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Tyr launches video for new single, "Sunset Shore"

On March 8th, the Faroe Islands' Tyr will release their eighth full-length, Hel, via Metal Blade Records. Hel is a collection of ruthlessly melodic and irresistibly compelling progressive folk metal that will immediately resonate with any who have followed the band at any point over the two decades of their storied career. For a preview of the album, a video for the new single, "Sunset Shore" ( directed by ) can be viewed here:

Týr vocalist / guitarist Heri Joensen comments: "In early January, immediately after spending our holidays in the Faroes, Gunnar and I traveled to Hungary to our bandmates, Tadeusz and Attila, in Budapest. Finally, it was time to shoot another video, our first since 2014, and we’re very happy to present this one to you!

"The Hungarian film production crew, Mihaszna Film, arranged the trips, starting from Budapest and going first to the Julian alps in Slovenia. In the fields and rivers of the snowy mountains we had some amazing scenery for 'overworld' part of the video. A few days later we traveled on to the caves of Szent-István in northern Hungary, and deep underground we found some dark and gloomy caves to be the perfect backdrop for the underworld part of this video.

"Terji wrote 'Sunset Shore', for our upcoming album, 'Hel' - to be relased on March 8th, and he plays the solo on the album version, but not in this video. We decided it was the perfect opportunity to introduce you all to the amazing talent of Attila Vörös, who recorded his own version of the solo a few days before the video shooting. The lyrics, written by me, are about how the mind can sometimes be a windswept and weatherworn landscape, and how the only thing to do, in spite of hopelessness and despair, is to aim for a better place and to work towards better times.

"We hope you enjoy the result!"

The previous single, "Fire and Flame", can also be heard at: - where Hel can be pre-ordered in the following formats:
--box set (digipak CD, drinking horn, leather belt clip, poster, autographed photo card - limited to 1000 copies)
--steel-blue / gray marbled vinyl (US retail exclusive - limited to 500 copies)
--clear mushroom brown marbled vinyl (US webstore exclusive - limited to 200 copies)
--blue / white / black / red splatter vinyl (US webstore exclusive - limited to 100 copies)
--180g black vinyl (EU exclusive)
--turquoise blue marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 500 copies)
--clear / blue marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 300 copies)
--bordeaux red /black marbled vinyl (EMP exclusive - limited to 200 copies)
--olive marbled vinyl (Nuclear Blast exclusive - limited to 200 copies)
--white / blue marbled vinyl (Tutl exclusive - limited to 100 copies)

Known for their prolific nature - dropping their first five full-lengths in the space of just seven years - the six-year gap between Valkyrja (2013) and Hel is by far the longest between any two of their records. During that period the band toured hard, taking the album around the world, including a support run with Children Of Bodom in North America and an appearance on the 70,000 Tons Of Metal cruise. However, other factors played into this extended break between releases. "We approached this one differently because I learned that if I continue doing albums in the way we had up to now, I would die from a heart attack before I'm 50!" says guitarist/vocalist Heri Joensen. "That's one of the reasons we changed our method and took such a long time on this one." That this tactic has been beneficial is borne out in the finished product, which is perhaps more immersive than those that came before. "Musically it leans a bit towards our album, 'Ragnarok' (2005)," states Thomsen. "It's a bit more epic and also much better worked through than any of our previous albums." It also marks the recording debut of drummer Tadeusz Rieckmann, who has manned the drum throne for Tyr's live shows since 2016.

Hel track-listing:
1. Gates of Hel
2. All Heroes Fall
3. Ragnars Kvæði
4. Garmr
5. Sunset Shore
6. Downhill Drunk
7. Empire of the North
8. Far from the Worries of the World
9. King of Time
10. Fire and Flame
11. Against the Gods
12. Songs of War
13. Alvur Kongur

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Premier épisode sur le SABATON HISTORY CHANNEL avec le titre "40:1"

SABATON News/ Premier épisode sur le SABATON HISTORY CHANNEL avec le titre "40:1"

The new SABATON History Channel has launched with an episode about one of the band’s best-loved songs – the Polish anthem '40:1'.

