Le KNOTFEST s'invite au HELLFESTDe Xavier le 06/12/2018 à 22:20


En exclusivité 2019, nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que le jeudi 20 juin, le HELLFEST accueillera en ses murs nos amis du festival KNOTFEST. Nous espérons de tout cœur que les groupes à l’affiche de cette journée spéciale seront à la hauteur de vos espérances : SLIPKNOT - ROB ZOMBIE - PAPA ROACH - MINISTRY - SICK OF IT ALL - SABATON - AMON AMARTH - POWERWOLF - BEHEMOTH – AMARANTHE.

Comme vous le savez, les possesseurs des pass 3 jours sont de plus en plus nombreux à venir dès le jeudi à Clisson. Charmé par ces 10 noms d’exception, le HELLFEST a accepté de prêter ses Main Stages pour permettre à ses fans déjà présents s’ils le souhaitent, de profiter d’un autre mini festival et d’une programmation supplémentaire. Cerise sur le gâteau ou expérience inédite, nous espérons que cette initiative bonus fera des heureux et que vous garderez assez d’énergie pour enchaîner vaillamment sur les 3 Jours du HELLFEST.

Pour les intéressés, notez bien que les pass spéciaux du Festival KNOTFEST seront en vente en ligne à 66,60 € sur une billetterie dédiée le 7 décembre à 14h00 sur la plateforme de weezevent ! Inutile de vous rappeler que la capacité d’accueil devant nos Main stages est limitée et que la vitesse des ventes risque d’être semblable à celle du Hellfest.
Dans le cadre du KNOTFEST, sachez que toutes les informations complémentaires de logistiques, d’accueil, de contrôle et de fonctionnement vous seront communiquées ultérieurement.


En avant-première, Ben Barbaud, le boss du Hellfest, vous dit tout au sujet de cette quatrième journée de festivités.

Retrouvez cette interview dans le Rock Hard de décembre (#193), en kiosque dès le 7 décembre et dès maintenant sur la page facebook du magazine.

DOWNFALL OF GAIA NewsDe Xavier le 29/11/2018 à 23:10

Downfall Of Gaia announces new album, 'Ethic Of Radical Finitude'; launches first single, "As Our Bones Break To The Dance"

February 8th, 2019 sees Downfall Of Gaia release their anticipated new album, Ethic Of Radical Finitude! Ethic Of Radical Finitude is the international quartet's most melodic, most structured and most dynamic release to-date, once more building upon the epic and unique sludgy, crusty, exploratory metallic sound that has organically evolved with every release. "It combines elements from our earlier releases with the path we took on 'Atrophy' (2016)," states guitarist/vocalist Dominik Goncalves dos Reis. "There are long atmospheric parts with enough time to breathe, enough time to unfold, and on the other side there are harsh and melodic blastbeats. Each song is some kind of journey, with emotional ups and downs."

To hear the first single, "As Our Bones Break To The Dance", please visit:

where you can also pre-order the album in the following formats:

--Hardcover Digipak-CD

--180 g black vinyl

--Dead gold marbeld vinyl (ltd. 300 - EU-exclusive)

--Grey marbled vinyl (ltd. 200 - EU-exclusive)

--Pic-LP (ltd. 200 - EU-exclusive)

--White/Black split vinyl (ltd. 100 - Evil Greed exclusive)

--Red/black marbled vinyl (ltd. 200 - US-exclusive)

--Clear vinyl (ltd. 100 - US-exclusive)

Tracking for the album was handled at Hidden Planet Studio, Berlin by Jan Oberg, and Backroom Studios in New Jersey by Kevin Antreassian of Dillinger Escape Plan, and proved an entirely drama-free process, with everyone on the same page. A handful of guests also contributed their time, including some faces familiar to longtime followers of the band - rejoined by guitarist Peter Wolff, one of the founding members of Downfall Of Gaia, on "Seduced By..." and the drones on the songs "The Grotesque Illusion Of Being" and "We Pursue The Serpent Of Time" come courtesy of their former drummer Johannes Stoltenburg, aka Hidehidehide. "Working together and creating something new with former bandmates is a very special thing. Even if our ways had to split at some point, it's a true pleasure to get together again, with everyone bringing in their own new influences," Goncalves dos Reis enthuses. Furthermore, they collaborated with Nikita Kamprad from Der Weg Einer Freiheit, who added vocals to "We Pursue The Serpent Of Time", and spoken words for the song "Guided Through A Starless Night" were supplied by their friend Mers Sumida of Black Table.

