Nouveau clip 6:33De Xavier le 25/12/2014 à 17:06

IRON SAVIOR : first ever LIVE album!De Xavier le 25/12/2014 à 17:04

IRON SAVIOR to film hometown show for their first ever LIVE album!

January 10th will see the recording of IRON SAVIOR’s first Live album, when the band plays at the “Knust” venue in their hometown Hamburg, Germany.
So be there, be loud & celebrate with the band!

MAGIC KINGDOM signs with AFM Records!De Xavier le 25/12/2014 à 17:03

One of the leading bands in the symphonic power/speed metal genre has found a new label home: Belgium’s MAGIC KINGDOM have signed with AFM.

Guitarist Dushan Petrossi comments: "I am very happy to work together with AFM Records now for Magic Kingdom too. Knowing what a great collaboration we already have with Iron Mask, I am sure that Magic Kingdom will rise to a higher level now."

MAGIC KINGDOM’s new album "Savage Requiem" will be released in March.

MOGHAN RA - DeadZone [OFFICIAL] De Tiphaine le 23/12/2014 à 15:47

Beyond The Styx - "SanctuarINK" Official Music Video De Tiphaine le 23/12/2014 à 14:38

The Great Old Ones - video clip LIVE De Tiphaine le 23/12/2014 à 14:32

Upcoming dates:

13 Dec: Nice, France - the altherax \ w lutece, nohellia, fir bolg
14 Dec: Lille, France - the aircraft \ w behemoth, bliss of flesh
15 Dec: Savigny Le Temple, France - the footprint \ w behemoth,

Angra "Storm of Emotions" Official Music VideoDe Tiphaine le 23/12/2014 à 14:20

Angra "Storm of Emotions" Official Music Video from the album "Secret Garden" - OUT JANUARY 2015

Pond - Sitting Up On Our Crane (Clip)De Tiphaine le 23/12/2014 à 14:10

Cancer Bats - Satellites (video)De Tiphaine le 23/12/2014 à 14:08

INFERNAL WAR finishing work on new album De Xavier le 21/12/2014 à 23:56

Polish extreme black metal force INFERNAL WAR is currently undertaking mastering duties after finishing the recording of the new album. Band's highly anticipated thrid studio opus will be entiled "Axiom" and is expected to drop in early 2015 via Agonia Records. Cover artwork is available below.

The band commented on the new material: "Axiom is the essence of INFERNAL WAR. At the same time, it's not a copy of our previous works. The new material is more mature, diversified and bloody uncompromising. It's very grim, both musically and lyrically. We have no doubt, that Axiom is our crowning achievement".

"Axiom" is being mastered in No Solace Studio with M. (Mgła/Kriegsmaschine). It will be INFERNAL WAR's first studio album in seven years. The last one, "Redesekration: The Gospel of Hatred and Apotheosis of Genocide", was released in 2007.

More news will follow shortly.


Agonia Records:

HEAVENWOOD – ‘ The Empress ‘, New Pre-Production Demo Track Streaming Online!De Xavier le 15/12/2014 à 08:10

Portugal's HEAVENWOOD is streaming the new pre-production demo track called "The Empress" on Avantegarde MNGT’s Official YouTube Channel. "The Empress" can be heard at and will be featured on the band's upcoming fifth studio álbum, "The Tarot Of The Bohemians (Part 1)".

The band wants to release this new album for free, via digital download or you can be one of the 500 to have the limited CD edition. The international supporters will receive free of shipping cost the CD or CD + T-Shirt depending what model of collaboration they choose. The first promo single and video for the track “The Juggler“ has already been presented to the audience some weeks ago and can be checked at or download it for free at "The Tarot Of The Bohemians (Part 1)" will be mixed and mastered by Kristian "Kohle" Kohlmannslehner (CREMATORY, BENIGHTED, POWERWOLF and more) at Kohlekeller Studios in Germany. The Artwork design will developed and realized by Matthew Vickerstaff of Darkwave Art. Vickerstaff has worked previously with CRADLE OF FILTH, MY DYING BRIDE, GODFLESH, THE HAUNTED and CATHEDRAL to name a few.
"The Tarot Of The Bohemians (Part 1)" will succeed "Abyss Masterpiece" released back in 2011 via Listenable Records and will be inspired by the Spanish born French physician and hypnotist, Papus aka Gerard Encausse (1865 – 1916), who popularized occultism and founded the modern Martinist Order.

To enter the campaign and help HEAVENWOOD just follow to
This Crowdfunding Campaign ends at 31/12/2014.

For extra info go to

METAL OBS' Mag: 100% couleur en 2015De Xavier le 13/12/2014 à 14:09

L'année 2015 débutera tout en couleur pour


Sortie du nouveau numéro dans la semaine du 12 Janvier 2015.

Liste des magasins partenaires :

Dernier numéro à télécharger ici :

Nouveau clip STICKY BOYSDe Xavier le 11/12/2014 à 23:43

News Trepalium : nouvelle vidéoDe Xavier le 11/12/2014 à 23:39

Trepalium vous propose de découvrir une performance de Sylvain Bouvier à la batterie pour présenter leur nouveau titre "Damballa's Voodoo Doll" issu de leur EP « Voodoo Moonshine », disponible depuis le 6 Octobre chez Klonosphère.

Vidéo réalisée par Fabien Devaux, Benoit Courtel & Symonlux au Outsider Studio.

CODE announce album details and unveil new trackDe Xavier le 11/12/2014 à 23:30

London-based shapeshifters CODE will release their bold new album entitled "mut" on February 27th in Europe and March 10th in North America via Agonia Records. Tearing down the barriers of extreme metal limitations, CODE have taken a daring plunge into the unknown following their urge for further unhampered expression, and have delivered a dynamic progressive post-rock album that is sure to cause a stir. The premiere song off the release entitled "dialogue" is now available for listening!

Listen to "dialogue" here:

On the new album, the band commented: "mut is the sound of us as a band freeing ourselves not just from the confines of what CODE is, but from genre conventions of any description. The time for conforming has past and we have created an album that is the purest distillation of our creative ambition. This is the first time in the history of the band that we have created music with no reference points and as a result, this is our most stark, intimate and emotional album".

"mut" was recorded in the famed Brighton Electric Studios (The Cure, Foals, Nick Cave, Royal Blood) with engineer and producer Paul 'Win' Winstanley. Cover artwork and layout have been created by the Austrian designer Thomas Neulinger.

Band's fourth album, the follow-up to 2013 effort "Augur Nox", will be available in: slipcase CD, limited grey vinyl, hand-numbered transparent vinyl and digital formats. Pre-orders are available HERE.

"mut" tracklist:

1. on blinding larks
2. undertone
3. dialogue
4. affliction
5. contours
6. inland sea
7. cocoon
8. numb, an author
9. the bloom in the blast

CODE are:
Aort - Guitars
Andras - Guitars
LORDt - Drums
Syhr - Bass
Wacian - Vocals

CODE begun life in London in 2002 and have developed a reputation for delivering some of the most fresh and innovative progressive black metal around with their previous three albums; the debut "Nouveau Gloaming" (2005), the Spellemann award nominated "Resplendent Grotesque" (2009) and the acclaimed "Augur Nox" (2013).

CODE on-line:


Agonia Records:

DECLINE OF THE I detail new album De Xavier le 11/12/2014 à 23:16

French post-black metal act DECLINE OF THE I will release its second album titled "Rebellion" on February 27th in Europe and March 10th in North America via Agonia Records.

"Rebellion" features seven new tracks maintained in an imaginative post-black metal environment. The music is multifaceted and full of motion. Premiere track off the release, "Hexenface", is available for streaming via SoundCloud at this location:

The album was recorded in Studio de Chine with Khatchik Hovikian (L’odeur du Tchaman), while Xort (Seth, Alcest, Vorkreist, Anorexia Nervosa) took care of the mastering. Layout and artwork were created by the French photographer and filmmaker David Fitt (Aosoth, Secrets of the Moon, Svart Crown). "Rebellion" includes guest appearance by Olivier from Eros Necrospique.

The follow-up to 2012's "Inhibition" album will be available in: digipack CD, 12" black vinyl, limited 12" red vinyl and digitally.

1.Lower degree of God's might
3.Le rouge, le vide et le tordu
4.The end of prostration
5.Pieces of a drowned motion
6.Deus Sive Musica
7.On est bien peu de chose

The band is led by the multi-instrumentalist A.K. who has been active in the metal scene for over 15 years and played in bands such as Vorkreist, Merrimack, Neo Inferno 262, Malhkebre and Diapsiquir. The project is his "personal approach on dark music". He's accompanied by musicians of Merrimack, Anus Mundi, Temple of Baal, Eibon and Drowning fame.

A.K. commented: "With this album, I wanted to express something more twisted and violant than the first one, but in a personnal way. I'm kind of sick of hearing all these bands that copy each others over and over... It's so pointless. It's obvious that more and more people are trying to follow a trend in order to exist somehow... With Decline of the I, you can be sure that you deal with my own neurosis, my own way of expressing my guts... I know it doesn't "speak" to everyone's ears. But I surely know that my art can really be intimate with ears that know how to listen. Eyes to see, ears to hear".

The concept of band is inspired by the works of the biologist Henri Laborit.

A.K. - guitars, keyboards, programming, samples, bass, vocals, drums
S. - drums
V. - vocals
G. - vocals



Agonia Records:

BEYOND THE DUST new music videoDe Xavier le 07/12/2014 à 12:36

You can watch it here on VEVO :
Or on their youtube channel :

The track CLARITY is from their album KHEPRI available on the following links :
Stream : lien ici
Findie Merch : lien ici
Bandcamp (CD + digital) : lien ici
iTunes : lien ici
Amazon : lien ici
France (CD) : lien ici

Nuclear Blast : highlightsDe Xavier le 07/12/2014 à 12:31

BLIND GUARDIAN - New single 'Twilight Of The Gods' out now!
NIGHTWISH - Eighth "making-of" album 2015 trailer ("London") online!
MELECHESH - »Enki« cover art revealed, album release pushed!
THE GERMAN PANZER - Release new music video for 'Death Knell'!
DIABLO BOULEVARD - 'Rise Like Lions' music video released!
BEHEMOTH - Releases 'Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer' live video!
RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR - Explain album title in new video trailer!
SYLOSIS - First track-by-track trailer released!
ENSLAVED - Diary Of Mad Men final episode posted!
FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE - Teaser of new video clip released!
BURY TOMORROW - European tour supporting CALIBAN for 2015 announced!

lien news

VIRGIN STEELE discuss title for new studioalbumDe Xavier le 07/12/2014 à 12:27

VIRGIN STEELE announce that the title for the forthcoming new album will be “HYMNS TO DAMNATION”.

David DeFeis says, “The new album is a roaring collection of Metal tracks that work very well together and were recorded in a very straightforward, organic manner. It is full of passion, power, blood, fire, love, lust, death and drama”.

SPV / Steamhammer will release the new Virgin Steele studio album worldwide in March / April 2015 . This will be the first full length album with brandnew songs since "The Black Light Bacchanalia", which was released in 2010.

EUROPE Nouvel album "war of kings" en mars 2015De Xavier le 07/12/2014 à 12:17


Swedish rock legends will also embark on UK tour with Black Star Riders to celebrate their 10th studio album

Swedish rock legends Europe will release their 10th album, War of Kings, in March 2015 on UDR Records. Recorded at the brand new PanGaia Studios in Stockholm, Sweden, produced by Dave Cobb (Rival Sons) and engineered by John Netti, War of Kings sees the classic rocking quintet confidently creating 11 monsterously melodic, yet hard-hitting, classic rock’n’roll standouts for their fervent global audience. War of Kings will be available in multiple formats, as a CD digipak, a CD jewel case, a vinyl LP and in digital download format. The album will be released in the UK on March 2nd, Japan on March 4th (via JVC), the EU on March 6th and the US on March 10th.

Joey Tempest: “War Of Kings is the album we always wanted to make, ever since we were kids listening to bands like Zeppelin, Purple and Sabbath.

And after hearing Dave Cobb amazing production for Rival Sons we simply had to work with him. Our adventure is still ON!”

Europe’s place as a legendary classic rock band was platinum-stamped early in their career, having enjoyed an explosive period of worldwide success in the ‘80s, under-pinned by their hit album and single The Final Countdown, before going on hiatus between 1992 and 2003. They re-united and quickly settled into a period of re-establishment which has seen them re-enforce their reputation worldwide as one of the premier purveyors of blues-tinged classic rock with an edge and some kick. Their last album, 2012’s Bag of Bones, saw Europe hit the UK top 40 rock album charts and debut at #2 on the Swedish national charts, and War of Kings is set to take full advantage of the global groundwork Europe have put in over the last few years.

Joey adds “Hey! We took the long road! but we wanted to re-establish Europe the proper way. It’s taken 10 years and countless tours since the re-union, but we’re finally getting there! And we’ve done it our way!”

Europe will commence their roadwork supporting War of Kings with a UK/Ireland tour in Dublin on March 2nd (their first visit to Ireland in 25 years) before continuing in the UK with Black Star Riders.

Joey - “Looking forward to ‘tons’ of touring in 2015!

It’s getting harder and harder to be modest and humble about this band! It doesn’t get much better than this!”

Europe are ;
Joey Tempest – lead vocals, acoustic & rhythm guitar, keyboards
John Norum – lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals
John Leven – bass, backing vocals
Mic Michaeli – keyboards, piano, backing vocals, rhythm guitar
Ian Haugland – drums, percussion, backing vocals

War of Kings tracklisting is as follows –

War Of Kings
Hole In My Pocket
Second Day
Praise You
Nothin’ To Ya
California 405
Days Of Rock n Roll
Children Of The Mind
Rainbow Bridge
Angels (With Broken Hearts)
Light It Up
Bonus: Vasastan (Instrumental)

EKTOMORF: new video clip "Whisper" available!De Xavier le 07/12/2014 à 12:10

Ektomorf is here with their new video for "Whisper" from the latest album "Retribution". The clip contains tour footage, recorded by band and crew, and it is truly a showcase of the Hungarian quartet's live intensity. Stage moments of their latest headlining tours and Summer festivals dominate the video, while for short moments you may check some backstage action too. "Whisper" is considered as a fan-favorite, and the band certainly hopes that their fans are going to recognize themselves in the video, moshing & jumping in the crowd.