The first episode, which tells the story of the Battle of Wizna in World War II, when a few hundred Polish soldiers stood against more than 40,000 German invaders, is available to view on the Youtube channel now :

SABATON History is a unique collaboration between the band themselves and multimedia historians Indy Neidell and Timeghost, capturing the power of social media to tell the stories behind SABATON’s songs.

Music and history fans have been talking about the channel ever since it was first trailed on 8 January, and more than 30,000 advance subscribers were ready and waiting for the first episode.

Bass player Pär Sundström, who co-presents the episode, explained why '40:1' was chosen first: “Not only is this one of our most popular songs, the chorus actually starts with the line ‘baptised in fire’. Nobody in the world of metal has ever done a project like this before, so we knew this was the right choice for our own baptism of fire!
A lot of people tell us this was the song that got them listening to Sabaton, and it’s been a regular part of our live show for over 10 years, so we’re sure subscribers will enjoy the story behind it.
Filming has been amazing and the episodes will be fun to watch, but the history team also take their research very seriously and we think even we will learn something from SABATON History.”

A new episode will air at 3.30pm CET every Thursday, telling the true-life stories behind every SABATON song – including those from the highly-anticipated new album – meaning the channel is committed to run for the next year and beyond.

Each story is researched by historians, who will use exclusive footage from the PA archives, original graphics, and of course SABATON music, to bring it to life in a fast-paced 15-minute episode.

Every week they will be joined in the specially-designed studio by a member of SABATON, who will share the band’s own stories about the song, including insights into the writing process and tales from the recording studio.

Channel presenter and writer Indy Neidell, the face of ambitious Youtube history projects The Great War, Between Two Wars, and World War II, said:
“This is going to be historical! We’ve got a rock band working with a bunch of history nerds to use the power of Youtube, music and storytelling to bring history to life in a way nobody’s seen before.
Studying history can tell us so much about our own lives and our own world, so for me as a historian, having this amazingly cool way to get these stories out there – and having tons of fun in the process – feels like we’re making our own piece of history right here.”

SABATON live 2019:

04.05. CZ Pilsen - Liberation Festival
07. - 09.06. D Nuremberg - Rock im Park
07. - 09.06. D Nürburg - Rock am Ring
13. - 15.06. CH Interlaken - Greenfield Festival
13. - 16.06. A Nickelsdorf - Nova Rock
20.06. F Clisson - Knotfest meets Hellfest
23.06. B Dessel - Graspop Metal Meeting
26.06. PL Krakow - Mystic Festival
28. - 30.06. E Madrid - Download Festival
11. - 14.07. E Lleida - Doctor Music Festival
01. - 03.08. D Wacken - Wacken Open Air *SOLD OUT*
09.08. UK Derby - Bloodstock Open Air
17.08. S Falun - Sabaton Open Air
22. - 24.08. D Sulingen - Reload Festival

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Nouvel album " Letchology " le 8 mars prochain

DIRTY SHIRT en tournée en France

 Ricine - March [OFFICIAL VIDEO]De Xavier le 04/02/2019 à 11:35

Ricine's video for "March" from the E.P NO COMMENT.
Directed and Produced by Edza Films and Ricine.
Edza Films : Site :
Facebook :
Ricine : Subscribe :
Facebook :
Spotify :
Deezer :
Bandcamp :

IN ARKADIADe Xavier le 04/02/2019 à 11:27

BAND OF SKULLS News / Nouvel album en avrilDe Xavier le 22/01/2019 à 22:41


Acclaimed British rock band Band Of Skulls will release their fifth album ‘Love Is All You Love’ on April 12, 2019 via So Recordings. The follow-up to 2016’s ‘By Default’, the new album was produced by Richard X, who also co-wrote four of the tracks. The euphoric lead single ‘Cool Your Battles’ is available to stream now and as an instant grat with album pre-orders.

