SUMMER STORM Whoever You AreDe Tiphaine le 26/09/2018 à 15:09

DIRTY RAVEN - HYPOCRISY (Official Video)De Tiphaine le 26/09/2018 à 10:47

SIRENIA - Love Like Cyanide (Official Lyric Video) | Napalm RecordsDe Tiphaine le 26/09/2018 à 10:23

"Nymphéas noirs", l'adaptation très graphique du polar de Michel BussiDe Tiphaine le 26/09/2018 à 10:17

Nymphéas noirs le polar de Michel Bussi, grand succès en 2001 en librairie, va être adapté au sein du label Aire Libre, de chez DUPUIS.

Le succès de ce roman est-il suffisant pour réaliser une bande dessinée exceptionnelle ? Oui si l’adaptation est co-écrite avec le talentueux Fred Duval et si le dessin et les couleurs de ce roman noir sont confiés à Didier Cassegrain. Pour la première fois, ce virtuose de la bande dessinée d’action arme sa main de pastels gras donnant toute son ambition picturale à cette intrigue qui se déroule dans la capitale de l’impressionnisme. Quand Mignola percute Monet, le polar français en bandes dessinées se réinvente.

A l’instar de Manchette avec Cabanes, Bussi trouve avec Cassegrain son incarnation graphique.

HABITANTS : nouvel album des ex The Gathering!De Xavier le 21/09/2018 à 23:13


Anne van den Hoogen (chant+paroles)
René Rutten (guitare+compositions)
Gema Pérez(guitare+piano+compositions)
Mirte Heutemekers (basse)
Jerome Miedendorp de Bie (batterie)
+ invités Hans Rutte (batterie) / Noël Hofman (trompette)


1) Winter
2) One Self
3) Jupiter
4) Soul Traveller
5) The Wake
6) Magnolia
7) Meraki
8) Runners
9) Vince

ICE NINE KILLS News / Vidéo " A Grave Mistake "De Xavier le 21/09/2018 à 23:02

ICE NINE KILLS News/ Vidéo " A Grave Mistake "

Nouvel album ‘The Silver Scream’ le 5 octobre prochain

THE OCEAN NewsDe Xavier le 21/09/2018 à 22:54

THE OCEAN releases behind-the-scenes of the upcoming album with DRUM! Magazine: Recording Drums in Sigur Ros' Icelandic Studio!

The abrasively cold island of Iceland is carved out by the extreme forces of nature, varying from pearl white snow covered mountain ranges to blackened volcanic deserts. Naturally, The Ocean Collective found this harsh and grueling expanse of land to be the perfect location for bringing their latest work to fruition, recording in a studio belonging to Sigur Ros and used by many Icelandic greats. Today, DRUM! Magazine goes behind the music and brings to light the intensive creative process of immersive songwriting.

The behind-the-scenes video exposes how drummer Paul Seidel approaches the kit through finding his inner peace, and focusing that newfound energy into producing hard hitting beats. Sigur Ros's converted studio encapsulates and captures every vibration, while the team behind The Ocean Collective welds them together to create the upcoming dive into the Palaeozoic era

Ebbs and flows of proggy melodies, crushing guitars, swelling strings and powerful vocals match the heavy lyrical themes THE OCEAN has made its signature. 'Phanerozoic I' is now available for preorder, along with meticulously designed merch bundles, something for which they've become known. 'Phanerozoic' is out on November 2nd via Metal Blade Records (CD / digital) and Pelagic Records (vinyl), with merch bundles available for preorder now via MetalBlade.

For a preview of 'Phanerozoic I: Palaezoic' surf over to where you can stream the 1st single 'Permian'. Make sure to check out the pre-order section as well, 'Phanerozoic I: Palaezoic' is available in the following formats:

-- ltd. Digipak-CD with elaborated packaging
-- ltd. (1000) wooden boxset including the ltd. Digipak-CD, full album as instrumental CD, ‚Precambrian' Live-DVD, slate plate (with laser engraving), exclusive poster, fossil, numbered certificate

Pelagic will handle the vinyl release of 'Phanerozoic I: Palaezoic'.

THE OCEAN have just announced a full European tour for October with support from Rosetta and Arabrot.

31/10/18 DE - Karlsruhe - Dudefest
01/11/18 FR - Paris - Backstage
02/11/18 UK - London - The Dome
03/11/18 UK - Leeds - Damnation Festival
04/11/18 NL - Eindhoven - Effenaar
05/11/18 DE - Münster - Sputnikhalle
06/11/18 DE - Wiesbaden - Schlachthof
07/11/18 CH - Sion - Le Port France
08/11/18 IT - Milan - Santeria Social Club
09/11/18 DE - München - Strom
11/11/18 SK - Bratislava - Randal
12/11/18 RO - Cluj-Napoca - Form Space
14/11/18 RO - Bucharest - Control Club
15/11/18 RO - Timisoara - Reflektor
16/11/18 HU - Budapest - Blue Hell
17/11/18 CR - Zagreb - Mochvara
18/11/18 PL - Krakow - Zet Pe Te
19/11/18 PL - Warsaw - Proxima

An additional four German dates will be played between Christmas and NYE.