Unlike its predecessors, Ethic Of Radical Finitude is not a concept album per se, but there is a core theme that unites the songs: discontented minds and the never-ending pursuit for more. "I guess everyone in life is trying to find this special 'warm' and safe place, their special place. To feel 'home', to feel 'safe', to feel satisfied. But maybe at some point you need to accept that it may never come, that you will never 'arrive'," Goncalves dos Reis asserts.

When the band hits the road next year, fans can expect to hear most of the tracks, marking the beginning of an exciting new phase in the life of Downfall Of Gaia. "Everyone was absolutely focused on this record, and I think this is something you can really hear in every song. All of us are more than satisfied with the result, and we're extremely looking forward to playing these songs live, and sharing it with the audience."

Ethic Of Radical Finitude track-listing:

1. Seduced By...
2. The Grotesque Illusion Of Being
3. We Pursue The Serpent Of Time
4. Guided Through A Starless Night
5. As Our Bones Break To The Dance
6. Of Withering Violet Leaves

Downfall Of Gaia line-up:
Dominik Goncalves dos Reis - vocals/guitars
Anton Lisovoj - vocals/bass
Marco Mazzola - guitars
Michael Kadnar - drums

HATE NewsDe Xavier le 29/11/2018 à 22:51

Death/black metallers Hate from Poland enter the studio

Photo credit: Daniel Rusilowicz

Polish Death Metal squadron Hate is preparing to head to the studio in December to record the follow-up to 2017's Tremendum. The new opus, bearing the working title Salve Ignis, is tentatively slated for summer 2019 and will be the band's debut collaboration with the legendary Metal Blade Records. Details are still surfacing, but the band has so far released two raw pre-production tracks: "Path to Arkhen" and "In The Shrine Of Veles", and have confirmed that production on the finished record will be handled by the talented Wiesławski brothers at Hertz Studio, Poland (Behemoth, Vader, Decapitated, and others). Stay tuned for more info coming soon!

Check out the pre-production for the new Hate song "Path To Arken" at:

Hate have been praised by press and fans alike for years for creating lacerating and dark music, proven best on their current album Tremendum (2017). The album saw ATF Sinner (vocals, guitars) utilize the dark aspects of the mystic and arcane Slavonic folklore to explore themes both personal and impersonal. It is an album that is relatable at first listen, but that is hard to fully know.

Hate live

Dec. 1 - Krakow, Poland - FOAD Festival
Dec. 7 - Vilnius, Lithuania - Narauti
Dec. 8 - Kaunas, Lithuania - Klubas "Lemmy"
Dec. 28 - Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic - IFA Party
May 2 - Kopervik, Norway - Karmoygeddon Festival
July 19 - Nova Bana, Slovakia - Gothoom Open Air Fest
Aug. 3 - Saint-maurice-de-gourdans, France - Sylak Open Air

Hate line-up:

ATF Sinner - vocals, guitars
Pavulon - drums
Apeiron - bass (session)
Domin - guitar (session)

VOMITORY NewsDe Xavier le 29/11/2018 à 22:46

Vomitory: 'Raped In Their Own Blood' and 'Redemption' now available as vinyl and digipak CD re-issues with bonus tracks!

Metal Blade Records will re-issue the first two albums by Swedish Death Metal legends Vomitory on January 11th, 2019. 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the band - expect more releases and live shows next year!

Both albums will be re-mastered and released on spinesleeve vinyl in the best quality possible - as well as on digipak CD with bonus tracks!

Vomitory comments: "Originally released on a small underground label in 1996, 'Raped in Their Own Blood' marked the end of the demo years and the start of a new era of Vomitory. And 'Redemption' (1999) showed a remarkable increase in brutality and progress towards what was about to come. It feels great to have these two death metal classics released by our long-time partner, Metal Blade Records, in time for our 30th Anniversary Reunion in 2019!"