“Cool your battles, stop the hating. All that matters will be waiting for you.”

“An anti war cry for our turbulent times,” say Band Of Skulls of the new single. “All the energy we spend fighting amongst ourselves can be used to do something positive, something real. So don’t forget to go out, to fall in love and to feel alive.”

Band Of Skulls will support the album release with a series of special shows throughout release week, kicking off with a hometown show at Southampton Central Hall on April 11 and including Islington Assembly Hall in London on April 16

‘Love Is All You Love’ was recorded in London’s Miloco Studios, The Smoakstack studio in Nashville, and in the Southampton studio of Band Of Skulls founder members’ Russell Marsden (guitar, vocals) and Emma Richardson (bass, vocals). Following the amicable departure of drummer Matt Hayward, Russell and Emma started the writing process for the record in 2017 and quickly accumulated a host of new songs. It was a free and experimental process mixing electronic and live instruments, working quickly, getting ideas down, then moving on.

Work then switched to The Toyshop studio at Miloco to collaborate with Richard X, known for his innovative production with artists from Pet Shop Boys to Goldfrapp to Sugababes, whose ‘Freak Like Me’ was one of the standout singles of the 2000s. Richard X encouraged Band Of Skulls new spirit of experimentation, pushing the combination of live and electronic as mixing the two was creating interesting dynamics. Once the writing was complete the band decamped to Nashville to record the live element of the record with Eagles Of Death Metal’s Julian Dorio on drums.

All these elements added a heavy punch and power to ‘Love Is All You Love’, especially on the unrelenting ‘Carnivorous’ and short sharp shock of ‘That’s My Trouble’. ‘Cool Your Battles is more widescreen, while ‘We’re Alive’ has a heavy dance pulse with a touch of melancholy. The song ‘Love Is All You Love’ focuses on the groove and keeps the feel of when they tracked it live in Nashville. This song in particular seems to encapsulate the sentiment of the whole record.

“This record is tough and tender with a rebellious spirit,” say Emma and Russell. “It is a positive record. It looks to what is possible and how a little love and human kindness can help bring about positive change.

We drew on personal experiences, changes in our situation, and couldn’t help but be affected by what has been going on in the world politically, culturally and environmentally. Attempting to overcome that sometimes powerless feeling by creating and connecting with people and making something new.”

Since 2009, Band Of Skulls have released four acclaimed studio albums and have built a reputation as a phenomenal live act, both at home and in the US, where they have performed on the Late Show With David Letterman, Late Night with Seth Meyers, and Last Call with Carson Daly. They have toured with luminaries like Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queens Of The Stone Age and Black Keys among others, as well as touring the globe as a headline act.


1. Carnivorous
2. That’s My Trouble
3. Love Is All You Love
4. Not The Kind Of Nothing
5. Cool Your Battles
6. Sound Of You
7. Thanks A Lot
8. We’re Alive
9. Speed Of Light
10. Gold

PORN News / Vidéo " Here for Love "De Xavier le 22/01/2019 à 22:05

Here for love est le premier clip issu de The darkest of human desires - Act II. Réalisé par Vdiva de VD Pictures ( Lord of the lost, Powerwolf, Blutengel, Mono inc...) près de Zurich, le clip met en scene Mr Strangler et son équipe, torturant un homme destiné a mourir des mains de Strangler.

Dans ce morceau, avant de lui donner la mort, Mr Strangler explique à sa victime que tout cela n a rien de personnel, que pour lui, le meurtre est un passe temps comme un autre, une passion. Nous devons tous mourir. C'est ce que les humains font de mieux : mourir. Il faut accepter l'inéluctable, cette mise à mort n'a rien de personnel, aujourd'hui c'est cet homme, demain se sera peut être Strangler...