27/12/18 DE - Rostock - Mau Club
28/12/18 DE - Jena - Kassablanca
29/12/18 DE - Nürnberg - Club Stereo
30/12/18 DE - Berlin - Lido

Phanerozoic I: Palaezoic track-listing:
1. The Cambrian Explosion
2. Cambrian II: Eternal Recurrence
3. Ordovicium: The Glaciation of Gondwana
4. Silurian: Age of Sea Scorpions
5. Devonian: Nascent
6. The Carboniferous Rainforest Collapse
7. Permian: The Great Dying

Funny Ugly Cute Karma - "On the Run" (videoclip)De Tiphaine le 13/09/2018 à 18:26

OPERA MULTI STEEL- L' EmotionnelDe Tiphaine le 13/09/2018 à 18:22

Psychoid - We Kick Your Ass (clip)De Tiphaine le 13/09/2018 à 18:08

Esben and the Witch - The Unspoiled (Official Track Premiere)De Tiphaine le 12/09/2018 à 10:29

THE ORDER OF APOLLYON - Trident Of Flesh (Official Music Video)De Tiphaine le 10/09/2018 à 19:40

Theraphosa - Obsession (vidéo)De Tiphaine le 10/09/2018 à 19:33

THERAPHOSA, trio français de frères, présente sa première vidéo « Obsession » tiré de son EP éponyme.

Produit par Jan Rechberger, batteur d’Amorphis, il sortira en digital et physique (via Season Of Mist) le 19 octobre.

SMASH HIT COMBO News / The Legend of ZeldaDe Xavier le 09/09/2018 à 22:36

Cela faisait longtems que SMASH HIT COMBO préparait une vidéo sur la légende de Zelda, "Ocarina of time" & "Majora's mask"...

Il est enfin temps de sortir cela... Rendez vous la semaine prochaine

VOLA News / Vidéo De Xavier le 05/09/2018 à 19:24

Nouvel album " Applause Of A Distant Crowd " le 12 octobre prochain

En concert à Paris le 30 octobre.

Mardi 30 Octobre 2018 - Le Backstage à 19h30

Anaal Nathrakh newsDe Xavier le 03/09/2018 à 00:07

Anaal Nathrakh launches video for new single, "Obscene as Cancer"

On September 28th, Anaal Nathrakh will release their 10th full-length, A New Kind Of Horror, via Metal Blade Records. For a preview of the album, a video for the new single, "Obscene as Cancer" (directed by The Widow Brothers /, can be viewed here:

The previous single, "Forward!", can be streamed now at

where the record can also be pre-ordered in the following formats:
--180g black vinyl (EU exclusive)
--transparent sage green marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 300 copies)
--transparent turquoise marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 200 copies)
--green / red splattered vinyl (EMP exclusive - limited to 100 copies)
--tropical green/black marbled vinyl (US exclusive - limited to 300 copies)
--gray green marbled vinyl (US exclusive - limited to 200 copies)
* exclusive bundles with a shirt, plus digital options are also available

When writing about A New Kind Of Horror in the record's liner notes, Anaal Nathrakh vocalist Dave Hunt is succinct in his description: "This is not a happy album, it is bitter, vengeful, sarcastic, sardonic, violent, terrified and horrified, terrifying and horrifying in equal measure. Above all, it is human, and all that that entails. It's as sincere as we could make it." Those exposed to the ten tracks comprising the band's tenth full-length will be unable to deny the truth to these words, for lyrically, musically and sonically it is a punishing listen mired in darkness and seething with raw emotion. With multi-instrumentalist Mick Kenney pushing their distinctive hybrid of symphonic black metal, death metal, industrial and grindcore ever forward, Hunt draws lyrical inspiration primarily from the horrors of the First World War, contemporary politics, and the letters of D.H. Lawrence, creating one of the most powerful, timely and unique releases of 2018. "There's a lot that goes into our albums, of course, but it all comes about as a natural result of who we are, and for 'A New Kind of Horror' we felt early on that it was clearly its own thing. It doesn't have to stand in comparison with anything, because to us it's in a class of its own."