Pre-order your copies now in the USA at:

See below for an overview of all versions:
Raped In Their Own Blood

--Digipak CD

--180 g black vinyl

--Red/black marbled vinyl (ltd. 300 copies; EU exclusive)

--Silver-grey/black marbled vinyl (ltd. 200 copies; EU exclusive)

--Crystal-clear/red splattered vinyl (ltd. 100 copies; EU exclusive)

--Clear/red & black splattered vinyl (ltd. 300 copies; USA exclusive)


--Digipak CD

--180 g black vinyl

--Opague turquoise/black marbled vinyl (ltd. 300 copies; EU exclusive)

--Clear blue/black marbled vinyl (ltd. 200 copies; EU exclusive)

--Silver / blue&black splattered vinyl (ltd. 100 copies; EU exclusive)

--Crystal clear/turqoise / white splattered vinyl (ltd. 300 copies; USA exclusive)

Vomitory Raped In Their Own Blood track-listing

1. Nervegasclouds
2. Raped In Their Own Blood
3. Dark Grey Epoch
4. Pure Death
5. Through Sepulchral Shadows
6. Inferno
7. Sad Fog Over Sinister Runes
8. Into Winter Through Sorrow
9. Perdition
10. Thorns

CD-bonus (Through Sepulchral Shadows - demo 1994)
11. Through Sepulchral Shadows
12. Thorns
13. Sad Fog Over Sinister Runes

Vomitory Redemption track-listing

1. The Voyage
2. Forty Seconds Bloodbath
3. Forever In Gloom
4. Heaps Of Blood
5. Embraced By Pain
6. Redemption
7. Ashes Of Mourning Life
8. Partly Dead

CD-bonus (10" picture disc - mini-LP 1999)

9. The Art Of War
10. Undivulged
11. Extremity Retained
12. Dead Cold
13. Christ Passion

Vomitory live:
Jan. 12 - Zurich, Switzerland - Meh Suff! Winter Festival @ Dynamo
Jan. 31-Feb. 4 - USA @ 70,000 Tons Of Metal Cruise
Mar. 14 - Barcelona, Spain @ Upload Club
Mar. 15 - Madrid, Spain @ Sound Stage
Mar. 16 - Burgos, Spain @ Sala Hangar
Mar. 17 - Palma de Mallorca, Spain @ Factoria de So
Mar. 22 - Germany @ Heidelberg Deathfest @ halle02
Mar. 28 - Sweden @ Close Up Baten Cruise
Mar. 30 - Germany @ Braincrusher Festival @ Jahnhalle
Apr. 5 - Denmark @ Royal Metal Fest @ Voxhall
Apr. 19 - Norway @ Inferno Festival @ Rockefeller Music Hall
Apr. 28 - Portugal @ SWR Barroselas Festival @ Avendia Sao Paulo da Cruz
May 4 - Netherlands @ Netherlands Deathfest @ 013
May 24 - USA @ Maryland Deathfest @ Rams Head Live and Baltimore Soundstage
May 31 - Germany @ Fuck The Commerce Festival @ Alte Heimat
June 1 - Grangesberg, Sweden @ Gamrocken

June 23 - Clisson, France @ Hellfest

July 4 - Czech Republic @ Obscene Extreme Festival @ Battlefield Trutnov
July 19 - Slovakia @ Gothoom Open Air @ Revistske Podzamcie
July 27 - Los Angeles, USA @ California Deathfest @ 1720
Aug. 10 - Germany @ Party San Open Air @ Flugplatz Obermehler
Aug. 17 - Belgium @ Metal Mean Festival @ Sur Hodemont
Aug. 22 - Austria @ Kaltenbach Open Air @ Kaltenbachgraben
Sept. 28 - Mailand, Italy @ Slaughter Club

TORQUE NewsDe Xavier le 29/11/2018 à 22:42

Forgotten (Official Lyric Video) feat. Phil Dem (former Machine Head and Violence Guitarist)

Nouvel album le 18 janvier 2019.

CHEVELIEN News/ Vidéo " Sunderground "De Xavier le 22/11/2018 à 23:13

Epic, métallique, dark, hybride, ésotérique, voici quelques pistes pour présenter la musique de ce tourangeau.

Solaire et ténébreux, Chevalien est un magma de contrastes où se développe une esthétique post-apocalyptique.
Voici une version live du morceau « Sunderground » issu de son maxi Sunderground.

A surveiller, un prochain clip qui devrait se faire remarquer « Bleu Blanc Blood » prévu le 12 décembre en amont de la prochaine sortie de Chevalien en 2019.

