garnered early attention with their self-released debut 'Der Weg einer Freiheit' (2009), which quickly sold out and was re-issued with new drum tracks a year later. Following the 'Agonie' EP (2011), their second album 'Unstille' (2012) already cored international acclaim. In the aftermath of this record, co-founding member Tobias left and main songwriter Nikita Kamprad took over his vocal duties.

The frontman was first heard on third full-length 'Stellar' (2015), which saw DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT gaining traction across the pond as well as expanding their European base. Having performed along such diverse acts as WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, NEAERA, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, AMENRA, CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX, and DOWNFALL OF GAIA as well as playing prestigious festivals such as Graspop, Hellfest, Resurrection, Roadburn, Summer Breeze, and Wacken has honed the band’s songwriting skills to razor-sharp precision.

'Finisterre' clearly stands at the apex (for now) of the steep climb that DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT have taken. This German star is finally shining in full black.

Current line-up
Nikita Kamprad: guitars, vocals
Tobias Schuler: drums
Nico Rausch: guitars
Nico Ziska: bass

Recording line-up
Nikita Kamprad: guitars, bass, vocals
Tobias Schuler: drums

Style: Black Metal

Recording: Ghost City Recordings, Nikita Kamprad
Mixing: Ghost City Recordings, Nikita Kamprad
Mastering: Original Mastering, Philipp Welsing

Cover art: Max Löffler


DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT have previously announced a European headlining tour supported by French brothers in spirit, REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER and the recently added INTER ARMA.

Vocalist Nikita Kamprad commented: "We are stoked to have INTER ARMA as another special guest joining our album release tour this fall. Coming all the way from the US, they will enrich each night with their unique soundscape and thus complete this killer package. We can hardly wait, do not miss this!"

Please find a list of all currently confirmed dates below.

22 Sep 17 Hamburg (DE) Hamburg Metal Dayz

21 Sep 17 Münster (DE) Gleis 22
23 Sep 17 Köln (DE) Underground
24 Sep 17 Rotterdam (NL) Baroeg
25 Sep 17 Nijmegen (NL) Merleyn
26 Sep 17 Esch-sur-Alzette (LU) Kulturfabrik
27 Sep 17 Wiesbaden (DE) Schlachthof
28 Sep 17 Stuttgart (DE) Keller Klub
29 Sep 17 Puget Sur Argens (FR) Le Rat's
30 Sep 17 Barcelona (ES) Razzmatazz 3
01 Oct 17 Madrid (ES) Sala Caracol
02 Oct 17 Nantes (FR) Le Ferrailleur
03 Oct 17 Paris (FR) Le Petit Bain
04 Oct 17 Strasbourg (FR) La Laiterie
05 Oct 17 Lyon (FR) O'Totem
06 Oct 17 Zürich (CH) Werk 21
07 Oct 17 München (DE) Kranhalle
08 Oct 17 Salzburg (AT) Rockhouse
10 Oct 17 Budapest (HU) Dürer Kert
11 Oct 17 Wien (AT) Arena
12 Oct 17 Ceské Budejovice (CZ) MC Fabrika
13 Oct 17 Leipzig (DE) UT Connewitz
14 Oct 17 Berlin (DE) Lido

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER NewsDe Xavier le 22/08/2017 à 21:52

The Black Dahlia Murder reveals details for new album, 'Nightbringers'; launches video for title track.

On October 6th, The Black Dahlia Murder will release their eighth full-length, Nightbringers, via Metal Blade Records. For a first preview of the record, a video for the title track can be viewed at

where the album can be pre-ordered in the following formats:

--Standard Digipak (10-Panel "Cross") CD

--Limited Edition Digipak (10-Panel "Cross") CD w/ 5 Bonus Tracks (EU Exclusive)

--Cassette (USA Exclusive - limited to 500 Copies)

--Split Translucent Red / Black Vinyl (USA Exclusive - 800 Copies)

--Translucent Red (USA Exclusive - 600 Copies)

--Translucent Red w/ Black Swirls (USA Exclusive - 300 Copies)

--Clear w/ Black Swirls (USA Exclusive - 300 Copies)

--White / Red Marble Vinyl (USA Exclusive - 200 Copies)

--180g Black Vinyl (EU Exclusive - 1000 Copies)

--Translucent Red / Black Marbled Vinyl (EU Exclusive - 500 Copies)

--White Vinyl (EU Exclusive - 300 Copies)

--Opaque Red / Black Splatter Vinyl (EU Impericon Exclusive - 200 Copies)

* exclusive bundles with a shirt, plus digital options are also available!