A New Kind of Horror track-listing
1. The Road To...
2. Obscene as Cancer
3. The Reek of Fear
4. Forward!
5. New Bethlehem/Mass Death Futures
6. The Apocalypse Is About You!
7. Vi Coactus
8. Mother of Satan
9. The Horrid Strife
10. Are We Fit for Glory Yet? (The War to End Nothing)

Anaal Nathrakh line-up:
Mick Kenney: all music, production & mastering.
V.I.T.R.I.O.L.: all vocals (except chorus of Vi Coactus by Brandan Schieppati), lyrics & themes

ESCAPE THE FATE News / Vidéo " I Am Human "De Xavier le 02/09/2018 à 23:44

GHOST remixé par Carpenter Brut !De Xavier le 25/08/2018 à 17:53

GHOST, entrez dans la dance avec le Cardinal Copia au son d'un remix signé Carpenter Brut !

« Dance Macabre »Le single aux 15 millions de streams remixé par Carpenter Brut!

Ecoutez le Carpenter Brut Remix ICI
Ecoutez la version album originale ICI

En affichant un cumul de plus de 15 millions de streams à travers le monde « Dance Macabre » est déjà considéré comme l’un des morceaux phares de « Prequelle », le nouvel album du groupe suédois Ghost.

Mais aujourd’hui « Dance Macabre » entre carrément dans une autre dimension à travers un remix, un rien provocateur, réalisé par l’éclectique et mystérieux Carpenter Brut, groupe français de synthwave qui commence à connaitre un joli succès au-delà de nos frontières et qui se produira ce soir (vendredi 24 août) au festival Rock en Seine.

« Je suis un grand fan de Ghost depuis leurs débuts », déclare Carpenter Brut, « quand j'ai eu l'occasion d'assurer leur première partie en 2016, j'étais surexcité. Alors lorsqu’en avril dernier, j'ai reçu un e-mail de Tobias me demandant si je voulais bosser sur un remix de Dance Macabre, j'ai bien entendu tout de suite accepté » et de continuer « J’ai voulu apporter à cette chanson une touche funky/disco, et non pas uniquement me limiter à de la pure synthwave comme on aurait pu l’attendre de ma part. Ce mix rock/disco fait ressortir le côté pop du groupe, un style qui est toujours sous-jacent dans sa musique »

En injectant une énergie infectieuse à cette chanson, ce remix à la sauce Carpenter Brut entraîne Ghost vers les rythmes et les sons de la dance music, cependant l’ensemble reste fidèle au thème global de l'album : la peste noire qui s’est abattue sur l'Europe du XIVe siècle. A l’époque cette terrible maladie s'était propagée rapidement, tuant de nombreuse personnes atteintes par la contagion. Etrangement les auberges, les tavernes et les maisons closes prospéraient comme si la populace savait qu'il n'y aurait peut-être pas de lendemain. Alors les gens dansaient et faisaient la fête jusqu’au bout de la nuit, comme pour célébrer la fin de cette journée à laquelle ils avaient survécus.

Tobias forge, le maître à penser de Ghost, est un fan de longue date de Carpenter Brut, au point qu’il les avait invités à ouvrir pour son groupe en 2016. Depuis qu’il l’a composée, puis enregistrée, Tobias a toujours pensé que « Dance Macabre » était une chanson parfaite pour être remixée, et le choix de Carpenter Brut s’est quasiment imposé de lui-même.

Si aux Etats-Unis le single « Rats » fait actuellement un carton sur les ondes (il est classé n°1 depuis 9 semaines, le meilleur score atteint par un titre aux USA cette année), en France « Dance Macabre » éveille l'attention et flirte régulièrement avec la première place de la playlist Ouï FM, offrant ainsi à Ghost une exposition dans notre pays qu’il avait déjà connu avec les hits « He is » et « Square Hammer ». Un succès radio qui, combiné à un massif soutient de la presse et du web, a permis au groupe de vendre plus de 35 000 exemplaires l’album « Meliora » et de remplir de nombreuses salles à travers l’Hexagone.

Mais, que ça soit dans sa déjà fabuleuse version originale ou à travers ce flamboyant remix, il parait clair que « Dance Macabre » possède tous les atouts pour permettre à Ghost d’accroitre encore sa popularité en France et de convertir un public encore plus large, d’autant que le Cardinal Copia et ses Goules ont encore plus d’un tour (de danse ?) dans leur sac…

BRING ME THE HORIZON News / Vidéo " Mantra "De Xavier le 25/08/2018 à 17:13

Vulture Industries embark on Japanese tour with The Agonist!De Xavier le 25/08/2018 à 14:07

Vulture Industries embark on Japanese tour

VULTURE INDUSTRIES are about to embark on their previously announced Japanese dates in support of their latest album 'Stranger Times', which has been released on September 22nd, 2017. The Norwegian eccentrics kick off their tour at the Cyclone in Tokyo this Saturday, where they will be joined by THE AGONIST and CELLAR DARLING.