P.O.D News / Vidéo "Listening For The Silence"De Xavier le 20/11/2018 à 22:35

SHVPES News / Lyric Vidéo " Rain ft. Matt Kiichi Heafy "De Xavier le 18/11/2018 à 23:04

AMON AMARTH // NOUVEL ALBUM LIVEDe Xavier le 18/11/2018 à 23:00

The Pursuit Of Vikings - 25 Years In The Eye Of The Storm

Le 17 novembre Amon Amarth a sorti son nouvel album live, The Pursuit Of Vikings : 25 Years In The Eye Of The Storm - accompagné d'un documentaire rétrospectif qui présente le live et filme les coulisses ainsi que de nombreuses interviews du groupe. Ce film raconte l'histoire des cinq suédois, à travers leurs propres yeux et ceux des fans qui les ont soutenus tout au long de leur parcours.

Il s'agit d'une collection passionnante qui rend hommage aux fans, tout en offrant une présentation détaillée à ceux qui ne connaissaient pas leur histoire passionnante. Ce documentaire est accompagné d'une vidéo/audio du live, qui contient deux décors différents au Summer Breeze Festival de 2017 à Dinkelsbuhl, en Allemagne.

WHITECHAPEL NewsDe Xavier le 01/11/2018 à 19:11

Whitechapel reveals details for new album, 'The Valley'; new single, "Brimstone", now online; "Ten Years of Exile" USA tour with Chelsea Grin, Oceano, Slaughter To Prevail kicks off today!

On March 29th, Whitechapel will release their 7th full-length, The Valley, via Metal Blade Records. Produced once again by Mark Lewis (Cannibal Corpse, The Black Dahlia Murder) and featuring artwork by Branca Studio, The Valley is a reference to the part of Hardin Valley (west of Knoxville, Tennessee) where vocalist Phil Bozeman grew up. Set against this backdrop, he approaches his subject matter unflinchingly, building upon everything that came before, making it clear that he has survived that which he was forced to endure and is not afraid to confront it. "Phil has been upfront in his lyrics in the past about hardships he endured in his life as a child, and I believe with this record we tried to paint a better picture of that," says guitarist Alex Wade, who alongside his bandmates, stands 100% behind everything their vocalist has to say. "I feel our music is Phil's release from his past, being able to get it out and speak about it, and hopefully anyone who hears it that may have gone through similar experiences can find some release in it as well."

For a preview of The Valley, the first single, "Brimstone", can be heard now at:

where the album can also be pre-ordered in the following formats:


--box set (digipak CD, shoulder bag, 10 art prints, poster)

--clear w/ black smoke vinyl (US exclusive - limited to 600 copies)

--transparent red w/ black smoke vinyl (US exclusive - limited to 500 copies)

--opaque red inside black haze vinyl (US exclusive - limited to 300 copies)

--opaque cream w/ black splatter vinyl (US exclusive - limited to 300 copies)

--black inside transparent orange haze vinyl (US exclusive - limited to 300 copies)

--orange / red marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 500 copies)

--180g clear vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 500 copies)

--clear / black marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 200 copies)

--white / orange / red marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 200 copies)

--orange / purple marbled vinyl (EMP exclusive - limited to 100 copies)

--blood splattered vinyl (Impericon exclusive - limited to 100 copies)

* exclusive bundles with shirts, plus digital options are also available!

Anyone throwing The Valley on for the first time will immediately recognize it as the work of Whitechapel, yet as has been the case with each release, there is also evolution in play. "Sound-wise, it's all over the place," Bozeman states plainly. "There's aggression, and then you're hit with ominous and emotional guitar riffs. It's mean, but then transfers to soft and inviting. It's a whirlwind of emotions throughout."

Stay tuned for more news about The Valley coming soon!