Rather than meticulously plan things out or stick rigidly to any kind of template, when it comes to writing, The Black Dahlia Murder prefer to let things happen organically. In the hands of guitarist Brian Eschbach - who co-founded the band with front-man Trevor Strnad in 2001 - and new recruit Brandon Ellis (Arsis, ex-Cannabis Corpse), Nightbringers is rich with dynamic riffs that are at once fresh and classic The Black Dahlia Murder, resulting in a collection that shifts through many moods and effortlessly incorporates various elements of extreme metal. While Strnad explores a variety of themes and ideas with his lyrics, they are united by the album's title, which embraces a tenet that has been central to The Black Dahlia Murder's output since the very beginning. "Death metal and nighttime are synonymous to me," Strnad explains. "We are the rulers of the darkened hours that the Christian good fears. A lot of archaic ideas that are still upheld - such as marriage and monogamy - came from Christianity, whether people want to acknowledge it or not, and to me, death metal has always been bucking that. It's 'being-the-villain music', because we're the enemy of Christianity, the enemy of all that is good and traditional. Death metal is for free thinkers, it's for showing people the path to inner strength and operating on your own will, instead of being told what to do and living in fear, and songs like the title track and 'Kings Of The Nightworld' are about leading a legion of awakened minds into battle."

Nightbringers track-listing

1. Widowmaker

2. Of God and Serpent, Of Spectre and Snake

3. Matriarch

4. Nightbringers

5. Jars

6. Kings of the Nightworld

7. Catacomb Hecatomb

8. As Good as Dead

9. The Lonely Deceased

The Black Dahlia Murder is currently co-headlining "The Summer Slaughter Tour" with Dying Fetus, plus Oceano, Origin, Slaughter to Prevail, Rings Of Saturn, Betraying the Martyrs and Lorna Shore as support. This USA trek sees The Black Dahlia Murder performing Nocturnal in its entirety, for the album's 10-year anniversary - making this one show not to be missed! See below for all dates, with more to be announced soon!

"The Summer Slaughter Tour" dates
w/ The Black Dahlia Murder, Dying Fetus, Oceano, Origin, Slaughter to Prevail, Rings Of Saturn, Betraying the Martyrs, Lorna Shore
Aug. 22 - Concord Music Hall - Chicago, IL
Aug. 23 - Bogart's - Cincinnati, OH
Aug. 25 - The Majestic - Detroit, MI
Aug. 26 - Agora Theatre and Ballroom - Cleveland, OH

Nikki SIXXDe Xavier le 22/08/2017 à 21:47

Nikki SIXX, The Heroin Diaries a 10 ans ! Campagne Pledge ! Nouvelle version du livre et de l'album ! Expo photos !




THE HEROIN DIARIES: Ten Year Anniversary Edition by Nikki Sixx

Featuring Exclusive New Chapters, New Cover & Never-Before-Seen Photos

Out October 24th on Gallery Books / Simon & Schuster

The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack: 10th Anniversary Edition by SIXX:A.M.

Featuring 3 Newly Reimagined 2017 Tracks Including #1 hit “Life Is Beautiful 2017”

Digital LP, CD & CD / DVD, Out October 27th via Eleven Seven Music

+ Soon Avail For The First Time As Deluxe Limited Edition Vinyl & Audio Book

Check out this new “Life Is Beautiful 2017” art track

Also Available For Pre-Order Today:

The Heroin Diaries Graphic Novel in collaboration with HEAVY METAL

First Time Ever Graphic Novel Adaptation Of The Heroin Diaries

LOS ANGELES CA, August 21, 2017 – Today marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Nikki Sixx’s drug-soaked NY Times bestselling memoir, THE HEROIN DIARIES and SiXX:A.M.’s The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack.

To commemorate more than a decade of sobriety and life lessons learned, Nikki Sixx and SIXX:A.M. revisit the seminal work; announcing Tenth Anniversary Editions of the book and album in multiple formats including: digital LP, CD, CD / DVD, and Special Edition Vinyl, and Graphic Novel. Fans can get a jump start TODAY by pre-ordering these and more exclusively at PledgeMusic.

Nikki Sixx got sober sixteen years ago. A decade ago he shared this story with the world. And yet with the modern opioid crisis looming larger than ever; Sixx’s journey to sobriety and the words and music it inspired remains poignantly relevant.