EKTOMORF "Outcast Bells" tour:

17.12.2014 Berlin K17 (GER)
18.12.2014 Frankfurt Nachtleben (GER)
19.12.2014 Hartberg Neo-Music Club (AT)
20.12.2014 Cham L.A. Lifestyle (GER)
21.12.2014 Bielefeld Metal Christmas (GER)

WOLFPAKK: the melodic metal allstar-project releases its third album in February!De Xavier le 07/12/2014 à 12:09

The two alpha wolves Mark Sweeney and Michael Voss continue their journey on February 27th when WOLFPAKK's third album "Rise Of The Animal" will be released. For the follower to „Wolfpakk“ (2011) and „Cry Wolf“ (2013) again many high-class musicians contributed to make this a very special album once again.

Guest vocalists and musicians are a.o.:

Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween)
Marc Storace (Krokus)
Don Dokken (Dokken)
Andi Deris (Helloween)
Joe Lynn Turner (ex-Rainbow)
Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio)
John Norum (Europe)
Axel Rudi Pell
Al Barrow (Magnum)
Bob Daisley (ex-Black Sabbath)
Chris Slade (ex-AC/DC)
Simon Philips (ex-Toto).


01. Riders Of The Storm
02. Sock It To Me
03. Monkey On Your Back
04. Highlands
05. Black Wolf
06. Somewhere Beyond
07. Running Out Of Time
08. Grizzly Man
09. High Roller
10. Rise Of The Animal
11. Universe

MORS PRINCIPIUM EST “Dawn Of The 5th Era” album released worldwide!De Xavier le 07/12/2014 à 11:33

MORS PRINCIPIUM EST’s new album "Dawn Of The 5th Era" is out now in all of Europe & the US!
You can also watch the new video for “Monster in me” Here.

THUNDER, "Wonder Days" nouvel album : 16.02.2015De Xavier le 30/11/2014 à 15:15

THUNDER “Wonder Days” nouvel album des héritiers de Bad Company et des meilleures années de Whitesnake !
Sortie le 16 février 2015 sur Ear Music / Verycords / Warner

Regardez la version live de "Wonder Days" (filmée au Loud Park festival à Tokyo)

6:33 nouvel album en janvierDe Xavier le 17/11/2014 à 07:58

Le nouvel album du groupe 6:33 sortira le 12 janvier.
Voici la pochette de "Deadly Scenes"

DANKO JONES, nouvel album dans les bacs en févrierDe Xavier le 16/11/2014 à 16:03

Nouvel album disponible le 9 février 2015 sur Verycords / Warner.

A voir au festival Bring The Noise, le vendredi 28 novembre au Divan du Monde.

Concert gratuit !

La réputation de Danko Jones n’est plus à faire, cela fait maintenant près de 18 ans que ces furieux canadiens enchainent les disques (7 albums studio, 3 EP à ce jour, 15 singles TOP 40) et écument les salles et les festivals du monde entier. Des tournées incessantes (en tête d’affiche ou en ouverture de groupes tels que Guns N’Roses ou Motörhead) qui n’ont jamais épargné la France et ont permis au trio de se bâtir une solide base de fans dans notre pays.

Aujourd’hui il est temps d’entamer un nouveau chapitre de la prolifique carrière du combo, avec les 11 titres qui vont constituer « Fire Music », un disque aux allures de bâton de dynamite qui sortira dans nos contrées le 9 février 2015, sur Verycords, le nouveau label français du groupe, distribué Warner Music

Un nouveau brûlot explosif que nos trois gaillards présenteront même, une fois n'est pas coutume, en avant-première, à Paris, le 28 novembre prochain, sur la scène du Divan du Monde, dans le cadre du festival Bring The Noise, un évènement 100% gratuit organisé par Oui FM.

Si le premier « véritable » premier single extrait de « Fire Music » ne sera officiellement lancé que début 2015, Danko Jones tenait quand même à partager tout de suite quelques bonnes vibrations rock'n'roll avec ses fans en mettant en ligne le titre « Gonna Be A Fight Tonight ». Un uppercut électrique illustré par des images filmées pendant l’enregistrement de l’album, ainsi que lors de la Motörboat (la fameuse croisière organisée par Motörhead) et à l'occasion d’un concert donné au parc d’attraction de Gröna Lund.

Liste des titres :

1. Wild Woman
2. The Twisting Knife
3. Gonna Be A Fight Tonight
4. Body Bags
5. Live Forever
6. Do You Wanna Rock
7. Getting Into Drugs
8. Watch You Slide
9. I Will Break Your Heart
10. Piranha
11. She Ain't Coming Home

Nouveau Clip de DwailDe Xavier le 15/11/2014 à 23:35

Le groupe de Core'n'roll Toulousain DWAIL vient tout juste de sortir le clip officiel du titre « Darkening Trees » issu de leur album «The Human Concern» disponible le 21 Novembre chez Klonosphère !

BEYOND THE STYX - "NOUVEAU VIDEO CLIP" RELEASE!De Xavier le 15/11/2014 à 10:49

dimanche 7 décembre
à 13:00

► A l'approche de la sortie de notre nouvel album
=> enregistrement: David Potvin @ DOME STUDIO
(: KRONOS, One-Way Mirror, ARCANIA, ...)
=> production: Jamie King @ #theBasementRecordingNC
(: For Today, In the Midst of Lions, LIFERUINER, ...)

beyond the Styx est fier de vous dévoiler son nouveau Clip Video: "SANCTUARINK", réalisé par Alban Verneret (: As They Burn, #theArrs...).

pour un nouveau baptême en eaux troubles!
Âmes sensibles s'abstenir...

► Album disponible à partir du 07/02/14 (préventes prochainement...)
=> plus d'informations:

Black Svan - Sickness - M&ODe Tiphaine le 11/11/2014 à 13:48

SERIOUS BLACK to release debut album on January 16th!De Xavier le 09/11/2014 à 19:07

A new band - 6 members, 6 friends - all with huge experience and knowledge from many years in the business and being part of the most successful melodic metal bands: this is SERIOUS BLACK! The line-up consists of Roland Grapow (Masterplan, ex-Helloween), Thomen Stauch (ex-Blind Guardian), Mario Lochert (ex-Visions Of Atlantis), Dominik Sebastian (Edenbridge), Jan Vacik (ex-Dreamscape) and (last but not least) the golden voice of Urban breed (ex-Tad Morose).
SERIOUS BLACK is different to many of the so-called “allstar” bands, because in fact, they are a real band. A band that crafted their incredible debut album “As Daylight Breaks” together, with every member involved into songwriting and recordings, a band that can’t wait to enter the stages. “As Daylight Breaks” is a real teamwork effort, a melodic metal jewel displaying conviction, amazing musicianship and outstanding songwriting.
Fans who embrace classic melodic metal in the vein of Avantasia or Masterplan have found a new favorite band now: SERIOUS BLACK! On European tour with HammerFall in January/February 2015!
“As Daylight Breaks” will be released on January 16th, 2015.

MORS PRINCIPIUM ESTDe Xavier le 09/11/2014 à 16:40

Finland’s best melodic death metal band returns with new single & video!

MORS PRINCIPIUM EST's great first single and video "Monster In Me", taken from their epic new album "Dawn Of The 5th Era" (out on December 5th, 2014 / US: December 2nd).
Enjoy and bang your heads (like they do)!
“Monster In Me” is available here.

#OP1000KDe Xavier le 05/11/2014 à 23:49


La plus incroyable opération de l’histoire du livre numérique

Le catalogue numérique commun aux éditions Bragelonne, Milady et Castelmore vient de passer le cap du million d’exemplaires vendus !

Pour célébrer cet événement comme il se doit et remercier les lecteurs de leur fidélité, Bragelonne organisera des événements en cascade du 14 au 23 novembre 2014.
Rendez-vous sur le site
Pendant 10 jours, des milliers de cadeaux à gagner, des bons plans et beaucoup d’autres surprises à découvrir !

« Depuis le tout début de nos efforts pour développer le numérique chez Bragelonne, nous avons été soutenus par nos lecteurs. 1000K est une façon de les remercier de leur fidélité et de leur enthousiasme. Grâce à eux, nous nous sommes hissés parmi les tout premiers éditeurs du secteur et sommes en permanence encouragés à faire du numérique un axe de développement majeur de notre maison. » Claire Deslandes, directrice de la publication numérique

Comment participer ?
Rendez-vous du vendredi 14 au dimanche 23 novembre 2014 inclus sur le site
Une simple inscription donnera aux lecteurs un accès à nos opérations spéciales et concours, et posera la première pierre d’un vaste programme de fidélité que Bragelonne lancera en 2015.

Un véritable festival de cadeaux :
- du vendredi 14 au dimanche 23 novembre, 1 e-book à gagner par jour pendant 10 jours. Et pas n’importe lesquels : des nouveautés et titres phares publiés par Bragelonne, Milady ou Castelmore sont au programme. Le lot de chaque journée sera expédié dès le lendemain par notre distributeur,
- 1 an de lecture à remporter : à la fin de cette opération, trois heureux élus seront tirés au sort parmi les personnes inscrites. Les gagnants (un par label) recevront un minimum de 500€ de livres numériques sur un an.
Et ce n’est pas tout…

Du lundi 17 novembre au dimanche 23 novembre : une cascade de surprises attendra les lecteurs sur, les réseaux sociaux et les sites de vente en ligne.
Par le passé, nous avons habitué les lecteurs à des opérations incroyables. Cette fois encore, ils ne seront pas déçus. Promotions exceptionnelles, offres découvertes et innovations techniques sont à prévoir !
En partenariat avec et

Palmares Utopiales 2014De Xavier le 02/11/2014 à 21:42

Le festival des Utopiales vient de se terminer. En attendant notre compte rendu avec nos photos et nos interviews, voici le palmares

Le site officiel du festival :

SLIPKNOT en concert ce weekend !De Xavier le 25/10/2014 à 12:43


Vous ne serez pas en Californie ce weekend pour assister aux concerts exceptionnels de Sipknot au Knotfest ?

Pas de panique, les deux concerts du groupe seront retransmis en streaming, ainsi que ceux de certains groupes participant au festival. La retransmission commencera samedi après-midi (heure de LA) et se terminera dimanche soir après le concert de Slipknot (lundi matin pour nous).

Slipknot jouera à 23h samedi (7h du matin dimanche en France) et à 22h dimanche (6h du matin lundi). Il y aura également Killswitch Engage (dimanche à 14h40 / 22h40 heure de Paris), The Devil Wears Prada (samedi à 15h / minuit heure de Paris), King 810 (samedi à 13h20 / 22h20 heure de Paris) et In This Moment (samedi à 16h20 / 1h du matin dimanche heure de Paris).

Pour regarder les concerts:

DECLINE OF THE I : premiere new songDe Xavier le 24/10/2014 à 08:01

French post-black metal act DECLINE OF THE I has finished the recording of its sophomore album "Rebellion", which will land in early 2015 via Agonia Records. The first song to be revealed off the release, "Hexenface", is available for streaming via SoundCloud:

The artwork of "Rebellion" has been designed by David Fitt (Aosoth, Secrets of the Moon, Svart Crown):

After a heavy and neurasthenic first chapter "Inhibition" (2012), the new opus "Rebellion" represents a more brutal side of DECLINE OF THE I, emerging through violent, epileptic and fast compositions. "Mixing different kinds of dark and extreme music, the album is hard to be compared with any other band" - comments founder, A.K. The concept of DECLINE OF THE I is inspired by the works of the biologist Henri Laborit and falls into the genre of avant-garde post-black metal.

The band is led by the multi-instrumentalist A.K. (guitars, keyboards, programming, samples, bass and drums) who is accompanied by S. on drums, V. on vocals and G. also on vocals. A.K. has played in numerous metal bands such as Vorkreist, Merrimack, Neo Inferno 262, Malhkebre and Diapsiquir. DECLINE OF THE I is his "personal approach on dark music".

More news on "Rebellion" will follow soon.

Follow the band at:

Agonia Records:

Black Sheep Wall announce new albumDe Xavier le 24/10/2014 à 07:56

BLACK SHEEP WALL have revealed the title of their next full-length, which will go under the heading of 'I'm Going to Kill Myself'. The album has been scheduled for release on the 26th of January 2015. 'I'm Going to Kill Myself' was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Daniel Braunstein.

The band comments: "It's crazy how much can change in a year or two, but when you think about our history those who have been following us shouldn't be surprised", states guitarist Scott Turner. "We're very excited about the release of 'I'm Going to Kill Myself', and the debut of Brandon as our full time vocalist after doing close to 7 years of duty on bass. His voice is the voice I've been waiting to have in the band for years.

The album was just as much a labour of love as it was an arduous and brain wracking process. Once you hear the songs you'll know what I mean. They are a test of endurance as Jackson and I purposely tried to push the limits of taste for the album which I sometimes like to think of more as a special project than a true follow up album.

'I'm Going to Kill Myself' is unique to us in that rather than sitting down for formal song writing sessions we kind of just wrote songs through conversations, and with odd symbols and notes on paper that translated to guitar, bass, and drums in the studio. As for the album art, the always amazing Jeff Rogers really came through with beyond amazing artwork that really captures not only the album, but who we are as a band. I don't think we'll ever do anything like this again so hopefully you all enjoy it, and not really want to kill yourselves after like I wanted to while making this album."

Cover art and tracklist will be revealed next month.