The Valley track-listing

1. When a Demon Defiles a Witch

2. Forgiveness Is Weakness

3. Brimstone

4. Hickory Creek

5. Black Bear

6. We Are One

7. The Other Side

8. Third Depth

9. Lovelace

10. Doom Woods

"Mirage éternel" le nouveau clip des TAMBOURS DU BRONXDe Xavier le 25/10/2018 à 23:33

Après la sortie de leur nouvel album W.O.M.P. le 19 octobre, LES TAMBOURS DU BRONX reviennent avec un nouveau clip : MIRAGE ÉTERNEL

Après avoir parcouru plus de 30 pays, représenté la France lors du Bicentenaire de la Révolution Française, collaboré avec Sepultura, l'Orchestre Philharmonique des Pays de Loire et les Voix Bulgares, celui des Lauréats du Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris, Young Gods, Didier Wampas, Jaz Coleman mais aussi les Frères Morvan ou encore Mathieu Kassovitz, et assuré les premières parties d'artistes prestigieux tels que Metallica, Alice in Chains, Led Zeppelin, KoЯn, Johnny Hallyday, David Guetta, LES TAMBOURS DU BRONX ont décidé de frapper fort en 2018 et de signer un retour fracassant avec "WEAPONS OF MASS PERCUSSION" (W.O.M.P.) !

Accompagnés de Franky Costanza (ex-DAGOBA, BLAZING WAR MACHINE) à la batterie, Stéphane Buriez (LOUDBLAST) et Reuno Wangermez (LOFOFORA) au chant, d'Arco Trauma au clavier, de deux membres des TAMBOURS DU BRONX passés à la guitare électrique et d'un autre passé à la basse, ils écument les scènes et festivals de France avec un succès qui va sans cesse crescendo, dates après dates.

L'album W.O.M.P. est le résultat de la fusion de tous ces talents uniques. Il exprime toute la force et l'expérience d'un groupe, devenu référence mondiale de la percussion industrielle et expérimentale, alliées à des talents métal et électro unanimement reconnus.

Découvrez le nouvel opus des TAMBOURS DU BRONX : WEAPONS OF MASS PERCUSSION lien ici

27/10/2018 : Chrashmusette - La Voulte sur Rhône (07)
15/11/2018 : Sound Of Marseille Le Silo - Marseille (13)
30/11/2018 : Ninkasi Kao - Lyon (69)
07/12/2018 : Le Bascala - Bruguières (31)
14/12/2018 : Rock School Barbey - Bordeaux (33)

02/02/2019 : L’arsenal (Offs du Michel) – Toul (54)
15/02/2019 : Le Silex - Auxerre (89)
05/04/2019 : L’étage – Rennes (35)
07/06/2019 : Centre culturel Gerard Philippe - Calais (62)

THE ORDER OF APOLLYON stream new albumDe Xavier le 25/10/2018 à 22:46

French black/death metallers THE ORDER OF APOLLYON are streaming their third studio album "Moriah" ahead of its October 26th release date via Agonia Records. If you feel lucky, visit this link for a chance to win a physical copy of the album. The album is available for listening at this link:

Co-founder, guitarist, vocalist and producer, BST, commented: "This third full-length release is without a doubt the most coherent and mature work we've ever put out. The fact that we have had for the first time in the band's history a stable line-up of devoted individuals with similar goals made this possible, and filled the production process with powerful creative energy".

THE ORDER OF APOLLYON was formed in 2008 by then Aborted members, guitarist BST (ex-Aosoth, VI) and drummer Dan Wilding (Carcass). Over the course of two studio albums, "The Flesh" (2010) and "The Sword And The Dagger" (2015), the band forged themselves a distinct path through death and black metal soundscapes, that evoke of Behemoth or Mgła, but with and edge towards French black metal in the vein of Aosoth or VI. After a line-up reconfiguration, forced by Wilding's transition to Carcass and conflicting schedules amongst remaining members, the band's French roots gained the upper hand. BST started off new and recruited veterans of his native black metal scene, including members of Temple Of Baal, Hell Militia and Merrimack. The new album "Moriah" is a testament to the new line-up, which introduced stability and evoked deeper levels of teamwork within the band. It is, without a doubt, the most coherent, mature and creative work the band ever put out.

"Moriah" was recorded, mixed and mastered at BST Studio, except for drums which were recorded at Studio de Saint-Loup. The cover artwork was created by Vincent Lécuyer.

Album formats:
- Digipack CD.
- Black LP.
- Red LP.
- T-shirt.
- Digital.