Plusieurs morceaux sont ponctués de samples de Serial Killers. Durant Here for love, c'est Jeffrey Dahmer qui se confie sur ses motivations de tueurs.

Musicalement, Here for love est un morceau dans la pure lignée Industrial Rock / Gothic metal mid tempo.

Aura Shred et An erotic end of times nous gratifient tout deux d'une relecture du morceau en forme de remixe. Là ou Aura Shred explore des sonorités electro et indus , An erotic end of times pousse encore plus loin la dimension gothic, lugubre et mélancolique du morceau.

Le lien spotify du single / EP : Spotify lien ici

Label : Les disques Rubicon
Distribution: Soulfood Music

Occult Odyssey & El Prêtro ManiacoDe Xavier le 22/01/2019 à 21:57


Occult Odyssey & El Prêtro Maniaco (projet dark-ambient horrifique d'Otto Van Kleist): édition CD du split "Draco Quaerens Quem Devoret" sur Black Funeral Productions.
Édition numérotée à la main strictement limitée à 100 exemplaires !
Commandez dès maintenant en envoyant un mail à l'adresse suivante :

Sona Nyl : clipDe Xavier le 22/01/2019 à 21:46

Cette vidéo a été créée par Sona Nyl pour le remix officiel du groupe Mater Suspiria Vision. Mater Suspiria Vision étant un projet ultra sombre, Sona Nyl leur a fait un remix à contre pied assez dansant et ils ont apprécié.

Les 3 auteurs encore en Lice pour le Grand Prix FIBD 2019De Tiphaine le 16/01/2019 à 11:26

Résultats le mercredi 23 janvier 19h à l'occasion de l'ouverture du Festival.

PORN NewsDe Xavier le 08/01/2019 à 23:29

Nous avons récemment tourné le premier vidéo clip du nouvel album The Darkest of human desires - Act II.
Pour célébrer la sortie imminente de ce nouveau vidéo clip et de ce nouvel album, tu vas pouvoir gagner un PORN PACK incluant T-shirt, casquette, cds...

Pour tenter de gagner ton PORN PACK, il te suffit de deviner quel morceau du nouvel album a été clippé !

Toutes les infos ainsi qu'un petit making-of du clip sont dans la vidéo ci-dessous . Bonne chance !

Nouvel album, The Darkest of human desires - Act II, masterisé par Tom Baker ( Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Disturbed...) dans les bacs le 22 février.

1er Single " My rottten realm " déja disponible !

Précommande ouverte : CD digipack signé + poster signé et sticker :

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Le KNOTFEST s'invite au HELLFESTDe Xavier le 06/12/2018 à 22:20


En exclusivité 2019, nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que le jeudi 20 juin, le HELLFEST accueillera en ses murs nos amis du festival KNOTFEST. Nous espérons de tout cœur que les groupes à l’affiche de cette journée spéciale seront à la hauteur de vos espérances : SLIPKNOT - ROB ZOMBIE - PAPA ROACH - MINISTRY - SICK OF IT ALL - SABATON - AMON AMARTH - POWERWOLF - BEHEMOTH – AMARANTHE.

Comme vous le savez, les possesseurs des pass 3 jours sont de plus en plus nombreux à venir dès le jeudi à Clisson. Charmé par ces 10 noms d’exception, le HELLFEST a accepté de prêter ses Main Stages pour permettre à ses fans déjà présents s’ils le souhaitent, de profiter d’un autre mini festival et d’une programmation supplémentaire. Cerise sur le gâteau ou expérience inédite, nous espérons que cette initiative bonus fera des heureux et que vous garderez assez d’énergie pour enchaîner vaillamment sur les 3 Jours du HELLFEST.

Pour les intéressés, notez bien que les pass spéciaux du Festival KNOTFEST seront en vente en ligne à 66,60 € sur une billetterie dédiée le 7 décembre à 14h00 sur la plateforme de weezevent ! Inutile de vous rappeler que la capacité d’accueil devant nos Main stages est limitée et que la vitesse des ventes risque d’être semblable à celle du Hellfest.
Dans le cadre du KNOTFEST, sachez que toutes les informations complémentaires de logistiques, d’accueil, de contrôle et de fonctionnement vous seront communiquées ultérieurement.