Current Line-up
Brandon Gillichbauer: vocals, bass
Scott Turner: guitar, bass
Andrew Hulle: guitar
Jackson Thompson: drums

SMASHING PUMPKINS, nouvel album en décembreDe Xavier le 22/10/2014 à 22:17

« MONUMENTS TO AN ELEGY », le nouvel album des SMASHING PUMPKINS, sortira le 8 décembre prochain sur BMG Rights (distribution PIAS)

Pour écouter leur 1er SINGLE EXTRAIT « Being Beige »


Les Smashing Pumpkins viennent d’enregistrer deux albums en à peine 1 an : le 1e, « Monuments to an Elegy » dont la sortie est prévue le 8 décembre, sera suivi de « Day for Night » à paraître en 2015 chez Martha’s Music/ BMG (Artists services). D’après Billy Corgan : « Pour ceux qui s’intéressent au son, pensez : « guitares, guitares, guitares et encore plus de guitares », mais plutôt pour leur aspect épique que pour leur côté brut et métallique. ». On retrouve le guitariste Jeff Schroeder qui fait partie du groupe depuis 2007, et Tommy Lee (Mötley Crüe) à la batterie. Les 2 albums ont été enregistrés sous la houlette d’Howard Willing, le producteur de « Adore », aux côtés de Corgan et Schroeder ; le tout mixé par David Bottrill (ayant déjà oeuvré sur « Oceania) et masterisé par Howie Weinberg qui a contribué aux albums des Smashing dans les années 90 de « Gish » à « Machina/The Machines of God ». « Howard Willing a veillé à ce que le son des Smashing soit mis en avant et évolue, » confie Billy Corgan. « L’idée n’était pas de vivre dans le passé. Nous sommes de retour et prêts à envoyer ! » .
Avec plus de 30 millions d’albums vendus et plusieurs Grammy Awards, les Smashing Pumpkins font partie des grands groupes de rock ayant marqué l’histoire de la musique. Ils comptent à leur actif de nombreux hits qui ont aidé à définir la musique alternative et continuent d’être diffusés sur les radios rock, influençant ainsi les nouvelles générations. En juin 2012, le groupe a réalisé l’album « Oceania » (Martha’s Music/ Caroline Distribution), acclamé par la critique. Il fut classé #4 au Top 200 des ventes aux USA, et N°1 des albums indépendants. Le magazine Rolling Stones l’a recensé parmi les meilleurs albums de l’année.
Initialement formé à Chicago en 1988, le groupe y enregistra son premier album studio « Gish » qui marqua un début de carrière remarqué avec un disque de platine en 1991. Suivirent notamment les albums « Siamese Dream » (4 fois disque de platine), « Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness » (9 fois disque de platine, l’un des double-albums les plus vendus au monde aux côtés du « White album » des Beatles ou de « The Wall » des Pink Floyd), puis en 1998 « Adore », également disque de platine et « Machina/The Machines of God », disque d’or qui fera l’objet d’une réédition en 2015.
« Monuments to an Elegy » est d’après Corgan « un album dans l’album », premier volet d’un work-in-progress initulé « Teargaden By kaleidoscope (“Day for Night” étant le dernier opus du projet). Avec ce nouvel album aux instincts rock, Billy Corgan opère un retour aux sources qui devrait réjouir les fans de la première heure !

RIOT V release trailer for new album "Unleash The Fire"!De Xavier le 22/10/2014 à 08:25

The remaining members of legendary metal pioneers RIOT are back and are ready to unleash the follow up to 2011’s reunion record ‘Immortal Soul’. They are ready to unleash music in the great RIOT tradition that the fans come to know and love.

RIOT V is now ready to ‘UNLEASH THE FIRE!’

You can see the trailer here:

This marks the first release from the band without the late great founding guitarist Mark Reale who passed away in early 2012 and was limited on his participation on Immortal Soul because of his health issues. The band was encouraged at the request of Mark and the Reale estate to forge ahead in his honor and will dedicate this new offering to him. The album promises to please fans of the ‘Thundersteel’ era of RIOT as main song writer and long time Reale music collaborator Don Van Stavern does much of the writing as he did on ‘Thundersteel’ and ‘The Privilege of Power’. Don is joined by long time RIOT band mate, song writer and Reales guitar partner of over 20 years Mike Flyntz to create what they feel is something they are proud to call a RIOT record and Reale would have thought that as well. RIOT has a tumultuous history of member, label and management changes throughout the bands 30 plus year career but one things for sure, a bands longevity is through good music and if this new record is any proof, they will be around for years to come.

RIOT V, like Johnny, are back again! Through the storm of lifes obsticles the guys are joined by powerhouse vocalist extraordinaire Todd Michael Hall (Burning Starr, Reverence), Frank Gilchriest (Virgin Steele, Riot’s Army of One) and former Mike Flyntz guitar student and resident shredder Nick Lee and are ready to raise the flag in honor of the RIOT legacy of music and our fallen band mates and the fans who have been demanding RIOT for years. This new onslaught headlined sold out shows in Germany, Greece, Spain and Italy and headlined the prestigious festivals Metal Assault and Metal Apocalypse early this year with rave reviews and festivals including Bang Your Head with Twisted Sister and Anthrax, Metal Days with Megadeth and Volbeat and they headlined the Headbangers Open Air with bands including Warlord and Anvil and top it off with the headlining performance on next years Keep It True 2015 Festival which is already sold-out!

The new record, as a digipak version with one bonus track - a standard version and download, is slated for an October 22nd release in Scandinavia, an October 24th release in Germany, an October 27th release in Europe and an October 28th release in the US and Canada via SPV/Steamhammer.

Please note - NEW: The double gatefold coloured vinyl version, also with one bonus track, will be released on November 14th in Germany, November 17th in Europe and December 01st in the USA.


Limited Digipak incl. 1 bonus track

1.Ride Hard Live Free
2. Metal Warrior
3.Fall from the Sky
4.Bring the Hammer Down
5.Unleash the Fire
6.Land of the Rising Sun
7.Kill to Survive
8.Return of the Outlaw
10.Take Me Back
11.Fight Fight Fight
12.Until We Meet Again
13.Thundersteel (live) - Bonus Track

Jewel case version:

1.Ride Hard Live Free
2. Metal Warrior
3.Fall from the Sky
4.Bring the Hammer Down
5.Unleash the Fire
6.Land of the Rising Sun
7.Kill to Survive
8.Return of the Outlaw
10.Take Me Back
11.Fight Fight Fight
12.Until We Meet Again

Double Gatefold LP, blue vinyl, 1 bonus track:

Side 1
1.Ride Hard Live Free
2.Metal Warrior
3.Fall from the Sky
4.Bring the Hammer Down

Side 2
1.Unleash the Fire
2.Land of the Rising Sun
3.Kill to Survive

Side 3
1.Return of the Outlaw
3.Take Me Back

Side 4
1.Fight Fight Fight
2.Until We Meet Again
3.Thundersteel (live) - Bonus Track

RIOT V live:

25.10.2014 US-Amityville,NY - Revolution Bar & Music Hall
24.+25.04.2015 D-Lauda/Königshofen - Keep It True Festival

Actu Clip des nouvelles sorties Klonosphere !De Xavier le 20/10/2014 à 19:41

Nous avons le plaisir de vous présenter les nouveaux clips des groupes Klonosphere.

STEREOTYPICAL WORKING CLASS : 1er single extrait du nouvel album " Every Cloud has a silver lining " sur le titre " More Than A Man " en Lyrics Video !

LIZZARD : 1er extrait du nouvel album " Majestic " sur le titre " The Roots Within " avec la batteuse Katy Elwell en pleine démonstration !

FLAYED : 1er single/Clip " Machine Gun " extrait de l'album "Symphony For The Flayed " le 31 octobre qui sortira chez Klonosphere .

TREPALIUM : 1er video clip extrait du nouvel Ep / Voodoo Moonshine sorti le 6 octobre ... déjà 30000 views après quelques semaines de diffusion !

FRONTAL : 1er video clip " Inferno" extrait de l'album " Death Eaters " sorti le 25 Mai chez Klonosphere .

SCARRED : " Cinder " extrait de l'album "Gaia Medea" !

VIRGIN STEELE - new studioalbum announced for 2015!De Xavier le 19/10/2014 à 22:18

SPV / Steamhammer is proud to announce a new Virgin Steele studio album for February / March 2015 . This will be the first full length album with brandnew songs since "The Black Light Bacchanalia" which was released in 2010.

David DeFeis describes the new album: " is a very heavy non-concept type album in the vein of something like a Noble Savage or an Age Of Consent, where there is no particular "story" that one has to is instead a straightforward collection of songs that work well together. It is about 80-90% tracked already, and final mixing will begin next month!" He further stated that: "I know that we announced a box-set was to be issued this autumn, which in addition to two more re-issues, would also have included a new bonus album called "Ghost Harvest", (which by the way is finished and ready to go)....but... the group and I and our label all feel that the time is right now first for some brandnew US metal in the style that VIRGIN STEELE deliver, therefore the new album is now our focus but...fear not...the previously discussed box set will be released later next year, most likely a short time after we issue the brand new release that we are currently completing. And for those who were asking...yes... the new album does have a title and I will reveal it in the weeks ahead....With these new recordings we have gone back to some earlier methods of recording such as using analog tape, and the whole thing sounds and feels very organic. To conclude...the Group and I are really happy with the new material and we are sure that all the Fans who waited so long will be more than pleased.!"

Watch out for more infos revealed soon.

SPV / Steamhammer re-released Virgin Steele´s "The Marriage Of Heaven & Hell I+II" and "Invictus" earlier this year . These 2 CD digipak re-release both came with special bonus material and a huge booklet with new liner notes and unseen photos by David DeFeis.

SODOM release new EP "Sacred Warpath"De Xavier le 19/10/2014 à 22:15

Listen up, everybody! Mister Tom Angelripper has important things to say on the subject of the brand-new Sodom EP Sacred Warpath, on the state of the world and on life in general. He’s really vented his feelings: “Since we’ve been getting the impression that the world is falling apart at the seams, we’ve decided to make our voices head … while there’s still time. ‘Sacred Warpath’ was originally written for our upcoming album, but we feel it’s a good idea to release it now as an appetiser for future Sodom tracks. Because it’s going to get raw, brutal and will be a reflection of all the things that we’re afraid of and that give us nightmares. Pretty much like that hate-filled world we live in. And it’s probably more authentic than any of our releases so far.”​​

Tom Angelripper on the bonus material of Sodom’s new EP: “The record includes three representative titles which we recorded in Germany this year, and it’s guaranteed to become a rare collectors’ item. The cover will feature a re-paint of an old design from the 80s which I did for a demo cover, painted in oil by Christian Ermel. This may all sound a little old-school, but that’s intentional. That’s what we’ve always been and always will be about. We very much hope to tie over the waiting time until the arrival of our new album. And now listen to my unmistakable demand on this world: turn back on your sacred warpath and find the path of peace before it’s too late. Our music will help you!”​

"Sacred Warpath" will be released worldwide through SPV / Steamhammer on November 28th in Germany, December 01st in Europe and late January 2015 in the USA as CD, 10" clear vinyl (limited to 1.000 copies) and download.

Tracklisting "Sacred Warpath":


1. Sacred Warpath
2. The Saw Is The Law (live)
3. City Of God (live)
4. Stigmatized (live)

10” clear Vinyl:

Side 1:
1. Sacred Warpath

Side 2
1. The Saw Is The Law (live)
2. City Of God (live)
3. Stigmatized (live)

T.A.N.K newsDe Xavier le 19/10/2014 à 21:50

T.A.N.K is back !

Après deux albums et de nombreux concerts dont le Hellfest, le Wacken Open
Air, le Motocultor ou le Metal Camp, le groupe de death mélodique français
T.A.N.K (Think of A New Kind) est de retour en studio pour un troisième
album, avec David Potvin aux manettes (One-Way Mirror, Lyzanxia,
T.A.N.K...). Sortie prévue en 2015.

Voici le teaser vidéo :

BEYOND THE STYX newsDe Xavier le 19/10/2014 à 21:33

Le groupe est en studio en ce moment.

A voir ici :

15e UTOPIALESDe Xavier le 16/10/2014 à 20:58

Message des Utopiales:

Tous les ans, ce Festival (le plus important du Genre en Europe) entend marier toutes les disciplines de la Science-Fiction et de l’Imaginaire : littérature, cinéma, bande dessinée, jeux de rôles, jeux vidéos, manga, CosPlay, spectacle vivant, musique, recherche scientifique, arts plastiques...

Sous la houlette de son président Roland LEHOUCQ et de son délégué artistique Ugo BELLAGAMBA, cette quinzième édition aura pour thème "INTELLIGENCE(S)" : intelligences terriennes, intelligences artificielles, intelligences extraterrestres et le cerveau humain.

Invité d'honneur et auteur de l'affiche de ces Utopiales 2014, le légendaire illustrateur Chris FOSS ravira le public d'une exposition rétrospective, d'une carte blanche cinéma mais sera également au coeur d'une seconde exposition : "Les enfants de Foss".

Alexandre ASTIER posera la question de la vie extraterrestre au cours de son "Exoconférence" et rencontrera le public pour une table ronde.

110 conférences et rencontres seront l'occasion de dialogues et échanges passionnants entre des scientifiques et chercheurs tels que Pascal PICQ ou Alain REY avec des auteurs comme Deborah HARKNESS, K.W. JETER, Michael MOORCOCK, Christopher PRIEST ou Walter Jon WILLIAMS et des scénaristes et dessinateurs comme Denis BAJRAM, Daniel GOOSSENS ou François BOURGEON (qui proposera également une exposition autour du "Cycle de Cyann")...

Sous l'oeil de jurés tels que Chloé DELAUME, Yves FREMION, Barbara CARLOTTI, Pakito BOLINO ou Didier WAMPAS, les compétitions internationales Long Métrage et Court Métrage accueilleront notamment 11 premières françaises (dont "The Midnight After" de Fruit Chan et "Tusk" de Kevin Smith). Le pôle Cinéma de la manifestation proposera, entre autres, des séances spéciales, un hommage à HR GIGER, une carte blanche à Chris FOSS, le documentaire "Marvel Renaissance" de Philippe ROURE et Philippe GUEDJ, et un marathon "Ghost in the Shell" soit la projection intégrale et inédite de la célèbre série de Kazuchika KISE...

Les amis des robots célébreront la venue de ROMEO, le grand frère de NAO ainsi que l'exposition "Robots : des films aux jouets".

Le lieu Unique sera le théâtre d'un concert audio-visuel duo de theremins et synthétiseurs analogiques entre Jimmy "Plus Instruments" Virani et François "Space Plumber" Arbon.

Et bien d'autres choses encore... Bref, il y en aura pour tous les goûts et tous les imaginaires !

NITROGODS to release new video De Xavier le 13/10/2014 à 08:17

​German no bullshit Rock n Rollers NITROGODS are releasing a brand new video for the title track of the upcoming album today.

"Rats and Rumours" can be seen here:

October 20, 2014 will see the release of the second NITROGODS album.