1. The Lies Of Moriah
2. Rites Of The Immolator
3. Grey Father
4. The Cradle
5. The Original Cries Of Jerusalem
6. Trident Of Flesh
7. Soldat
8. A Monument

BST - guitars and vocals
SR - guitars and vocals
AK - bass and vocals
JZ - drums

BEYOND THE STYX News : VidéoDe Xavier le 25/10/2018 à 22:36


THE OCEAN COLLECTIVE NewsDe Xavier le 24/10/2018 à 22:41

The Ocean Collective debuts explosive "Cambrian II: Eternal Recurrence" video

Continuing with the massive lead up to their highly anticipated new album, Germany's post-metal-elite The Ocean Collective are unveiling the absolutely explosive visuals for their unreleased single "Cambrian II: Eternal Recurrence," the third preview of Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic. As The Ocean Collective are known for their mammoth melodies, ebbing from crushing climaxes to gorgeously intricate interludes, so the video matches their prehistoric, theatrical leanings. Using makeup and hand-molded masks, director Craig Murray transforms vocalist Loic Rossetti into a Cambrian-age lichen-creature, weaving molds of the band into a rocky prehistoric landscape, taking hours to meticulously shoot the video frame-by-frame.

Explains Murray, "This is a practical effects film which leans towards multiple single frame captures to creature the sequences. Everything is built from scratch. There's long exposure animation, stop frame, miniatures and cloud tanks. If the thing I'm working with can't be physically picked up and held in my hand, I struggle to understand how to use it; I prefer this long, messy and exhausting process."

Adds The Ocean Collective mastermind Robin Staps, "Craig has created a unique aesthetic visualization of our music, which is different from anything I've ever seen. He's spent 6 sleepless weeks working on this basically non-stop, all by himself. He plastered tons of clay and lichens over Loic's face and head, and really managed to turn him into an imaginary 'Cambrian creature‘. It’s incredible to see the final result now, and how the whole thing has evolved."

What results is a nearly eight-minute epic journey through space and time, fusing art, special effects, science, and absolutely mind-melting rock - which can be seen here :

Phanerozoic I, which will be available November 2nd via Metal Blade Records (CD / digital) and Pelagic Records (vinyl), can be pre-ordered now here

Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic track-listing:
1. The Cambrian Explosion
2. Cambrian II: Eternal Recurrence
3. Ordovicium: The Glaciation of Gondwana
4. Silurian: Age of Sea Scorpions
5. Devonian: Nascent
6. The Carboniferous Rainforest Collapse
7. Permian: The Great Dying

SUMMER STORM Whoever You AreDe Tiphaine le 26/09/2018 à 15:09

DIRTY RAVEN - HYPOCRISY (Official Video)De Tiphaine le 26/09/2018 à 10:47

SIRENIA - Love Like Cyanide (Official Lyric Video) | Napalm RecordsDe Tiphaine le 26/09/2018 à 10:23

"Nymphéas noirs", l'adaptation très graphique du polar de Michel BussiDe Tiphaine le 26/09/2018 à 10:17

Nymphéas noirs le polar de Michel Bussi, grand succès en 2001 en librairie, va être adapté au sein du label Aire Libre, de chez DUPUIS.

Le succès de ce roman est-il suffisant pour réaliser une bande dessinée exceptionnelle ? Oui si l’adaptation est co-écrite avec le talentueux Fred Duval et si le dessin et les couleurs de ce roman noir sont confiés à Didier Cassegrain. Pour la première fois, ce virtuose de la bande dessinée d’action arme sa main de pastels gras donnant toute son ambition picturale à cette intrigue qui se déroule dans la capitale de l’impressionnisme. Quand Mignola percute Monet, le polar français en bandes dessinées se réinvente.

A l’instar de Manchette avec Cabanes, Bussi trouve avec Cassegrain son incarnation graphique.

HABITANTS : nouvel album des ex The Gathering!De Xavier le 21/09/2018 à 23:13


Anne van den Hoogen (chant+paroles)
René Rutten (guitare+compositions)
Gema Pérez(guitare+piano+compositions)
Mirte Heutemekers (basse)
Jerome Miedendorp de Bie (batterie)
+ invités Hans Rutte (batterie) / Noël Hofman (trompette)


1) Winter
2) One Self
3) Jupiter
4) Soul Traveller
5) The Wake
6) Magnolia
7) Meraki
8) Runners
9) Vince

ICE NINE KILLS News / Vidéo " A Grave Mistake "De Xavier le 21/09/2018 à 23:02

ICE NINE KILLS News/ Vidéo " A Grave Mistake "

Nouvel album ‘The Silver Scream’ le 5 octobre prochain