En avant-première, Ben Barbaud, le boss du Hellfest, vous dit tout au sujet de cette quatrième journée de festivités.

Retrouvez cette interview dans le Rock Hard de décembre (#193), en kiosque dès le 7 décembre et dès maintenant sur la page facebook du magazine.

DOWNFALL OF GAIA NewsDe Xavier le 29/11/2018 à 23:10

Downfall Of Gaia announces new album, 'Ethic Of Radical Finitude'; launches first single, "As Our Bones Break To The Dance"

February 8th, 2019 sees Downfall Of Gaia release their anticipated new album, Ethic Of Radical Finitude! Ethic Of Radical Finitude is the international quartet's most melodic, most structured and most dynamic release to-date, once more building upon the epic and unique sludgy, crusty, exploratory metallic sound that has organically evolved with every release. "It combines elements from our earlier releases with the path we took on 'Atrophy' (2016)," states guitarist/vocalist Dominik Goncalves dos Reis. "There are long atmospheric parts with enough time to breathe, enough time to unfold, and on the other side there are harsh and melodic blastbeats. Each song is some kind of journey, with emotional ups and downs."

To hear the first single, "As Our Bones Break To The Dance", please visit:

where you can also pre-order the album in the following formats:

--Hardcover Digipak-CD

--180 g black vinyl

--Dead gold marbeld vinyl (ltd. 300 - EU-exclusive)

--Grey marbled vinyl (ltd. 200 - EU-exclusive)

--Pic-LP (ltd. 200 - EU-exclusive)

--White/Black split vinyl (ltd. 100 - Evil Greed exclusive)

--Red/black marbled vinyl (ltd. 200 - US-exclusive)

--Clear vinyl (ltd. 100 - US-exclusive)

Tracking for the album was handled at Hidden Planet Studio, Berlin by Jan Oberg, and Backroom Studios in New Jersey by Kevin Antreassian of Dillinger Escape Plan, and proved an entirely drama-free process, with everyone on the same page. A handful of guests also contributed their time, including some faces familiar to longtime followers of the band - rejoined by guitarist Peter Wolff, one of the founding members of Downfall Of Gaia, on "Seduced By..." and the drones on the songs "The Grotesque Illusion Of Being" and "We Pursue The Serpent Of Time" come courtesy of their former drummer Johannes Stoltenburg, aka Hidehidehide. "Working together and creating something new with former bandmates is a very special thing. Even if our ways had to split at some point, it's a true pleasure to get together again, with everyone bringing in their own new influences," Goncalves dos Reis enthuses. Furthermore, they collaborated with Nikita Kamprad from Der Weg Einer Freiheit, who added vocals to "We Pursue The Serpent Of Time", and spoken words for the song "Guided Through A Starless Night" were supplied by their friend Mers Sumida of Black Table.

Unlike its predecessors, Ethic Of Radical Finitude is not a concept album per se, but there is a core theme that unites the songs: discontented minds and the never-ending pursuit for more. "I guess everyone in life is trying to find this special 'warm' and safe place, their special place. To feel 'home', to feel 'safe', to feel satisfied. But maybe at some point you need to accept that it may never come, that you will never 'arrive'," Goncalves dos Reis asserts.

When the band hits the road next year, fans can expect to hear most of the tracks, marking the beginning of an exciting new phase in the life of Downfall Of Gaia. "Everyone was absolutely focused on this record, and I think this is something you can really hear in every song. All of us are more than satisfied with the result, and we're extremely looking forward to playing these songs live, and sharing it with the audience."