The new album "Rats and Rumours" will be available in 3 different configurations:

+ Jewelcase CD with 13 tracks

+ LTD. edition digipak CD with 15 tracks (1 live song + 1 acoustic version as bonus) This format will also contain a DVD with a full live show of the band (duration ca. 45 minutes)

+ LTD. edition vinyl version, 180 gr., gatefold sleeve, double sided poster includes the 15 track CD version of the album!

In times of increasing digital anonymity and alleged germfree perfection, the rock’n’roll trio Nitrogods from Hanover and Stuttgart has opted for the second time in succession for a more arduous but in the long term artistically more satisfying path. Mind you, their songs don’t fulfil such criteria as absolute tonal purity, musical integrity and clinical sterility – quite the opposite: their second studio recording Rats And Rumours was consciously recorded in a studio featuring analogue technology, in which phenomena such as having to change reels and regularly clean recording heads are part and parcel of the day-to-day routine: “That’s first and foremost a question of attitude and of course fun, because we’re die-hard vintage fans and really enjoyed every single second we spent recording on a venerable 24-track recorder,” guitarist Henny Wolter explains. “Of course this kind of production is much more complex and laborious because you can’t just move whole passages around using the copy & paste function, you really have to be able to play the whole song. Every time you mess up, you have to start all over again. And that’s what makes this kind of production such an exciting challenge, and what you get at the end of the day is real rock’n’roll sound.”

No doubt about it: the recording procedure and band philosophy on Rats And Rumours suit Nitrogods down to a tee. Henny Wolter, vocalist/bassist Oimel Larcher and drummer Klaus Sperling recorded more than a dozen new songs at the Echolane Studios in Bergen-Hohne, some of which their fans already know from their gigs. Wolter: “We started writing new material directly after the release of our debut album two and a half years ago. That’s why we’ve been able to put numbers such as ‘Back Home’, ‘Nitrogods’ and ‘Whiskey Supernova’ through their paces in front of an audience.” He is referring to a total of 13 tracks which continue the stylistic directives of Nitrogods’ debut album, but sound much more diverse and audibly more multi-layered. The song ‘Automobile’, for example, explores the subset of metal and rockabilly even more extensively, and ‘Nitrogods’ is also marked by that raw rock’n’rockabilly feel. Wolter refers to ‘Ramblin’ Broke’ as a “blues escapee”: “The song has basically nothing to do with heavy metal but could easily have been recorded by John Fogerty or Creedence Clearwater Revival.”

left to right: Henny Wolter (guitar, vocals) - Claus 'Oimel' Larcher (Bass, main vocals) - Klaus Sperling (Drums)

THE PINEAPPLE THIEFDe Xavier le 12/10/2014 à 12:43


The Pineapple Thief’s frontman answering fan's questions from questions on the new album 'Magnolia', the future of the band and much more ....

Check it out here:

Fans can stream the full album here :

and check out the fabulous video for the single ‘Simple As That’

The band will be playing live in the UK & Europe

25th Nov - Divan du Monde / Paris, FR

Ticket link -

The new Kscope podcast (episode 55) is a special for The Pineapple Thief and features and exclusive interview with TPT lead Bruce Soord by Billy Reeves check it out here -

Joe BONAMASSA, au « Top » de sa forme ! Nouvel album disponible !De Tiphaine le 05/10/2014 à 23:11

n° 25 en France, n° 3 en Allemagne, n°8 aux USA, n°9 en Angleterre !
Top 20 ou 30 dans tout le reste de l'Europe !

Téléchargez un titre gratuitement : lien ici

Alors qu’en juin dernier il bouclait sa première véritable tournée française (sept Zénith !), en cette rentrée 2014, Joe Bonamassa est de nouveau sur le devant de la scène avec « Different Shades Of Blue », sorti la semaine dernière sur le label Mascot/Provogue (distribution Wagram Music). Des deux côtés de l'Atlantique, ce nouvel opus réalise des scores de vente bien supérieurs à tous les précédents disques du guitariste. Rien qu'en France les chiffres ont doublé !

Depuis plusieurs années maintenant les amateurs de blues ont jeté leur dévolu sur ce magicien de la guitare. Ses différentes prestations dans la capitale, à l’Olympia ou au Grand Rex - affichant presque systématiquement « complet » - sont là pour attester de sa popularité croissante dans l’Hexagone, car le « phénomène Bonamassa » s’étend maintenant largement au-delà du seul public parisien.

Même si à travers les sorties de nombreux albums, plusieurs CD/DVD live et de différents autres projets (Beth Hart, BCC, RockCandy Funk Party), Joe nous a habitué à « constamment » occuper le terrain, avec ce nouvel album il semble franchir un nouveau cap.

Si l'on excepte une courte reprise de Jimi Hendrix en intro, cette galette est entièrement constituée de chansons originales (une première dans la déjà prolifique carrière de l'Artiste !), composées par Bonamassa en collaboration avec des pointures de Nashville, et toujours produit par Kevin Shirley (The Black Crowes, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin…), « Different Shades Of Blue » ne se limite pas qu’au blues. Cette fois le bonhomme, qui est aussi un fabuleux chanteur, explore d’autres sons, réalisant ainsi le disque le plus ambitieux de sa carrière.

Après avoir été 12 fois n°1 des charts blues du Billboard et vendus plus de 3 millions d’albums, avec ce « Different Shades Of Blue » Joe Bonamassa semble maintenant à même de pouvoir toucher un public beaucoup plus large.

On se souvient d'ailleurs qu'au printemps dernier, Joe Bonamassa avait interprété en avant-première le zepplinien « Oh Beautiful », un extrait de ce nouvel album, lors de son passage dans l'émission Taratata. Revivez ce moment exceptionnel ICI

Joe Bonamassa a enregistré son nouvel album avec Reese Wynans (orgue, piano), Carmine Rojas (basse), Michael Rhodes (basse), Anton Fig (batterie), Lenny Castro (percussions), Lee Thornburg (trompette, trombone), Ron Dziubla (saxophone), the Bovaland Orchestra (cordes) et Doug Henthorn & Melanie Williams (choeurs).

Retrouvez Joe Bonamassa en studio...

Webisode n° 1 ICI

Webisode n° 2 ICI

Webisode n° 3 ICI

Webisode n° 4 ICI

Webisode n° 5 ICI

SOEN, la réponse suédoise à Tool ?De Xavier le 26/09/2014 à 08:21

SOEN « Tellurian » Sortie française le 3 novembre

Difficile d’étiqueter, de classer, voire de décrire la musique de SOEN, tant «Cognitive» (lien deezer), leur premier album paru en 2012, en avait dérouté certains et enchanté beaucoup.

«Progressif» est doute le terme qui sied le mieux au rock metal déployé par ce captivant groupe suédois formé autour du batteur Martin Lopez (ex-Opeth, Amon Amarth). Allié au guitariste Joakim Platbarzdis, au bassiste Stefan Stenberg, ainsi qu’au chanteur Joel Ekelöf (Willowtree), Martin a décidé de pousser encore un peu plus loin son ambitieux voyage musical.

Axé sur des mélodies complexes et des harmonies vocales enflammées, les compositions n’excluent pas pour autant les émotions, loin de là. Car si elle semble avant tout attirer les amateurs de morceaux alambiqués parfaitement exécutés, la musique de SOEN n’en reste pas moins tout autant destinée à la tête qu’au cœur de l’auditeur.

Lorsque l’on sait que l’ensemble a été mixé par David Bottrill (Tool, Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, King Crimson…) ont comprend alors l’envergure des ambitions artistiques de SOEN, d’autant que «Tellurian» présente un groupe conscient de ses aptitudes et confiant de sa progression… bref un groupe de qui semble avoir indéniablement trouvé sa voie…

Premier single / video : « Tabula Rasa (‘Clean Slate’) » à découvrir très bientôt…

SPIDERS, nouvel album en novembre, nouveau clip en ligne !De Xavier le 26/09/2014 à 08:13


Nouvel album Sortie le 10 Novembre 2014 sur Spinefarm Records (distribution Caroline)

Are you ready to rock ? Si c'est le cas, SPIDERS, la nouvelle signature du label Spinefarm est là pour répondre à vos attentes !

Emmené par l'envoûtante voix d'Ann-Sofie Hoyles, ce quatuor suédois n'a pas son pareil pour trafiquer du « retro » rock made in 70's avec des ambiances plus contemporaines.

La chanson titre de l'album, qui illustre leur premier clip, résume à elle seule cette ambiance vintage et follement électrique.

Enregistré à Gotheborg, leur ville natale, sous la direction du producteur Mattias Glavå (Dungen), « Shake Electric », présente un groupe qui tout en partant de ses racines primitives metal/punk a su évoluer vers un classic rock qui trouve son écho quelque part entre T-Rex, Bowie période Ziggy Stardust et Heart.

Choeurs, guitares acoustiques, percussions, piano et harmonica viennent ainsi à la rencontre de guitares saturées qui déboulent de toutes parts. Viscéralement cru le son de « Shake Electric » est loin d'être aseptisé, bien au contraire, sa cogne fort, riffs et solos explosent littéralement à la gueule de l'auditeur. D’un titre à l’autre « la belle » se transforme souvent en bête... Il ne faut surtout pas se fier à son visage d’ange, toute l’urgence du rock pur et dur coule dans les veines de cette fille.

Ann-Sofie Hoyles (chant)
John Hoyles (guitares)
Olle Griphammar (basse)
Ricard Harryson (batterie)

Souscription "Poubelles"+Table Ronde SFFF à TOURSDe Tiphaine le 23/09/2014 à 19:19

Avec un peu de retard, la souscription pour le dernier tome des poubelles est lancée.

4 ans après la sortie des "poubelles pleurent toujours" et du "Guide de la poubelle galactique", voici enfin l'ultime épisode de la série de Guillaume Suzanne, "Sale temps pour les poubelles".

> 4e de couverture
La paix galactique est enfin là : les Humains ont été reconnus comme espèce intelligente par le Conseil pan galactique et sauvés de l'éradication programmée par les Nods. Le Réfleur est parti jouer à Dieu sur Terre, tandis que, sur CoCoon, l'Impératrice Betsy Ire met en application sa conception toute personnelle de la démocratie.
Tout pourrait aller pour le mieux dans la meilleure des galaxies si un complot d'envergure ne venait compromettre ce fragile équilibre : un chronaute aurait décidé d'éliminer les Nods les plus radicaux. Chasseurs devenus proies, les Nods n'ont d'autre choix que de faire appel à leurs pires ennemis.
Mais comment arrêter un meurtrier qui remonte le temps ?

Cette novella paraîtra le 15 octobre.

Elle sera disponible en avant-première lors de la table ronde qui se tiendra à la bibliothèque centrale de Tours vendredi 26 septembre autour de l'univers de Griffe d'Encre et des novellas, en présence de Guillaume, Zariel, l'illustrateur officiel des poubelles galactiques, mais aussi Antoine Lencou, l'auteur de "Votre mort nous appartient" et "À corps perdu".

Pour toute souscription jusqu'au 15 octobre, les frais de port vous seront offerts, ainsi qu'un exemplaire du jeu "Nodeus", le premier jeu de plateau intergalactique qui rend nod (version pour espèce non télépathe).

Pour voir la couverture, lire les premières pages de la novella et souscrire, c'est ici :

VARATHRON premiere new songDe Xavier le 23/09/2014 à 07:53

Greek black metal mavericks VARATHRON premiere a brand new song entitled "Realm Of Obscure". It is the first track to be revealed from the band's long-awaited new album "Untrodden Corridors of Hades", set to be released on the 21st of November in Europe and on the 9th of December in the rest of the world. The song is available for listening via SoundCloud, at:

RED MOURNING/ Nouveau clipDe Xavier le 20/09/2014 à 23:50

Palmarès 20e L'ETRANGE FESTIVAL / le triomphe de MARJANE SATRAPIDe Xavier le 14/09/2014 à 22:42

Palmarès de la vingtième édition de L'ETRANGE FESTIVAL (qui s’est tenue du 4 au 14 septembre au Forum des Images à Paris)

- PRIX NOUVEAU GENRE (compétition long métrage en partenariat avec Canal+Cinéma) : "THE VOICES" de MARJANE SATRAPI – Etats-Unis / Allemagne – 2014 – 1h47 – Comédie – Couleur.

- Essai transformé, pour sa troisième occurence, le PRIX DU PUBLIC (compétition long métrage) récompense également "THE VOICES" de MARJANE SATRAPI, saluant l’entrée et l’immédiate reconnaissance d’une artiste majeure dans la famille du cinéma de genre. Les deux compétitions se révélant être en totale adéquation et en totale cohérence.

Via Skype(©), MARJANE SATRAPI a reçu cette double consécration sous les applaudissements du public de L’Etrange Festival dans la salle 500 du Forum des Images de Paris, remplie à craquer.

- GRAND PRIX CANAL+ (compétition court métrage) : "PONY PLACE" de JOOST REIJMERS – Pays-Bas – 2014 – 9’50 – Fiction

- PRIX DU PUBLIC (compétition court métrage) : "SEQUENCE" de CARLES TORRENS – Etats-Unis – 20’ – Fiction

La cérémonie de clôture a ensuite révélée la Première Européenne de “THE WORLD OF KANAKO” by TETSUYA NAKASHIMA.

Nouveau clip de Slipknot "The Devil In I"De Xavier le 13/09/2014 à 12:25

VARATHRON announce new album details and video trailerDe Xavier le 09/09/2014 à 08:12

Long-running black metal veterans VARATHRON will release a brand new album entitled "Untrodden Corridors of Hades" on the 21st of November in Europe and 9th of December in rest of the world. The cover of their first full-length since 2009's "Stygian Forces of Scorn" has been created by Mark Riddick (Arsis, Absu, Mystifier, Nun Slaughter, The Black Dahlia Murder) and can be seen below. Video trailer of the release :

The Greek based band consists of Stefan Necroabyssious (vocals), Achilleas C (guitars), Sotiris (guitars), Stratos (bass) as well as Haris (drums) and has been active on the stage since 1989. Band's early albums are considered to be the cornerstones of the Hellenic black metal scene, alongside the releases of Necromantia and Rotting Christ, with whom the group shared members as well as similar fascination towards early style. VARATHRON's trademark are mid-paced riffs that have a classic, old-school feel strengthened by a progressive view, as well as epic atmosphere that only few can match. Band's discography includes black metal gems of the 90's such as "His Majesty at the Swamp" (1993) and "Walpurgisnacht" (1995).