Chronicling the year of decadence and depravity that almost cost Sixx his life during the recording and tour for Mötley Crüe’s seminal 1987 album GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS, the book not only became a worldwide bestseller but also spawned the band SIXX:A.M., and Sixx’s nationally syndicated daily iHeart Media rock radio show “Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx.”

Says Sixx: “Over the last ten years I’ve met so many people who have thanked me for The Heroin Diaries and say that it saved their lives,” explains Nikki. “But the truth is, writing The Heroin Diaries saved my life too.”

Journey back again into this mega–New York Times bestselling survivor’s story in one of the most “harrowing” (Rolling Stone) and “heartbreaking” (The New York Times) memoirs of addiction ever published and the soundtrack it inspired. The once-shattered rock star shares raw and mesmerizing journal entries from the year he plunged to rock bottom—and his courageous decision to pick himself up and start living again. In never-before-seen photos and exclusive new chapters, Nikki reflects on his decade of sobriety in this expanded 10th anniversary edition of the book.

SIXX:A.M. also celebrates its 10-year anniversary with the re-release of The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack: 10th Anniversary Edition. Comprised of James Michael (vocalist, producer, songwriter), Dj Ashba (guitarist, songwriter) Nikki Sixx (bassist, songwriter), the group initially came together to write, record, and co-produce The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack, which sold over 300,000 copies, and includes the #1 hit single, “Life Is Beautiful,” which became radio’s most played rock song of 2008. Over the past decade SIXX:A.M. has become a full-fledged global rock powerhouse, releasing four additional albums, multiple Top 5 hits and playing the biggest festivals and arenas around the world.

THE HEROIN DIARIES: Ten Year Anniversary Edition by Nikki Sixx is out October 24th via Gallery Books / Simon & Schuster featuring a new cover, never-before-seen photos and exclusive brand new chapters.

THE HEROIN DIARIES: 10th Anniversary Edition Soundtrack by SIXX:A.M. will be released October 27th via Eleven Seven Music as a digital album, CD, and CD/DVD. A limited edition vinyl package will also come later this year. All music configurations feature new artwork, personal notes from the band and include 3 newly re-imagined tracks: “Life Is Beautiful 2017”, “Accidents Can Happen 2017”, and Girl With Golden Eyes 2017”.

Also on pre-sale today is The Heroin Diaries graphic novel, a collaboration that Nikki Sixx and HEAVY METAL recently announced at ComicCon San Diego. The Graphic Novel presents the Heroin Diaries from a different angle and gives both insight and understanding to the deadly trap and temptation of addiction adapted by Rantz Hoseley, illustrated by Danijel Zezelj, and Keiron Dwyer, an with exclusive cover art by David Mack.

In addition, Sixx will debut his first-ever photography exhibit in partnership with Leica Camera at the Leica Gallery Los Angeles beginning October 4 (announcement forthcoming). The collection features Sixx’s most precious moments and interactions from the past decade, in images including homelessness and drug addiction amongst other topics which Sixx was all too familiar with before photography helped change his life post-sobriety.

Beyond The Styx (37) en studio :)De Tiphaine le 07/08/2017 à 10:35

Beyond The Styx est de retour en studio pour procéder à l'enregistrement d'un nouvel album composé de 10 nouveaux titres.

Enregistré par David Potvin au Dome Studios ( Kronos, T.A.N.K, One Way Mirror... ) et produit par Nick Jett ( Terror, Backtrack, Lionheart, Thick As Blood, Ringworm, Broken Teeth...)

Maxime Ginolin vous présente son nouveau clip "Zombies' World"De Tiphaine le 28/07/2017 à 12:55

S.U.P//Réédition de l'album De Tiphaine le 25/07/2017 à 15:31

VOLKER : Nouveau clip "Black Sunday"De Xavier le 19/07/2017 à 10:30

VOLKER vient de sortir son nouveau clip "Black Sunday" issu de leur dernier album "Dead Doll" sorti en avril dernier chez Overpowered Records


I leave, I'm cursing you

A page turns on the evil

I'm calling upon evil, I know from where I come

You understand nothing

The wood tears under my feet

these flames are going to take me,

I avoid you. I shout you. I vomit. We shall join all in hell....

Show Aniki Cowboys From Breizh - DooweetDe Tiphaine le 10/07/2017 à 11:26