Ethic Of Radical Finitude track-listing:

1. Seduced By...
2. The Grotesque Illusion Of Being
3. We Pursue The Serpent Of Time
4. Guided Through A Starless Night
5. As Our Bones Break To The Dance
6. Of Withering Violet Leaves

Downfall Of Gaia line-up:
Dominik Goncalves dos Reis - vocals/guitars
Anton Lisovoj - vocals/bass
Marco Mazzola - guitars
Michael Kadnar - drums

HATE NewsDe Xavier le 29/11/2018 à 22:51

Death/black metallers Hate from Poland enter the studio

Photo credit: Daniel Rusilowicz

Polish Death Metal squadron Hate is preparing to head to the studio in December to record the follow-up to 2017's Tremendum. The new opus, bearing the working title Salve Ignis, is tentatively slated for summer 2019 and will be the band's debut collaboration with the legendary Metal Blade Records. Details are still surfacing, but the band has so far released two raw pre-production tracks: "Path to Arkhen" and "In The Shrine Of Veles", and have confirmed that production on the finished record will be handled by the talented Wiesławski brothers at Hertz Studio, Poland (Behemoth, Vader, Decapitated, and others). Stay tuned for more info coming soon!

Check out the pre-production for the new Hate song "Path To Arken" at:

Hate have been praised by press and fans alike for years for creating lacerating and dark music, proven best on their current album Tremendum (2017). The album saw ATF Sinner (vocals, guitars) utilize the dark aspects of the mystic and arcane Slavonic folklore to explore themes both personal and impersonal. It is an album that is relatable at first listen, but that is hard to fully know.

Hate live

Dec. 1 - Krakow, Poland - FOAD Festival
Dec. 7 - Vilnius, Lithuania - Narauti
Dec. 8 - Kaunas, Lithuania - Klubas "Lemmy"
Dec. 28 - Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic - IFA Party
May 2 - Kopervik, Norway - Karmoygeddon Festival
July 19 - Nova Bana, Slovakia - Gothoom Open Air Fest
Aug. 3 - Saint-maurice-de-gourdans, France - Sylak Open Air

Hate line-up:

ATF Sinner - vocals, guitars
Pavulon - drums
Apeiron - bass (session)
Domin - guitar (session)

VOMITORY NewsDe Xavier le 29/11/2018 à 22:46

Vomitory: 'Raped In Their Own Blood' and 'Redemption' now available as vinyl and digipak CD re-issues with bonus tracks!

Metal Blade Records will re-issue the first two albums by Swedish Death Metal legends Vomitory on January 11th, 2019. 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the band - expect more releases and live shows next year!

Both albums will be re-mastered and released on spinesleeve vinyl in the best quality possible - as well as on digipak CD with bonus tracks!

Vomitory comments: "Originally released on a small underground label in 1996, 'Raped in Their Own Blood' marked the end of the demo years and the start of a new era of Vomitory. And 'Redemption' (1999) showed a remarkable increase in brutality and progress towards what was about to come. It feels great to have these two death metal classics released by our long-time partner, Metal Blade Records, in time for our 30th Anniversary Reunion in 2019!"

Pre-order your copies now in the USA at:

See below for an overview of all versions:
Raped In Their Own Blood

--Digipak CD

--180 g black vinyl

--Red/black marbled vinyl (ltd. 300 copies; EU exclusive)

--Silver-grey/black marbled vinyl (ltd. 200 copies; EU exclusive)

--Crystal-clear/red splattered vinyl (ltd. 100 copies; EU exclusive)

--Clear/red & black splattered vinyl (ltd. 300 copies; USA exclusive)


--Digipak CD

--180 g black vinyl

--Opague turquoise/black marbled vinyl (ltd. 300 copies; EU exclusive)

--Clear blue/black marbled vinyl (ltd. 200 copies; EU exclusive)

--Silver / blue&black splattered vinyl (ltd. 100 copies; EU exclusive)

--Crystal clear/turqoise / white splattered vinyl (ltd. 300 copies; USA exclusive)

