GIOTOPIA - 'Trinity Of Evil' - Chapter Three: 'BAD BLOOD RESURRECTED'De Tiphaine le 18/11/2020 à 15:44

WinterMoonShade - Low Tide Ghost - Official Lyric VideoDe Tiphaine le 18/11/2020 à 15:42

Orkhys - Rest of the Braves (Official Lyrics Video)De Tiphaine le 18/11/2020 à 15:37

Deeds of Flesh - "Ethereal Ancestors"(Feat: George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher - Official Track Premiere)De Tiphaine le 18/11/2020 à 15:34

Far Away - Solastalgia (Live)De Tiphaine le 18/11/2020 à 15:27

Far Away est un groupe de Post-Rock/Metal de Paris, s'impliquant dans la sauvegarde de l'environnement et des écosystèmes naturels. Ce groupe propose un univers musical chaotique oscillant entre de nombreuses influences, allant du Rock (influencé par Pink Floyd) au Metal (influencé par Gojira) en passant par les influences Post Rock (Alcest, God Is An Astronaut, etc).
Inspiré par les merveilles de la Terre, le groupe vous emmènera dans un voyage à travers les éléments. Far Away se sent impliqué dans la protection de la faune et de la flore. En s'associant à divers projets de recherche et associations, le groupe véhicule un message écologique à travers ses performances.

Il y a quelques mois, Far Away a participé à la première émission de la Team Everywhere et ont joué l'un de leurs nouveaux titres : Solastalgia.
Ce morceau a été mixé et masterisé par Théodore Eristoff (One Way Films) dans les studios de Music Design Project pour l'occasion, et un clip live alternatif à la diffusion de l'émission Live Everywhere a été réalisé par Flo Lemonnier (Escape Productions).

Bandcamp :
Spotify :
Facebook :
Instagram :
Website :

Stuck Out - "Mindless" Feat. Mikaila DelgadoDe Tiphaine le 18/11/2020 à 15:18

Dead Poet Society - .CoDA. (Official Music Video)De Tiphaine le 18/11/2020 à 15:06

POP EVIL - Breath Again (Lyric video)De Tiphaine le 18/11/2020 à 15:02

FOREST IN BLOOD Concours en placeDe Tiphaine le 18/11/2020 à 14:51

CONCOURS! Notre bon capitaine partage son trésor!

Gagne : 1 véritable Écu d’argent Louis XV + le nouvel Opus + 1 T-shirt si tu réponds à cette question! ⚜️
Quel titre allons-nous clipper en décembre?

Pour jouer, répond à la question, aime la page et partage le post!

Tirage au sort du gagnant à la sortie du clip!

3 lots à gagner !

Forest In Blood - Real Game of Gallows - Haut et CourtDe Tiphaine le 18/11/2020 à 14:49

FIBD 2021 : annoncesDe Xavier le 17/11/2020 à 19:48

Conférence de présentation du projet 2021 du Festival et dévoilement des sélections

ACCUSER NewsDe Xavier le 16/11/2020 à 23:08

ACCUSER News: Nouvel album et concert gratuit sur Youtube

Last Friday (November 13th), Accuser released their new self-titled album via Metal Blade Records. Stream and purchase Accuser now at

where the record is available in the following formats:
- digipak-CD (incl. bonus track)
- 180g black vinyl (EU exclusive)
- golden brown marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 200 copies)
- ivory / beige / grey marbled vinyl
- gold / black melt vinyl (Kings Road exclusive - limited to 100 copies)

To celebrate Accuser's release, the band is now offering a free live show for fans on YouTube. Featuring new and classic songs, be sure to check out the performance :

Accuser comments: "In fact, you all have read a statement like this one several times over the last months. With Covid- 19 still being, well, all over the place to put it mildly, we as many other bands are not able to do what we love the most- being on stage, performing and having a great time with you, the fans. With our new record out, one we are really, really proud of, we'd like
to give you at least a glimpse at how the new songs sound on stage. Together with our long time supporters, Vortex Surfer Club and Kulturbüro Siegen- Wittgenstein, we are happy to present you what might be called 'Thrash in a Box'. 4 guys on stage, 9 songs and tons
of riffs!
Cheers and thanks to all involved. We hope you enjoy our take on this weird thing called streaming shows, we surely did!"

Since they began flying the flag for German thrash in the 80s, Accuser have gone on to prove themselves one of the most enduring forces in global metal. With eleven full-lengths behind them, they return in 2020 with their latest masterwork: a blistering collection that captures everything that makes the band so vital, produced by longtime collaborator Martin Buchwalter (who has worked on five Accuser albums) and mastered by Dan Swanö. "You stay fresh through curiosity," states vocalist/guitarist Frank Thoms. "Writing new songs keeps you fresh, and it is always exciting how things develop and how the listener reacts to them afterwards. This process never gets boring. It is always exciting and invites you to try new things." The result is a dynamic album that is very much rooted in thrash, but still takes the listener through various moods and styles, further cementing Accuser's status as leaders, not followers.