"Untrodden Corridors of Hades" was recorded, mixed and engineered by Kostas Kalampokas at Infinite Loop Music Studio (, Greece and mastered by Tom Kvålsvoll at Strype Audio (1349, Arcturus, Darkthrone, Emperor, Code, Ulver) in Norway.

VARATHRON will have its new album released in various formats including: digipack CD, box CD (including a bonus CD with rare tracks, a patch and a poster; limited to 350 copies), black vinyl, coloured vinyl (hand-numbered) and digital.

Pre-orders are available at:

01. Kabalistic Invocation of Solomon
02. Realm of Obscure
03. Arcane Conjuring
04. Leprocious Lord
05. The Bright Trapezium
06. Death Chant
07. Delve Into the Past

Stefan Necroabyssious - vocals
Achilleas C - guitars
Sotiris - guitars
Stratos - bass
Haris - drums

Follow the band at:

NEW ALBUM "Red Zone Rider" !De Xavier le 08/09/2014 à 08:06

Red Zone Rider : Vinnie Moore; Keely Keling; Scot Coogan.
L'album sortira le 16 septembre 2014

MR BIG : Date de sortie reportée au 26 Septembre !De Xavier le 02/09/2014 à 21:51

La date de sortie du nouvel album de Mr Big a été reportée au 26 Septembre.

MR BIG “...The Stories We Could Tell”
Sortie le 26/09/14 - Frontiers Records

- Eric Martin : vocals
- Paul Gilbert : guitars
- Billy Sheehan : bass
- Pat Torpey : drums

Mr. Big are back with their second studio album after the reunion with all the original members that happened in 2009. The new album is currently being recorded under the direction of Pat Regan (Deep Purple, KISS, Warrant, Keel). The album is set to be released in September 2014 on Frontiers Records and will be followed by a World Tour. The new album is the follow up to 2011’s successful, “What If” album which marked the band’s to their signature Hard Rock sound!

Formed in 1988, Mr. Big forged its place in hard rock history by combining trademark "shredding"
musicianship with awesome vocal harmonies. The original line-up – vocalist Eric Martin, guitarist Paul Gilbert, bassist Billy Sheehan, and drummer Pat Torpey.Mr. Big produced numerous hit songs that ranged across a wide array of rock genres – be it ballads, heavy metal, or blues rock.

Their hits included "To Be With You" (Billboard Hot 100 number one single in 15 countries for weeks, in 1991, propelling the band the band to huge international success and record sales in the multi-millions), "Wild World", Green-Tinted sixties Mind", "Just Take My Heart", and a host of Heavy Metal songs that were played mostly during their live performances: "Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy", "Addicted to that Rush", "Colorado Bulldog", and "Take Cover".

Each of the members of Mr. Big is also a reputable virtuoso in the music industry. Billy Sheehan has won dozens of “Best Bass Player” awards in numerous magazines, including an unprecedented 14 years in a row from Player Magazine, Japan’s number-one music magazine. Paul Gilbert is recognized as one of the top guitarists of this generation. Aside from the tons of albums he released since his departure from Mr. Big, he frequently holds clinics and designs guitars for Ibanez. Pat Torpey has been conducting clinics for Tama drums and has been releasing instructional albums as well while Eric Martin has an extremely successful solo career that produced 8 original albums and is recognized as one of the most distinctive voices in the Rock world.

01. Gotta Love the Ride
02. I Forget to Breathe
03. Fragile
04. Satisfied
05. The Man Who Has Everything
06. The Monster in Me
07. What if We Were New?
08. East/West
09. The Light of Day
10. Just Let Your Heart Decide
11. It’s Always About That Girl
12. Cinderella Smile
13. The Stories We Could Tell
14. Addicted to That Rush (Live – exclusive bonus track)

Lessen : Nouvelle vidéo "Witness"De Xavier le 02/09/2014 à 21:42

Nouvelle vidéo sur le morceau "witness" issu de leur 1er album "A Redemptive Decay", toujours disponnible chez Send The Wood Music / Season Of Mist.


FINLAND’s NUMBER ONE rock act, Von Hertzen Brothers, will release their sixth studio album early next year via Spinefarm Records.

Following the outstanding critical acclaim afforded their last full-length release, ‘Nine Lives’ (2013), the brothers – Mikko, Kie& Jonne Von Hertzen – are now back in the studio doing pre-production, this time with Grammy-nominated Canadian producer Garth ‘GGGarth’ Richardson (Biffy Clyro, Atreyu, Rage Against The Machine, etc.), plus regular drummer Mikko Kaakkuriniemi and keyboard player Juha Kuoppala.

Once pre-production is complete, VHB will head across to Canada where recording will start in September; the studio chosen for the task at hand is The Farm (owned and operated by Richardson) in Vancouver – previously the world-renowned Little Mountain Sound Studio, past home to acts such as Aerosmith, AC/DC, Metallica and The Cult.

Mixing, meanwhile, is set to be handled by Canadian Randy Staub, a Juno Awards-winner whose previous credits include some of the biggest names in rock and metal, the likes of Metallica, Alice In Chains, Nickelback, etc…

Says Garth: “Working with Von Hertzen Brothers is a dream come true. Besides being the coolest people on the planet, they are one of the hardest working bands I know. This is a record that will be on everyone's iPod, phone and turntable. Turn it up loud and get ready to rock. They are going to tear it up!”

Mikko Von Hertzen adds: “For the past five years, we’ve been working hard on building an international set up, and now, with our sixth album on the way, the collective feeling is that we need to up it a gear and just go for it! From the outset, the idea was to find a producer who knows his stuff, is experienced, has a vision, and thus something concrete to offer our music. With Garth, things clicked from the first meeting, and what was really encouraging was his enthusiasm for our new material. Of course, we’re really looking forward to recording in a studio like The Farm – there’s legendary vibes in that place! But it’s even more thrilling to create our music with a top-of-the-line team. Randy Staub is another world class pro who needs no introducing. The work of Randy & Garth simply speaks for itself!”

Further details of this forthcoming record will be revealed in due course

CAVALERA CONSPIRACY : détails du nouvel album et de la pochetteDe Xavier le 26/08/2014 à 20:27

1er titre , “Bonzai Kamakazi”, en écoute ici:

No one can delude Max and Igor Cavalera anymore. The two SEPULTURA founders show with CAVALERA CONSPIRACY what it means to shoot Thrash and Death Metal straight into the world.

The new studio album Pandemonium will be released on November 3rd in Europe and the UK & November 4th US/CAN via Napalm Records, and shows that fatigue is a foreign word for them. Front man Max Cavalera rushes with bellow of rage into the fray, lets his brother drum coarsest grooves and puts his finger into the open wound.

Today the artwork and track listing for Pandemonium have been revealed.

Iggor Cavalera about the cover artwork:

"It is exciting to work with one of the most amazing living artists which is also one of my best friends. Stephan Doitschnoff expresses in a beautiful way what is tense and ambiguous, makes people think through images and words, for me its the best fit to combine with one of the most exciting pieces of music I have written which is Pandemonium."

Pandemonium Track Listing:

1. Babylonian Pandemonium
2. Banzai Kamakazi
3. Scum
4. I, Barbarian
5. Cramunhao
6. Apex Predator
7. Insurrection
8. Not Losing the Edge
9. Father of Hate
10. The Crucible
11. Deus Ex Machina
12. Porra

For More Info Visit:

Alice COOPER : "Raise The Dead – Live From Wacken" CD/DVD sortie le 20 octobreDe Xavier le 26/08/2014 à 20:12

"Raise The Dead – Live From Wacken"

FORMATS: Digipack 2 CD + DVD / BluRay Amaray + 2 CD

Regardez l'EPK ICI (9 min 15):

Le label allemand UDR Music, qui travaille déjà avec Motörhead, Saxon ou Ministry, est particulièrement fier et heureux d'accueillir une autre légende au sein de son catalogue : Alice Cooper !

Ce double CD / DVD intitulé "With Raise The Dead – Live From Wacken" marque le lancement d'une série de concerts mythiques qui ont marqué les 25 ans de l'histoire du fameux Wacken Open Air, le plus grand festival de "metal" en Europe qui se déroule chaque année, en août, au nord de l'Allemagne. (pour info les 75 000 billets de l'édition 2015 se sont vendus en moins de 24 heures sans que l'affiche soit annoncée...)

On ne présente plus Alice Cooper. On ne compte plus le nombre d'artistes qui, depuis bientôt 50 ans, ont été influencés par ce parrain du Shock Rock. Son nom parle pour sa riche carrière et ses flamboyantes performances scéniques. Ce concert, enregistré en août 2013, ne déroge pas à la règle, au WOA, Mister Cooper a sorti le grand jeu devant 75 000 fans acclamant les 22 titres joué ce soir là :

01. Hello Hooray
02. House Of Fire
03. No More Mr. Nice Guy
04. Under My Wheels
05. I'll Bite Your Face Off
06. Billion Dollar Babies
07. Caffeine
08. Department Of Youth
09. Hey Stoopid
10. Dirty Diamonds
11. Welcome To My Nightmare
12. Go To Hell
13. He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)
14. Feed My Frankenstein
15. Ballad Of Dwight Fry
16. Killer
17. I Love The Dead
18. Break On Through
19. My Generation
20. I'm Eighteen
21. Poison
22. School’s Out / Another Brick In The Wall

Au Wacken Open Air, Alice Cooper (chant) était entouré de : Chuck Garric (basse), Orianthi (guitare), Ryan Roxie (guitare), Tommy Henriksen (guitare) et Glen Sobel (batterie)

MOB RULES release snippet of "Celebration Day"De Xavier le 26/08/2014 à 20:03

Snippet from ‘Celebration Day’ online now

New recording of Mob Rules classic featuring guest vocalist Bernhard Weiss (Axxis)

While Mob Rules are currently taking a deep breath before preparing for their anniversary shows, the work on their ambitioned 20th anniversary boxed set Timekeeper (release date: 13 October 2014, Germany: 10 October 2014, US/Canada: 28 October 2014) was completed a few days ago. Now the musicians are revealing bit by bit exciting details about the box. “Following an elaborate production, which was done in real team work, the result makes us both happy and proud,” comments keyboardist Jan Christian Halfbrodt. “Over the last twenty years, Mob Rules have accumulated lots of material and of course lots of ideas which we wanted to integrate into this boxed anniversary set, so at the end of the day it has turned into a 4-disc package including DVD. As a fan item, we feel it’s an absolute must!”

The band have already given away that a number of renowned guests have contributed to Timekeeper, among them Udo Dirkschneider (U.D.O.), Amanda Somerville & Sascha Paeth (both Avantasia), Peavy Wagner (Rage), Michael Ehré (Gamma Ray), Herman Frank (Accept) and Bernhard Weiß, and the result of Mob Rules’ successful cooperation with the Axxis frontman can now be heard on a pre-release snippet: “With his musical biography, Bernhard is one of our role models, and we’re really excited about his vocal contribution on ‘Celebration Day’,” Halfbrodt explains, thrilled at the great number of pre-orders for the limited box, which is numbered individually and by hand.

You can listen to the snippet here:



Temple Fanfare
Pilot of Earth
Black Rain
Cannibal Nation
Astral Hand
Close My Eyes
Dead Man`s Face
Among The Gods
In The Land Of Wind And Rain
Hollowed Be Thy Name
Last Farewell
Ice And Fire
Lord Of Madness (Live)
With Sparrows Rain Song (Live)


Insurgeria (new recording, w/ Udo Dirkschneider & Marco Wriedt)
Celebration Day (new recording, w/ Bernhard Weiß)
Lights Out (new recording, w/ Peter Knorn)
End Of All Days (new recording, w/ Amanda Somerville & Corvin Bahn)
Broken (new Track)
All Above The Atmosphere (new recording, w/ Herbie Langhans & Herman Frank)
Coast To Coast (new recording, w/ Michael Ehré, Stephan Lill & Chity Somapala)
How The Gypsy Was Born (remastered, w/ Peavy Wagner)
Run With The Wolf (new recording, w/ Sascha Paeth)
My Kingdom Come (new Track, Orchestral Version, w/ Corvin Bahn)


My Kingdom Come (new Track)
Meet You In Heaven (Live at Pumpwerk, Wilhelmshaven, 2004, prev. unreleased)


Children Of The Flames
Trial By Fire
Astral Hand
Unholy War
Ashes To Ashes
Fuel To The Fire
Veil Of Death
Last Farewell
In The Land Of Wind And Rain
Black Rain
Hollowed Be Thy Name

The Official Videos:
Ice and Fire
Astral Hand
Last Farewell
Black Rain

- The Roadmob Bootlegs:

1.) Tele Box Fool - Live @ Rockfabrik Nuremberg (2013)
2.) Ethnolution Tour „The Scandinavian Chapter“ (2007)
3.) The Magic Circle Files (2007)
4.) The Glance Of Fame (unofficial Clip)
5.) Cannibal Nation Drumrecording Outtakes
6.) Invitation Time (Live @ Pumpwerk, Wilhelmshaven, 2004)
7.) Meet You In Heaven (Live @ Pumpwerk, Wilhelmshaven, 2004)

More Infos:

PHILM, où quand le bassiste de War rencontre le batteur de Slayer !De Xavier le 26/08/2014 à 19:53

Sortie française le 6 octobre 2014

Qui aurait pu imaginer qu’un jour Pancho Tomaselli, bassiste du légendaire groupe de funk californien War, s’unisse à Dave Lombardo, ex-batteur de Slayer, référence ultime en matière de thrash metal ?

Pourtant, depuis 2010, associés au non moins réputé chanteur / guitariste Gerry Nestler, ces deux « monstres » ont décidé de conjuguer leurs multiples talents au sein de PHIL M, un groupe hors norme !

Après un premier album (« Harmonic » sorti il y a 4 ans), ce power trio (et ça n’est rien de le dire) vient d’accoucher de « Fire From The Evening Sun », un disque funk/metal, progressif, complètement barge, barré, intense et puissant !

Quand on sait que c’est le compositeur de musique de films Tyler Bates (Watchmen, 300… ) et l’ingénieur du son Robert Carranza (The Mars Volta, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs…) qui ont mixé cet OVNI, il faut bien entendu s’attendre à quelque chose d’énorme ! Le genre de disque que l’on écoute en n’oubliant pas d'attacher sa ceinture avant le décollage… Sensations (très) fortes et loopings musicaux garantis !