Vomitory Raped In Their Own Blood track-listing

1. Nervegasclouds
2. Raped In Their Own Blood
3. Dark Grey Epoch
4. Pure Death
5. Through Sepulchral Shadows
6. Inferno
7. Sad Fog Over Sinister Runes
8. Into Winter Through Sorrow
9. Perdition
10. Thorns

CD-bonus (Through Sepulchral Shadows - demo 1994)
11. Through Sepulchral Shadows
12. Thorns
13. Sad Fog Over Sinister Runes

Vomitory Redemption track-listing

1. The Voyage
2. Forty Seconds Bloodbath
3. Forever In Gloom
4. Heaps Of Blood
5. Embraced By Pain
6. Redemption
7. Ashes Of Mourning Life
8. Partly Dead

CD-bonus (10" picture disc - mini-LP 1999)

9. The Art Of War
10. Undivulged
11. Extremity Retained
12. Dead Cold
13. Christ Passion

Vomitory live:
Jan. 12 - Zurich, Switzerland - Meh Suff! Winter Festival @ Dynamo
Jan. 31-Feb. 4 - USA @ 70,000 Tons Of Metal Cruise
Mar. 14 - Barcelona, Spain @ Upload Club
Mar. 15 - Madrid, Spain @ Sound Stage
Mar. 16 - Burgos, Spain @ Sala Hangar
Mar. 17 - Palma de Mallorca, Spain @ Factoria de So
Mar. 22 - Germany @ Heidelberg Deathfest @ halle02
Mar. 28 - Sweden @ Close Up Baten Cruise
Mar. 30 - Germany @ Braincrusher Festival @ Jahnhalle
Apr. 5 - Denmark @ Royal Metal Fest @ Voxhall
Apr. 19 - Norway @ Inferno Festival @ Rockefeller Music Hall
Apr. 28 - Portugal @ SWR Barroselas Festival @ Avendia Sao Paulo da Cruz
May 4 - Netherlands @ Netherlands Deathfest @ 013
May 24 - USA @ Maryland Deathfest @ Rams Head Live and Baltimore Soundstage
May 31 - Germany @ Fuck The Commerce Festival @ Alte Heimat
June 1 - Grangesberg, Sweden @ Gamrocken

June 23 - Clisson, France @ Hellfest

July 4 - Czech Republic @ Obscene Extreme Festival @ Battlefield Trutnov
July 19 - Slovakia @ Gothoom Open Air @ Revistske Podzamcie
July 27 - Los Angeles, USA @ California Deathfest @ 1720
Aug. 10 - Germany @ Party San Open Air @ Flugplatz Obermehler
Aug. 17 - Belgium @ Metal Mean Festival @ Sur Hodemont
Aug. 22 - Austria @ Kaltenbach Open Air @ Kaltenbachgraben
Sept. 28 - Mailand, Italy @ Slaughter Club

TORQUE NewsDe Xavier le 29/11/2018 à 22:42

Forgotten (Official Lyric Video) feat. Phil Dem (former Machine Head and Violence Guitarist)

Nouvel album le 18 janvier 2019.

CHEVELIEN News/ Vidéo " Sunderground "De Xavier le 22/11/2018 à 23:13

Epic, métallique, dark, hybride, ésotérique, voici quelques pistes pour présenter la musique de ce tourangeau.

Solaire et ténébreux, Chevalien est un magma de contrastes où se développe une esthétique post-apocalyptique.
Voici une version live du morceau « Sunderground » issu de son maxi Sunderground.

A surveiller, un prochain clip qui devrait se faire remarquer « Bleu Blanc Blood » prévu le 12 décembre en amont de la prochaine sortie de Chevalien en 2019.

P.O.D News / Vidéo "Listening For The Silence"De Xavier le 20/11/2018 à 22:35

SHVPES News / Lyric Vidéo " Rain ft. Matt Kiichi Heafy "De Xavier le 18/11/2018 à 23:04