The return of lead guitarist René Schütz to the band's ranks - who appeared on multiple Accuser records prior to 2011 - only served to up the ante on Accuser. "We are very, very happy to have him back in the band, and as you will be able to hear, his leads are definitely over the top. From my perspective, he is one of the very, very few thrash metal guitarists who are able to combine technique and feeling in a proper way." With writing for the new record commencing as soon as 2018's The Mastery was completed, Thoms pushed himself until he was in "100% concentration mode", knowing he is on the right path when he forgets his daily routine and normal life falls away. With no structure or plan envisaged, the songs came together naturally, as they always have. "The Accuser sound is in our DNA, and at the end of the day, it is our own blend of thrash metal. To be honest, that's what I like best during the process of making a record, seeing how the music develops and how the album is taking shape." The shape Accuser took is definitely versatile, and perhaps sounds simpler than it actually is. "We managed to make well thought-out songs sound simple. Crazy things don't seem like a disturbance or a foreign body. In addition, we have inconspicuously processed various genres of metal. Ultimately, we just tried to offer the essence of the band, the groove from 'Repent' (1992), the riffs in the veins of 'Who Dominates Who' (1989), plus structures that could be found on the first album 'The Conviction' (1987) and stylistics that could be from 'Reflections' (1994) or 'Taken By The Throat' (1995) - everything put together in catchy songs."

The combination of these elements that shout back to earlier Accuser releases - without repeating or copying themselves - alongside the return of Schütz, led Thoms to believe this album "must be called Accuser".

Accuser track-listing
1. Misled Obedience
2. Phantom Graves
3. Temple of All
4. Lux in Tenebris
5. Be None the Wiser
6. Rethink
7. Psychocision
8. Contamination
9. The Eliminator
10. Seven Lives
11. A Cycle's End

Accuser line-up:
Frank Thoms - vocals/guitars
René Schütz - guitars
Frank Kimpel - bass
Olli Fechner - drums

DEINE LAKAIEN release lyric video 'Because the Night'De Xavier le 16/11/2020 à 22:57

DEINE LAKAIEN have launched a lyric video for their stunning rendering of the Patti Smith/Bruce Spingsteen classic 'Because the Night' that has been released previously as the first single from their forthcoming double album, tellingly entitled "Dual", which is slated for release on April 16, 2021.

The lyric video 'Because the Night' is available via YouTube :

this pre-sale link :

Alexander Veljanov comments: "I have known this track since my youth", relates the vocalist. "Although I have never been the biggest fan of neither Patti Smith nor Bruce Springsteen, the life and work of these outstanding personalities has always impressed me. Of course, 'Because the Night' is a classic, which probably nobody expected us to cover. I did not want to deconstruct the song or darken it, but it has an inherent melancholy and energetic romanticism that demonstrates, the power of love shines above everything else."

Ernst Horn adds: "We have been mulling the idea for a cover albnum for quite a while", writes the instrumentalist. "It turned out to be an interesting way to work as those tunes were not necessarily the favourites of my youth. Yet their build-up and the harmonies remain fascinating, which turned working with those songs into am beautiful and valuable experience. I have done my best to respect the originals, which meant that turning them on their heads or mocking those classics was never an option. I have preserved the harmonies, but as Alexander has his own style of singing, I used different colours and rhythm patterns to suit him and thus these cover versions adapted something of our identity too."

Tracklist Album I
1. Because of Because
2. Sick Cinema
3. In Your Eyes
4. Snow
5. Happy Man
6. Run
7. Les oiseaux
8. Unknown Friend
9. Qubit Man
10. Someone to Come Home to

Tracklist Album II
1. Because the Night
2. Spoon
3. The Walk
4. Dust in the Wind
5. Suspended in Gaffa
6. La chanson des vieux amants
7. Black Hole Sun
8. Lady D'Arbanville
9. Song of the Flea
10. My December

DEINE LAKAIEN are a German cultural icon. In their home country where the artificial distinction between "serious and popular music" is still maintained, the legendary electronic avantgarde duo has managed the rare feat of being accepted as serious artists as well as proving to be highly popular.

With their 10th studio full-length, "Dual", classically-educated composer and pianist Ernst Horn and vocalist extraordinaire Alexander Veljanov ingeniously contrive to blur the fictional lines drawn by editorial gatekeepers in a conceptual double album, which connects both full-lengths by a double reference.