Fantôme (ex Atari Teenage Riot / Die Krupps) Announces Debut LPDe Xavier le 26/08/2014 à 08:00

Fantôme (ex Atari Teenage Riot / Die Krupps) Announces Debut LP

It All Makes Sense Out September 16th On Cleopatra Records

Fantôme is the new project by Hanin Elias (ex Atari Teenage Riot and founder of Fatal Recordings) and Marcel Zürcher (Die Krupps).

You might think they would come up with hard industrial tunes, but FANTOME sounds like beautiful epic Post Punk, Rock Wave and Shoegaze at its best.

The power duo's first album, It All Makes Sense, illustrates the story of a woman who is in touch with her emotions and scars, and who gets back up after every hardship and keeps on walking into the rising misty sunshine. The single "Love" is not just a beautiful track meant to keep your soul warm, it is also a statement and illustration of her will to make a stand.

The sound of It All Makes Sense is produced pitch-perfect by David Husser and Paul Kendall (Depeche Mode, Recoil, etc). Mostly recorded with analogue instruments (guitar, bass, drums and piano) by multi-instrumentalist Marcel Zürcher and with Hanin Elias showcasing melancholic melodies, authentic lyrics and vocals; the whole album has a cozy intimate flair.

This record is a promising hit album, every song is performed with conviction and an emotion that will catch you right away. Although there might not be anything out there to truly compare FANTOME with, influences such as Leonard Cohen, Siouxsie and the Banshees and reminiscences to My Bloody Valentine linger in parts in this strong yet dreamy debut album of FANTOME.

'It All Makes Sense' LP Tracklisting

01. Future Heroes
02. Love
03. Song For God
04. It All Makes Sense
05. The Key
06. Infinite Moment
07. Everywhere Nowhere
08. Freedom
09. To Stay With You
10. Scream
11. Je Suis a Toi
12. Crash

13. Love (Electrosexual Remix)
14. Love (Namosh Remix)
15. Love (The Approximate Men Remix)

Nouveau clip UMBRA ET IMAGODe Xavier le 25/08/2014 à 23:02

SIXX:A.M, prenez en plein les yeux et les oreilles ! De Xavier le 25/08/2014 à 08:18

Disponible en France le 6 octobre prochain sur Eleven Seven Music (distribution Warner), « Modern Vintage » fait suite à « The Heroin Diaries » (2007) « This Is Gonna Hurt » (2011), les deux précédents (et fascinants) opus de SIXX : A.M, groupe formé par Nikki Sixx (basse / Mötley Crüe), Dj Ashba (guitare / Guns N’Roses) et James Michael (chanteur et producteur renommé).

A l’image « Gotta Get It Right », le premier single lancé début août ce nouveau disque renoue avec la grande tradition des groupes que Nikki Sixx et ses acolytes admiraient dans les seventies. Pour se faire le trio s’est particulièrement appliqué sur la qualité et la variété des compositions, sur leur interprétation ainsi que sur l’écriture des textes qui les illustrent. Des éléments essentiels aux yeux de ces musiciens accomplies qui souhaitent avant tout que l’auditeur redécouvre « Modern Vintage » au fil de chaque écoute. Une démarche assez proche de celle d’un groupe comme Queen, dont on sent l’ombre parfois planer sur cette galette et sur ce premier extrait en particulier… Regardez le clip ICI :

Complètement libéré musicalement depuis le succès de ses deux premiers disques (vendus à plus 600 000 exemplaires rien qu’aux Etats-Unis !), avec « Modern Vintage » SIXX:A.M. a refusé de s’imposer des limites, réussissant ainsi à surprendre en débarquant sur des territoires où on ne l’attendant pas forcément et en échappant aux catégorisations…

Ainsi, d’un titre à l’autre, notamment grâce à de superbes chœurs, différentes sensations s’emparent de nos oreilles : si « Stars », le premier titre (écoutez ICI), s’impose comme un single « évident » doté d’un superbe solo, « Let's go » et « Give me a love » sonnent plutôt rock « dur », alors que « Get ya some » brille par sa nonchalance ambiante, « High on the Music » ne demande qu’à être repris en cœur par les foules et « Miracle » lorgnent vers le funk. La voix de James conjuguée aux guitares de DJ font des miracles sur « Relief », alors que « Drive » (une reprise de qui ?) est tout simplement tragiquement beau… les rythmes trépignants de la basse de Nikki sur « Hyperventilate » captent immédiatement l’attention, alors que « Before it's over » clos le disque complètement à l’opposé de son ouverture… Étonnant…

Dés lors on comprend mieux le véritable sens du titre de l’album… « Modern Vintage » ou comment SIXX :A.M. se réinvente tout en rendant hommage à ses influences… Captivant !


Sixx: A.M. - 'Modern Vintage' Album Teaser from ElevenSevenMusicGroup on Vimeo.

Nikki, James & DJ vous parlent de
« Modern Vintage »

Webisode n° 1 ICI

Webisode n° 2 ICI

à suivre...

Apprenez à jouer "Stars" avec DJ Ashba (guitare) ICI

SLIPKNOT nouveau titre "The Devil In I"De Xavier le 25/08/2014 à 07:59

Un nouveau titre de SLIPKNOT intitulé "The Devil In I" vient d'être révélé:

Freddy Martin : Le laboratoire des histoires courtesDe Xavier le 19/08/2014 à 20:43

Voici le message de Freddy Martin :
"Je remets le projet d'atelier d'écriture d'histoires courtes sur les rails à Tours, une participante déjà.
Les dates, entre le 17 et 29 août, on choisit les jours, je peux commencer avant, les participants peuvent se croiser, arriver et repartir quand ils veulent, 3h les aprems, le nombre d'heures qu'ils veulent.
Si dans ton entourage, une personne veut s'essayer à l'écriture d'un court métrage ou d'une histoire courte de bande dessinée, c'est ici que ça se passe!
A bientôt."

Contacts mail et tél 06 33 98 93 14

Voici quelques informations supplémentaires : lien
pdf ici

KATATONIA ‘Last Fair Day Gone Night’De Xavier le 18/08/2014 à 21:02

‘Last Fair Day Gone Night’ Special 4-disc cd/dvd set

Recorded at London’s Koko & features full audio, footage plus extensive band documentay - Released on 15th September 2014

'Last Fair Day Gone Night' features the Swedish dark rock/metal masters at their glorious best with this electrifying set from London’s esteemed Koko venue, with the band’s captivating performance captured on DVD with accompanying double audio disc of the whole concert. This special 4-disc set, released 15th September, also includes a full & extensive (136 minutes) documentary charting the early days and subsequent rise of the prolific Swedes, as told in the words of band masterminds Jonas Renkse and Anders Nyström.

Recorded during a series of special celebratory shows to mark the band’s 20th anniversary during 2011's ‘Last Fair Day Gone Night’ tour, founding members Anders Nyström & Jonas Renkse are joined by drummer Daniel Liljekvist, plus guitarist Per Eriksson and bassist Niklas Sandin, for an exhilarating evening fuelled by a rich & extensive set of Katatonia tracks both past & present. Also includes a special 10th anniversary performance of the landmark 2001 album 'Last Fair Deal Gone Down’ in its entirety. Sleeve artwork comes courtesy of long-time collaborator Travis Smith.

This edition of 'Last Fair Day Gone Night' is presented in deluxe mediabook packaging, including an additional 20 page booklet.

Katatonia was formed in 1991 by Anders Nyström and Jonas Renkse. Their debut album, ‘Dance of December Souls’, was released in 1993, gaining the band recognition for their eclectic brand of gothic doom/death metal and joining acts such as Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride as one of the genre’s defining bands. On future albums a newer, sleeker Katatonia sound came to the fore, starting with a streamlined and structured collection of melodic dark rock songs that became third album ‘Discouraged Ones’ which is widely regarded as the main evolution point for modern day Katatonia.

Fans can get a taster of the DVD here:

‘Last Fair Day Gone Night’ TRACKLIST

CD 1 – Audio from Koko set I


CD 2 – Audio from Koko set II

Last Fair Day Gone Night Concert Film

DVD 2 – Katatonia Documentary – 136 minutes
A 20th Year Flashback Documentary

Pre-order links


Peaceville store:


MACHINEA SUPREMACYDe Xavier le 15/08/2014 à 11:33

“The video is basically entirely seen through the eyes of a Cosplayer, Kyla Jones (aka Ely Renae) at MAGFest, USA, as well as another fan who filmed us while we rehearsed on Manhattan in January. “

Mike LePond, le bassiste de Symphony X, sort son premier album solo !De Xavier le 15/08/2014 à 11:21

Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins (first ever solo release of Mike LePond from Symphony X)
Release: September 29th on UDR / Warner

Introducing, for the first time, Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins, a fantastic heavy, power metal album that combines all influences of Mike LePond’s favorite bands from the past and present. This album is packed with kick ass vocals, scorching riffs and epic styling – there’s something in there for any style of metal head!

The name of the album is “Mike LePond’s Assassins” and features guest performances by guitarist Metal Mike (Halford, Testament), lead guitarist and drum producer Michael Romeo (Symphony X), vocalist Alan Tecchio ( Hades, Watchtower), and, of course, main man Mike LePond on bass and rhythm guitar.

Mike LePond, well known as the bass guitar player of the US progressive metal band Symphony X, steps out for the first time to bring you his first solo effort. Heavily influenced by a variety of his contemporaries, Gene Simmons ( Kiss), his first concert experience, and later further influenced by Geddy Lee ( Rush) and Geezer Butler.

Mike LePond states: ‘This CD is all me. I wrote all the music, and all the lyrics. It’s one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done and I can’t wait to share it with my fans’.

Metal Mike remarks: ‘Superbly crafted songs! Highly recommended to fans who like their metal true and hard’ and Alan Tecchio adds :’The themes Mike wrote about lyrically and the energy of full throttle riffage was a welcomed back to my power metal roots’

Mike LePond: Join me as we celebrate the glory of heavy metal with my first ever, solo release!

Track listing:

1 Apocalypse Rider
2 Red Death
3 The Quest
4 The Outsider
5 Masada
6 Silent Assassins
7 Ragnarok
8 The Progeny
9 Oath Of Honor

NASHVILLE PUSSYDe Xavier le 15/08/2014 à 11:15

Concerts in Europe scheduled for October/November 2014

One of the most unusual and charismatic rock acts of our time have announced another European Tour for October and November 2014.
More precisely: the American quartet Nashville Pussy, consisting of frontman Blaine Cartwright (vocals, guitar) Ruyter Suys (guitars), Jeremy Thompson (drums) and Bonnie Buitrago (bass), will rock Europe in typical Pussy style from October 10th until November 08th.

Nashville Pussy came together in 1996. Ever since, the band has been performing a strenuous annual gig marathon, touring with acts like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Reverend Horton Heat or ZZ Top and played Festivals like Wacken Open Air. Even Albums such as Let Them Eat Pussy (1998), High As Hell (2000), Say Something Nasty (2002) or From Hell To Texas (2009) have caused an international stir, and their single release ´Fried Chicken And Coffee` earned the band a Grammy nomination in the late Nineties in the category ´Best Metal Performance" .

The latest album "Up The Dosage" was released worldwide in January 2014 through SPV/Steamhammer as a limited digipak edition (incl. 2 bonus tracks + poster), double gatefold LP edition with coloured vinyl, standard version and download.


11.10. B-Sint-Niklaas - De Casino
13.10. B-Verviers - Spirit Of 66
14.10. GB-London - The Underworld
16.10. GB-Nottingham - Stealth
18.10. GB-Glasgow - Broadcast
19.10. GB-Manchester - Roadhouse
20.10. GB-Bristol - Thekla
21.10. F-Éragny-sur-Oise - Covent Garden
22.10. F-Nantes - Le Ferrailleur
23.10. F-Avignon - Le passager Du Zinc
24.10. F-Bourgoin-Jallieu - Les Abattoirs
25.10. F-Montbéliard - L’atelier des Môles

26.10. D-Frankfurt - Zoom
27.10. D-Stuttgart - Universum
29.10. D-Munich - Kranhalle@Feierwerk
30.10. A-Vienna - Chelsea
31.10. PL-Warsaw - Progresja Club
01.11. CZ-Prague - Club Nova Chmelnice
02.11. D-Dresden - Scheune
03.11. D-Berlin - Lido
05.11. D-Hamburg - Logo
06.11. D-Cologne - Underground
07.11. NL-Deventer - Burgerweeshuis
08.11. NL-Groningen - Vera

SLIPKNOT, le clip de "The Negative One" De Tiphaine le 14/08/2014 à 10:42

L’ETRANGE FESTIVAL A 20 ANS !De Xavier le 13/08/2014 à 07:50

Voici le programme de la 20e édition de L'ETRANGE FESTIVAL qui aura lieu du 4 au 14 septembre au Forum des Images de Paris. Vous pourrez y consulter tout le détail de la programmation : fichier pdf ici L.Etrange.Festival.2014_Programme.pdf

Pour célébrer notre anniversaire, trois cinéastes précieux nous offrent trois Cartes Blanches dont la diversité et l’impeccable cinéphilie traduisent à elles-seules ce qui a toujours été l'envie folle de la manifestation : rester toujours curieux, barré, insolent, innovant et partir à la rencontre des nouveaux princes de la cinématographie mondiale ou de chefs-d’œuvre depuis trop longtemps oubliés. Merci donc à messieurs Jacques Audiard, Sono Sion et Godfrey Reggio !

Mais aussi pour cette exceptionnelle édition 2014 : plus de 80 longs métrages, des inédits et avant-premières tout azimut – incluant pas moins de 29 premières françaises, 5 premières européennes et 2 premières mondiales… – la 5e édition de la compétition « Nouveau Genre » (en partenariat avec Canal+Cinéma), un ciné-concert de David Thomas et son Pere Ubu Film Group autour du mythique Carnival of Souls de Herk Harvey, des documentaires inattendus, des expositions, de l’Asian Culture (et non des moindres), des courts métrages déjantés…

Enfin, de prestigieux invités nous feront l’honneur de venir souffler nos 20 bougies : Gaspar Noé et Jan Kounen le temps de notre festif best of L’Etrange « 20 ans / 20 films » mais aussi Fabrice du Welz, Ivan Kavanagh, Gerard Johnson, Noaz Deshe, Benoît Delepine & Gustave Kerven et bien d’autres qui viendront présenter leurs nouveaux bijoux !