VULTURE INDUSTRIES comment: "We have been working for some time now on getting something together for Vulture Industries in Japan, and we are very excited to see our efforts bear fruit. We will finally visit the remarkable land of the samurai and the tamagochi in August this year together with The Agonist and Cellar Darling. The four shows will take place in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya and we look forward to experience the Japanese culture and hospitality."

25 Aug 18 Tokyo (JP) Cyclone
26 Aug 18 Tokyo (JP) Cyclone
27 Aug 18 Nagoya (JP) 3 Star Imaike
28 Aug 18 Osaka (JP) Fanj Twice

31 Aug 18 Oslo (NO) Rockefeller (Close to the Rain)
28 Sep 18 Bryne (NO) Brynerocken
16 Nov 18 Bucharest (RO) Metal Gates Festival
23 Nov 18 Timisoara (RO) Reflektor Venue

17 Nov 18 Moscow (RU) Rock House Club
18 Nov 18 St. Petersburg (RU) The Place Club

VULTURE INDUSTRIES will be touring in support if their latest full-length, 'Stranger Times', which is streaming in full here!

The artwork of ''Stranger Times', which has been created by Costin Chioreanu, can be viewed below.

1. Tales of Woe (4:37)
2. As the World Burns (5:22)
3. Strangers (7:10)
4. The Beacon (5:35)
5. Something Vile (4:17)
6. My Body, My Blood (2:27)
7. Gentle Touch of a Killer (5:03)
8. Screaming Reflections (5:32)
9. Midnight Draws Near (5:20)

The metal scene seems mired in stagnation all too often these days. The tenth edition of the great thrash revival, the never-ending race to be more brutal or more technical or more dissonant in death metal, and the rampant nostalgia of an ever-aging scene do not provide the necessary ingredients for progress and out of the box thinking. That is the very reason why rare bands such as VULTURE INDUSTRIES are so important.

The Norwegians' fourth album 'Stranger Times' continues and expands the band's quest to push the limitations of genre and sound. Their nine new tracks are as easily as masterfully spanning a wide range from dark rock to progressive-experimental metal, while keeping their wild roaming within the boundaries of the band's unique and bizarre sonic universe. Yet VULTURE INDUSTRIES manage to harness their bold mix into recognisable structures and meaningful songs throughout that do not shy away from catchiness and, quite importantly, do not fall into the trap of being weird just for the sake of experimentation.

VULTURE INDUSTRIES have emerged from the vibrant rock and metal scene of Bergen, the unofficial capital of Norway's west coast. Mostly associated with black metal, its rich music sphere in fact covers bands from all styles and directions. VULTURE INDUSTRIES drew inspiration from diverse acts such as FAITH NO MORE, MR. BUNGLE, ARCTURUS, DEVIN TOWNSEND, VED BUENS ENDE and THE CULT, when they started out under the DEAD ROSE GARDEN moniker in 1993. After several line-up changes, the new name VULTURE INDUSTRIES was adopted in 2003 and two demo releases quickly followed - 'The Sleeper' (2003) and 'The Enemy Within' (2004).

Having stirred considerable interest in progressive circles, it was time to present their first official recording with the EP 'The Benevolent Pawn' (2005). Consisting of current and former members of SULPHUR, BLACK HOLE GENERATOR, MALICE IN WONDERLAND, and SYRACH, VULTURE INDUSTRIES shouldered their way past the then-inactive ARCTURUS and the drifting ULVER towards the throne of Norwegian dark progressive metal with their two albums 'The Dystopia Journals' (2007) and 'The Malefactor's Bloody Register' (2010). The eclectic band from Bergen was more than ready to engage with avant-garde metal fans worldwide, which their next full-length 'The Tower' aptly proved in 2013. This release saw expanded touring and more performances at prestigious festivals around the globe.

Now VULTURE INDUSTRIES are presenting their most concise and compelling output so far. 'Stranger Times' is made out of hard-won experience and burning passion. Tune in, zone out, and enjoy!

Bjørnar E. Nilsen: vocals, percussion & keyboard
Øyvind Madsen: guitars
Eivind Huse: guitars and vocals
Kyrre Teigen: bass and vocals
Tor Helge Gjengedal: drums

Guest musicians
Herbrand Larsen: keyboard (on "Strangers")
Hans Marius Andersen: trumpet (on "Strangers" and "The Beacon")

Recording & Mixing
Bjørnar E. Nilsen & Edmond Karban, Conclave & Earshot Studios, Bergen, Norway

Chris Sansom, Propeller Mastering, Oslo, Norway

Style: Avant-garde Rock & Metal

Cover art: Costin Chioreanu