Half of the double album consists of 10 new songs that DEINE LAKAIEN have crafted with particular artists or songs in mind that have been important for the duo's musical evolution. These sources of inspiration are made clear on the second album of "Dual", which features 10 amazing cover tracks that range from Cat Stevens' classic 'Lady D’Arbanville' via Jacques Brels melancholic 'La chanson des vieux amants' to Kate Bush's 'Suspended in Gaffa' and the surprising choice of the Linkin Park song 'My December'. Each of these renditions has been lovingly translated into the Germans' unmistakable soundscape.

In this artistic juxtaposition of a cover version and related new song, the Patti Smith/Bruce Springsteen collaboration 'Because the Night' corresponds with the Horn/Veljanov composition 'Because of Because'.

In this age of perceived cultural appropriation and inquisitorial demand for some kind of impossible purity, DEINE LAKAIEN make the obvious audible by pointing out that art does not grow out of thin air - as clearly as Beethoven could not have created the same compositions without the works of Bach before him, and in turn influence Wagner to progress in his footsteps.

Although an artistic achievement in itself, "Dual" can also be enjoyed without any theoretical consideration as 20 beautiful songs that each provide excellent entertainment. DEINE LAKAIEN lay bare some of the sources of their inspiration and artists that have touched, inspired, thrilled, and shaped them in a most respectful way.

Once again, DEINE LAKAIEN are breaking new ground, which the duo have achieved multiple times in their now 35-year history. Founded in 1985, they started as a purely electronic avantgarde dark wave project. Taking their name from a reference in the song 'Die genaue Zeit' by German experimentalists Einstürzende Neubauten, the band self-released "Deine Lakaien" in 1986, which spread by word of mouth and created an underground buzz. The debut set the duo clearly apart from electronic contemporaries such as YAZOO, SOFT CELL, EURYTHMICS, and OMD by virtue of their singular dark sound.

With official label backing, the albums "Dark Star" (1991) and "Forest Enter Exit" (1993) considerably widened the Germans' audience and gained the attention of influential critics. Simultaneous with their growing success, DEINE LAKAIEN broadened their musical scope by playing a fully acoustic tour in 1992, an ambitious exercise that would influence later albums such as "Kasmodiah" (1999). Their impressive and highly diverse catalogue has been summarised in the anniversary releases “XXX. The 30 Years Retrospective" (2016) and "The 30 Years Retrospective: Live" (2018).

Although the global pandemic upset the original planning, DEINE LAKAIEN are no longer prepared to accept this disturbance of their musical endeavours. The duo will release the eagerly awaited "Dual" on April 16, 2021, to the delight of a massive following that has been clamouring to finally receive the promised album. It is high time the visionaries bring forth their fascinating voice and unique music to the world once more.

Alexander Veljanov – vocals, lyrics, composition
Ernst Horn – instruments, composition, lyrics


Release date: April 16, 2021

FOREST IN BLOOD NewsDe Xavier le 16/11/2020 à 22:52

FOREST IN BLOOD News: Nouvel album " Haut et Court "

disponible maintenant sur toutes les plateformes

et sur Youtube :

Regardez la Lyric Vidéo de " Real Game of Gallows "

STONE OF A BITCH News: Vidéo " Poison Namaste "De Xavier le 15/11/2020 à 12:01

STONE OF A BITCH News/ Vidéo " Poison Namaste "

Extrait de leur dernier EP " Intimalicious " sorti en mars dernier

Prochains concerts en décembre ( si tout va bien )

CHEMICAL SWEET KID remixDe Xavier le 15/11/2020 à 11:56

BARK release "I'm a Wreck"De Xavier le 15/11/2020 à 11:48

BARK release "I'm a Wreck", first single of its third album "Written in Stone"

BARK is a metal band from Antwerp, Belgium, which had its beginning in late 2014 and was born from the ashes of the Rock N 'Roll band "Aguardente". Drummer Ward Van der Straeten and guitarists Rui Da Silva and Martin Furia (ex Jesusmartyr and Furia), began to play and laid the foundations for a new band. Given the nature of the short, rabid songs they were making, they decided to call the band Bark.

With a view to the release of Written in Stone, their third full-length material that will be released on December 10, the group presents the official video for the song "I'm a Wreck", the first single of the aforementioned album in question.

The track is a brutal and faithful demonstration of the essence of the band. Aggressive riffs, forceful drums and fierce voices are some of the features present in the first single of the new Bark LP, which acts as a prelude to everything that the audience will be able to find on the album.

INFIRMUMDe Xavier le 15/11/2020 à 11:33


Finnish doom metal prodigy INFIRMUM has signed a deal with Wormholedeath for the physical CD release of the album "Walls of Sorrow" , set for the 18th of December, 2020.

"Wall of Sorrow" is already available on Spotify.

Poste 942 - John Carpenter's Halloween ThemeDe Xavier le 13/11/2020 à 19:46

Papa Rocker - Man With a CaravanDe Xavier le 13/11/2020 à 19:06

amateur de second degré ! par contre pour la musique, c'est du sérieux !