(Notre programmation sera également bientôt disponible sur notre site internet :

REBELLIOUS SPIRITDe Xavier le 13/08/2014 à 07:38

REBELLIOUS SPIRIT - first teaser for the new album "Obsession"!

The hard rock newcomer act REBELLIOUS SPIRIT from southern Germany, who caused a stir on the scene last year with their debut Gamble Shot, are back again, presenting themselves as even more confident and accomplished on their second album "Obsession". The four musicians Jannik Fischer (vocals, guitars), his brother Jens (bass), Silvio Bizer (drums) and Corvin Domhardt (guitar) have recorded twelve new tracks, a full dozen haunting rock numbers which document one thing first and foremost: this quartet has evolved to an amazing degree.

“The events of recent years, the production of our debut album Gamble Shot, the shows, the first tour with Axel Rudi Pell, all those things have helped us a great deal,” explains vocalist Jannik Fischer. "Obsession" sees REBELLIOUS SPIRIT take the logical second step, going even further in terms of toughness and dynamism. “You’ve got to bear in mind that Jannik was just 15 and I was 18 when we recorded the first demos for Gamble Shot,” Jens Fischer recalls. “Now, three years later, we’re all even better and more accomplished on our instruments, and Jannik’s voice in particular has audibly matured, which of course benefits the new material enormously.”

"Obsession" is scheduled for a release through SPV/Steamhammer on 19 September 2014 in Germany, 22 September 2014 in Europe and 14 October in the USA as DigiPak and Download.

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH De Xavier le 13/08/2014 à 07:28





“We wanted to do something impactful to help our veterans in need.
With this video and the accompanying campaign we hope to shed more light on the seriousness of their issues. The statistics are shocking, and if any change is to take place it will start with general public awareness. We have been playing numerous military shows but wanted to do more; educate, reach out and donate to the organizations that are making a difference to better the lives of our veterans.”

FinchDe Xavier le 13/08/2014 à 07:23

Le nouvel album de Finch sortira sur Spinefarm en Europe.

Un titre en écoute via le lien ci-dessous

Back To Oblivion:
01. Back To Oblivion
02. Anywhere But Here
03. Further From the Few
04. Murder Me
05. Picasso Trigger
06. Play Dead
07. Two Guns To the Temple
08. The Great Divide
09. Us vs. Them
10. Tarot
11. Inferium
12. New Wave

EVERGREYDe Xavier le 13/08/2014 à 07:18

Bientôt le nouvel album " Hymns for the broken"

RIOT V "Unleash The Fire" album details announced!De Xavier le 08/08/2014 à 15:41

The remaining members of legendary metal pioneers RIOT are back and are ready to unleash the follow up to 2011’s reunion record ‘Immortal Soul’. They are ready to unleash music in the great RIOT tradition that the fans come to know and love. RIOT V is ready to ‘UNLEASH THE FIRE!’

This marks the first release from the band without the late great founding guitarist Mark Reale who passed away in early 2012 and was limited on his participation on Immortal Soul because of his health issues. The band was encouraged at the request of Mark and the Reale estate to forge ahead in his honor and will dedicate this new offering to him. The album promises to please fans of the ‘Thundersteel’ era of RIOT as main song writer and long time Reale music collaborator Don Van Stavern does much of the writing as he did on ‘Thundersteel’ and ‘The Privilege of Power’. Don is joined by long time RIOT band mate, song writer and Reales guitar partner of over 20 years Mike Flyntz to create what they feel is something they are proud to call a RIOT record and Reale would have thought that as well. RIOT has a tumultuous history of member, label and management changes throughout the bands 30 plus year career but one things for sure, a bands longevity is through good music and if this new record is any proof, they will be around for years to come.

RIOT, like Johnny, are back again! Through the storm of lifes obsticles the guys are joined by powerhouse vocalist extraordinaire Todd Michael Hall (Burning Starr, Reverence), Frank Gilchriest (Virgin Steele, Riot’s Army of One) and former Mike Flyntz guitar student and resident shredder Nick Lee and are ready to raise the flag in honor of the RIOT legacy of music and our fallen band mates and the fans who have been demanding RIOT for years. This new onslaught headlined sold out shows in Germany, Greece, Spain and Italy and headlined the prestigious festivals Metal Assault and Metal Apocalypse early this year with rave reviews and festivals including Bang Your Head with Twisted Sister and Anthrax, Metal Days with Megadeth and Volbeat and they headlined the Headbangers Open Air with bands including Warlord and Anvil and top it off with the headlining performance on next years Keep It True 2015 Festival which is already sold-out!

The new record is slated for an October 22nd release in Scandinavia, an October 24th release in Germany, an October 27th release in Europe and an October 28th release in the US and Canada via SPV/Steamhammer. The album will be available as a digipak version with one bonus tack, a double gatefold coloured vinyl version also with one bonus track, as a standard version and download.

RIOT are consistantly on radio and metal charts worldwide, as well as being a part of New York Citys Top 20 most influencial metal bands and numerous mentions on VH1’s That Metal Show with Eddie Trunk and staff sighting RIOT as one of the inovaters of Metal music in America and beyond! The new CD promises to be a true successor to the legacy of ‘Thundersteel’, ‘The Privilege of Power’ and “Immortal Soul”. RIOT V truely are Metal Soldiers and will keep marching and fighting the good fight to bring you the music you’ve come to know, love and expect.


Limited Digipak incl. 1 bonus track

1.Ride Hard Live Free

2. Metal Warrior

3.Fall from the Sky

4.Bring the Hammer Down

5.Unleash the Fire

6.Land of the Rising Sun

7.Kill to Survive

8.Return of the Outlaw


10.Take Me Back

11.Fight Fight Fight

12.Until We Meet Again

13.Thundersteel (live) - Bonus Track

Jewel case version:

1.Ride Hard Live Free

2. Metal Warrior

3.Fall from the Sky

4.Bring the Hammer Down

5.Unleash the Fire

6.Land of the Rising Sun

7.Kill to Survive

8.Return of the Outlaw


10.Take Me Back

11.Fight Fight Fight

12.Until We Meet Again

Double Gatefold LP, blue vinyl, 1 bonus track:

Side 1

1.Ride Hard Live Free

2.Metal Warrior

3.Fall from the Sky

4.Bring the Hammer Down

Side 2

1.Unleash the Fire

2.Land of the Rising Sun

3.Kill to Survive

Side 3

1.Return of the Outlaw


3.Take Me Back

Side 4

1.Fight Fight Fight

2.Until We Meet Again

3.Thundersteel (live) - Bonus Track

MOB RULES are back with SPV/Steamhammer!De Xavier le 08/08/2014 à 15:39

New contract with Steamhammer/SPV

Boxed anniversary set Timekeeper scheduled for October release

Northern German melodic metal band Mob Rules are back with Steamhammer/SPV. A few days ago the group, who are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, signed a new deal and are returning to the record company which already released and distributed five of their previous studio albums. “For us it’s a great pleasure to have signed with Steamhammer,” comments the band. “We’re looking forward to the collaboration with Olly Hahn and his team, who supported us in both word and deed in the years between 1999 and 2008 and whose expertise we greatly value.” Steamhammer’s product manager Hahn is happy to return this compliment: “Mob Rules have been among the most significant and impressive German melodic metal acts. We’re proud to have them back on our roster.”

Mob Rules are set to launch the first result of this renewed worldwide cooperation, their 20th anniversary boxed set Timekeeper, on 13 October 2014 (Germany: 10 October 2014, US/Canada: 28 October 2014). Hahn: “It’s not every day that such a top-quality product arrives at the stores. The package consists of a best-of CD, a bonus DVD, a bonus CD featuring new and rerecorded songs, brilliant cover numbers and other surprises, including renowned guest musicians.” Steamhammer and Mob Rules will publish more details in the coming weeks, suffice it to say that their fans will be delighted.

The arrival of the boxed anniversary set will be supported by a number of anniversary shows with highlights such as the Break The Barriers festival in Wilhelmshaven (feat. Gamma Ray & Love.Might.Kill) and the Metal Hammer Paradise on the Baltic coast, among others.



Fr. 26.09.2014 D-Delmenhorst, Slatterys
Sa. 27.09.2014 D-Nordenham, Jahnhalle
Sa. 11.10.2014 D-Steinenbronn, Air Axes Festival
Fr. 17.10.2014 D-Bremen, Tivoli (w/ Sinbreed)
Fr. 24.10.2014 D-Duisburg, Parkhaus
Sa. 25.10.2014 D-Wilhelmshaven, Pumpwerk /Break The Barriers Festival (w/ Gamma Ray)
Sa. 15.11.2014 D-Weissenhäuser Strand/Metal Hammer Paradise
Sa. 13.12.2014 D-Oldenburg, Cadillac

More Info:

MoeTar VIDEO "Regression To The Mean"De Xavier le 08/08/2014 à 15:33

STENCH reveal "Venture" album detailsDe Xavier le 07/08/2014 à 19:33

Death metal trio STENCH will release its sophomore album entitled "Venture" on the 26th of September in Europe and 7th of October in North America via Agonia Records. The follow-up to the band's debut opus "In Putrescence" has been in the making since 2010 and along with the artwork, "has accumulated enough power to swing ones senses to the sky" - comments STENCH. The artwork - which is an important factor to the trio's music - was crafted by Necromantic Art (Tribulation, Necrovation, Venenum, Decomposed) and can be seen below.

"Venture" features seven brand new songs reminiscent of horror infected old-school death metal, but with a otherworldly vibe which prudently creeps into the music and makes it even more adventurous. At times harmonious and melodic, at times dreadful and rowdy - the Swedes play their own game, picturing fear, anxiety and risk with their instruments.

Jonathan Hultén (guitars) comments:

"Venture" is a journey from the rawest, most monotonous cellar-darkness up to a desolate mountain top, from which you are thrown into the abyss below in a castanedian manner. If only but for a moment or even throughout the whole 38 minutes, be prepared to enter the other world.

For four years we have been boiling down our material to the bone in pursuit of the essence of this type of music. Our conclusion is that the simple and repetitive riffing is holding the key, and is enhanced by more or less subtle choirs and sound textures. Primitive, yet atmospheric".

The album was recorded in Necromorbus Studio (Watain, Portrait) in Stockholm, Sweden. It will be available in a digipack CD, digitally and in a 12" vinyl (black, limited picture disc and a special colour version).


1. Archways
2. The Vast
3. Road
4. Small Death
5. Celebration
6. Way
7. Venture


Mikael Pettersson - vocals
Jonathan Hultén - guitars
Johannes Andersson - drums

STENCH's music is "fast, up tempo and with a bit of a crossover vibe" ( While Decibel Magazine pointed out band's ability in crafting "haunting melodies", One Metal wrote in a review that: "Stench bill themselves as blackened death, but they lean much more heavily towards the death side of things. There’s definitely a blackened influence, but if I may use a cooking metaphor, black metal is the herb garnish atop the smooth, creamy, progressive death risotto".

The doors to band's second full-length were opened by a self titled 7"EP, released earlier this year in a black and limited to 100 copies blue vinyl, and featuring three new songs.

STENCH is recommended for fans of Autopsy, Repugnant, Tribulation, Kaamos, Entombed, Master's Hammer and Watain.

Follow the band at:

LessenDe Xavier le 04/08/2014 à 21:17

Le groupe Lessen viennent de mettre en ligne le 1er Playthrough batterie issue de leur album 'A Redemptive Decay" , le morceau choisi est "Out Of Reach" et l'album est toujours disponible chez Send The Wood Music / Season Of Mist!

On vous annoncera prochainement une nouvelle sympa.

Apocalyptica sortira un album en 2015De Tiphaine le 01/08/2014 à 18:57

Ils jouent au Wacken ce soir (en direct sur Arte Live) et annonceront la sortie de leur prochain album et des infos sur leur chanteur.

En attendant voici les détails :
+++ After the worldwide success of 2010’s “7th Symphony”, the innovative Finnish cello rockers engaged in a variety of critically acclaimed projects and are currently finishing their 8th full studio album to be released early 2015 +++

Since their inception in 1993, Apocalyptica have been mining classical form and structure, ever coming up with unpredictable new musical projects. Twenty-one years into an inimitable global career exceeding well over 1000 live concerts, performed in over 50 countries, they are still reinventing themselves – creating massive attention in media as well as the charts on all continents.

Following the release of “7th Symphony”, Apocalyptica took a break from the standard album cycle in 2013 to pursue a range of musical projects. While Eicca Toppinen switched to drums in his sidekick band Cherry and the Vipers, Mikko Sirén played his instrument on the new Emigrate album, Richard Kruspe’s (Rammstein) project. Mikko also performed with Cheek, Finland’s biggest hip-hop artist, selling out Helsinki’s Olympic Stadium twice. Paavo Lötjönen collaborated with Tipe Johnson (Leningrad Cowboys, Apocalyptica) and Perttu Kivilaakso earned the feuilleton’s acclaim with celebrated chamber music appearances. Additionally, Apocalyptica composed new material and performed live in the multimedia event “Wagner Reloaded” by award-winning choreographer Gregor Seyffert. Earlier this year, Apocalyptica’s latest project “Apocalyptic Symphony” marked their first ever tour with a classical ensemble, the Avanti! Chamber Orchestra. »We’re in perfect shape«, Toppinen states, »and still hungry for the future of making music together. If you want to try new things, you'll never know where you end up. But we’re motivated and our heads are full of fresh ideas.«

Having collaborated with artists like Gavin Rossdale, Dave Lombardo, and Ville Valo on past studio albums, Apocalyptica have now taken on a new musical challenge: For the upcoming LP, the band is working with Franky Perez as exclusive singer on the vocal tracks – this time not only during production, but for the whole cycle including the tour. Perez released his debut in 2003, later teaming up with System of a Down’s Daron Malakian and John Dolmayan as Scars on Broadway. In 2009, Perez was announced on vocals of Slash’s solo band, followed by collaborations with Dave Kushner (Velvet Revolver) as well as Scott Shriner (Weezer), Joey Castillo (Queens of The Stone Age) and Dave Warren (The Simpsons) as Pusher Jones. After being honored as vocalist for The Doors at the L.A. Sunset Strip Music Festival, he released his latest solo album “Addict” in 2013. For Apocalyptica, working with Perez on the entire project elevates the musical vision to a new level of coherence between studio production and live performance, as well as renewing the focus on the band’s homogeneity after the recent feature projects. The new album will be out early 2015, followed by an extensive live tour.

Le wacken open air en directDe Xavier le 31/07/2014 à 19:11 diffuse en direct les concerts du Wacken Open Air:

ARTE Concert retransmet les concerts suivants :

Programme du 31.07. :

À 17h00 - Skyline

À 18h00 - Hammerfall

À 19h30 - Steel Panther

À 21h00 - Saxon

À 22h30 - Accept

Programme du 01.08. :

À 16h45 - Heaven Shall Burn

À 18h00 - Children of Bodom

À 19h30 - Apocalyptica

À 21h25 - Carcass

À 22h30 - Santiano (en VOD)

À 00h00 - Saltatio Mortis

Programme du 02.08. :

À 17h30 - Emperor

À 19h00 - Amon Amarth

À 20h30 - J.B.O.

À 22h00 - Knorkator (en VOD)

À 23h30 - Motörhead (en VOD)

À 00h15 - Kreator

À 01h45 - Schandmaul

Entrée en studio pour Adrana De Tiphaine le 30/07/2014 à 08:22

Adrana vient de débuter l'enregistrement de son nouvel album au Drudenhauss Studio.
Les sessions studio du nouvel opus, financé via Indiegogo, s'étendront jusque fin Août avec le mixage et le mastering qui seront effectués dans le même studio.

Le groupe attend beaucoup de cet album qui est l'aboutissement de 3 ans de travail et qui devrait célébrer les 10 ans d'existence du quatuor.

Pendant les sessions, le groupe maintient un lien avec ses fans via leur page Facebook et leur site officiel :)

Dead Cowboy's Sluts (M&O) à Cuba...De Tiphaine le 29/07/2014 à 10:13

Dead Cowboy's Sluts participera au festival Brutal Fest 2014 qui se déroule à Cuba au mois d'août 2014


The Norwegian Rockers AUDREY HORNE are set to release their brand new studio album Pure Heavy on September 29th in Europe via Napalm Records.
With admirable energy, keen sense of strong hooks, fine licks and great melodies, this record rocks without detours directly into the heart of every fan of pure Rock music. Timeless compositions from dynamic to bursting sounds and undisputed authenticity of the five musicians make Pure Heavy, a real listening pleasure.

As a first appetizer AUDREY HONRE have now unveiled the artwork for the upcoming album Pure Heavy!

AUDREY HORNE to the upcoming album: Pure Heavy:

“ We are pround to present our new album “PURE HEAVY”, an album that was written and recorded in the same spirit as YOUNGBLOOD, and that we think will rock your socks off.
This time we worked with 2 producers: Sir Dupermann (aka Jörgen Traeen), who mixed the precious album, and The Sun King (aka Iver Sandöy), who engineered YOUNGBLOOD. Together we created something that we found fitting to the title and we are truly looking forward to come out an present this album to you all live, until then: Play it loud and heavy!"

For More Info Visit:

The Sixxis: Hollow Shrine Album Trailer De Xavier le 28/07/2014 à 09:32

Rusted - Rock PatrolDe Xavier le 26/07/2014 à 10:21

ONKEL TOM signs worldwide deal with Steamhammer, new album in SeptemberDe Xavier le 23/07/2014 à 08:12

Good news from Steamhammer/SPV. We are proud to announce that ONKEL TOM just inked a worldwide deal with Steamhammer/SPV. The new ONKEL TOM album H.E.L.D. will be released in September 2014.

Georg Schröder A+R Steamhammer comments: ”It was more than logical that the new ONKEL TOM album will be released via Steamhammer. Tom is already an integral part of our roster with his thrash metal band SODOM and we are pretty sure that we can push ONKEL TOM to the next level together. The upcoming new album called H.E.L.D. (more information on the album to follow soon) is without any doubt one of the best German-language rock/metal albums of the year. It’s authentic, musically and lyrically sophisticated and last but not least it’s the perfect soundtrack for your next rock n roll party.”

Onkel Tom Angelripper: “Hi fans! Just wanted to fill you in on the latest developments. I’m very happy to announce that we’ve signed our new deal with Steamhammer/SPV in Hanover. Steamhammer/SPV have been our record company for SODOM from the start, and I’m really pleased that we’ll also be working together on the Onkel Tom stuff. Structures at SPV have changed for the better, with the result that they’ve had increased success promoting and selling more and more German-language music in recent years. I’m confident that Onkel Tom is in good hands and that we’ll get the opportunity to present our music to a wider audience at last.

The new album is in the can – and what can I say? A whole load of first-rate metal/punk and rock songs have been recorded, peppered with moving lyrics full of anarchy and anger, but also full of lust for life and irony. And of course full beer glasses. Production, song writing and arrangements went hand in hand, everything fits together. For me personally it’s the most diverse and musically accomplished album of our career to date.

This diversity is owed, not least, to the different characters of our band members and the bands they come from. Each of us has been involved in the creative process, the writing of the lyrics and the overall concept. We wrote whatever came into our heads, without any outside influences, so the result sounds thoroughly autonomous and will definitely set us apart from other acts.

We will let you know the release date and all other information in the next few days.

Thanks for your support. Bottoms up, you sods …TOM“

​left to right: Marc Beste (Bass OT), Corny (Drums OT), Alex Kraft (Guitar OT), Tom (Vocals OT), Georg "Schorse" Schröder (Steamhammer), Celli (Guitar OT)


English Dogs release new video "Turn Away From The Light"De Tiphaine le 16/07/2014 à 10:58

Crucified Barbara : nouvel album pour Septembre.De Xavier le 15/07/2014 à 23:48

Nouvel Album 'IN THE RED' 15/09/14 Despotz Records

Nouveau clip 'To Kill a Man' issu du nouvel album :

Dates en France cet été
23.08.14 - Lanfains - Festival du Petit Village
12.09.14 - Les Forges de Feux festival
14.09.14 - Mennecy Metal Fest


Peaceville Records is set to delve into the world of podcasts with a series of special shows courtesy of some of our esteemed artists from our roster.

Who better to commence proceedings than a man who needs no introduction but will be given one anyway. It's the seemingly bottomless pit of musical knowledge that is Darkthrone's Fenriz, with his very own selection of influential tracks from the darker side of the metal universe, who first takes centre stage, including tracks from Mayhem, Bathory, Celtic Frost and more ...

The podcasts will be available at:


Watch out for the next instalment of the Peaceville podcast too, as we await the next suspect with impending dread.

Tournée SKID ROW & SAXONDe Xavier le 12/07/2014 à 15:45



Hot on the heels of their triumphant appearance at this year’s Download Festival, SKID ROW will return to the UK in October. This will be the band’s 4th trip to the UK in the last 18 months, so the band have chosen to visit markets they have missed on the past runs and that most bands skip completely. Places like Hull, Stourbridge and Buckley will all get a full volume blast of the United World Rebellion tour that has visited over 30 countries in the last year and a half. The band will also do a special intimate show at London’s legendary Underworld on Oct 28th which promises to be a hot ticket to get. Support for the tour will be SISTER and THE LAST VEGAS.

SKID ROW--Johnny Solinger (vocals), Scotti Hill (guitar), Rachel Bolan (bass), Snake Sabo (guitar) and Rob Hammersmith (drums)—will release their highly anticipated new seven-song EP, RISE OF THE DAMNATION ARMY - UNITED WORLD REBELLION: CHAPTER TWO, on August 04th. The EP marks the 2nd in a series of 3 highlighting the band’s new music.

“The idea really appealed to me,” says Bolan, “especially with the constantly changing musical climate. I like the idea of a steady flow of new music, as opposed to releasing a full-length album then riding it for the next two years.”

That guerrilla burst of recording a concise series of EP’s fostered a focused intensity that was liberating, says Snake. “The pressure seemed to be lifted. That immediately set me at ease and it became really exciting.”

Exciting and potent, prompting Solinger to exert the full range of his ability. “The third time in the studio as the voice of SKID ROW was the proverbial charm, and the proof is in the tracks. RISE OF THE DAMNATION ARMY - UNITED WORLD REBELLION: CHAPTER TWO is the most meaningful work I've done with the band. It's definitely the most I've been challenged, vocally.”

That sound is rambunctious exuberance. They got older, but SKID ROW never really grew up. RISE OF THE DAMNATION ARMY - UNITED WORLD REBELLION: CHAPTER TWO is still the youth gone wild, their musical spark still burning gasoline.


Check out their fall tourdates with Saxon:

Mo 24 Nov - Paris, FRANCE - Le Bataclan - w/ SAXON

Di 25 Nov - Lyon, FRANCE - Le Transbordeur - w/ SAXON

Mi 26 Nov - Toulouse, FRANCE - Bikini - w/ SAXON

Fr 28 Nov - Strasbourg, FRANCE - La Laiterie - w/ SAXON

Sa 29 Nov - Lille, FRANCE - Le Splendid - w/ SAXON

ACE FREHLEY “Space Invader”De Xavier le 12/07/2014 à 10:03

ACE FREHLEY SPACE INVADER European Tracklistings and Configurations revealed!

Founding KISS guitarist and 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee ACE FREHLEY will release his new album "Space Invader" in Germany/Scandinavia on August 15th and rest of Europe on August 18th as a limited edition digipak with a different cover and also including 2 bonus tracks and a poster, as a double gatefold orange coloured LP version including 4 bonus tracks, as a standard CD version and download.


Limited Digi CD incl. 2 bonus tracks and poster

1. Space Invader
2. Gimme A Feelin` (radio edit)
3. I Wanna Hold You
4. Change
5. Toys
6. Immortal Pleasures
7. Inside The Vortex
8. What Every Girl Wants
9. Past The Milky Way
10. Reckless
11. The Joker
12. Starship

Bonus Tracks:
13. The Joker (extended version)
14. Reckless (different remix version)

Standard Version

1. Space Invader
2. Gimme A Feelin` (radio edit)
3. I Wanna Hold You
4. Change
5. Toys
6. Immortal Pleasures
7. Inside The Vortex
8. What Every Girl Wants
9. Past The Milky Way
10. Reckless
11. The Joker
12. Starship

2 LP gatefold version incl. 4 bonus tracks, coloured vinyl, printed innersleeves

Side 1
1. Space Invader
2. Gimme A Feelin` (radio edit)
3. I Wanna Hold You
4. Change

Side 2
1. Toys
2. Immortal Pleasures
3. Inside The Vortex
4. What Every Girl Wants

Side 3
1. Past The Milky Way
2. Reckless
3. The Joker
4. Starship

Side 4 (Bonus Tracks)
1. The Joker (extended version)
2. Reckless (different remix version)
3. Space Invader (radio edit)
4. Gimme A Feelin` (explicit version)

"Gimme a Feelin' is the first single released from the new album.

You can listen to the song here:

"Gimme a Feelin'" is now available for purchase on all digital platforms in Europe.

COHOLDe Xavier le 11/07/2014 à 08:02

COHOL has now finished the recording session of their debut album. The mixing and mastering will be done in Fall, with a possible release date during the coming Winter! Check the bands facebook page here :

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT : nouveau titre en exclu De Xavier le 09/07/2014 à 23:08

'Reset' nouveau titre extrait du prochain album d' ATARI TEENAGE RIOT, à découvrir en exclu ici :

ACCEPT - Video clip 'Stampede' released!De Xavier le 08/07/2014 à 07:34

Heavy Metal pioneers ACCEPT will release their new studio album »Blind Rage« on August 15th.

Today ACCEPT present the video clip of their first single called 'Stampede'

You can watch it here:

The tracklist of the standard version, will be like this:

01. Stampede
02. Dying Breed
03. Dark Side Of My Heart
04. Fall Of The Empire
05. Trail Of Tears
06. Wanna Be Free
07. 200 Years
08. Bloodbath Mastermind
09. From The Ashes We Rise
10. The Curse
11. Final Journey

There will also be a limited edition Digipak including either bonus DVD, or BlueRay disc. It features a complete ACCEPT live show, recorded in Chile 2013 during the »Stalingrad« tour.

The tracklist looks like this:

01. Intro
02. Hung, Drawn & Quartered
03. Hellfire
04. Restless & Wild
05. Losers & Winners
06. Stalingrad
07. Breaker
08. Bucket Full Of Hate
09. Monsterman
10. Shadow Soldier
11. Amamos La Vida
12. Guitar Solo Wolf
13. Neon Nights
14. Bulletproof
15. Aiming High
16. Princess Of The Dawn
17. Up To The Limit
18. No Shelter
19. Pandemic
20. Fast As A Shark
21. Metal Heart
22. Teutonic Terror
23. Balls To The Wall

The single release of the opening track 'Stampede', will be on July, 11th, digitally and on a limited vinyl edition.

»Blind Rage« was produced by Andy Sneap (MEGADETH, EXODUS, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH). The cover artwork was done by Daniel Goldsworthy (HELL).

Pre-order the album here:

ACCEPT - »Blind Rage« Tour 2014 (Dates françaises):
08.10.2014 Bataclan, Paris [FR]
14.10.2014 Bikini, Toulouse [FR]
16.10.2014 La Laiterie, Straßbourg [FR]

HORD - New music video directed by Anthony Dubois (Meshuggah) De Xavier le 08/07/2014 à 07:23


Afin de fêter mon endorsement par SCHECTER GUITARS et ERNIE BALL, j'ai le plaisir de vous présenter une nouvelle vidéo de guitar playthrough, réalisée par Anthony Dubois (Meshuggah, After the Burial, Sybreed), mixée et masterisée par Fabrice Boy, dans laquelle je joue les morceaux "The Waste Land (Pt. 1)" et "The Waste Land (Pt. 2)" extraits de l'album éponyme "The Waste Land" (Sendthewoodmusic, 2010), originellement produit, mixé et masterisé par Jochem Jacobs au Split Second Sound Studio.

La vidéo est sortie aujourd'hui sur la chaîne Youtube de DjentworldwideTV, ici :

Merci pour votre temps, votre écoute et vos partages.

Amitiés du sud de la France.
Jonathan Devaux
Guitarist/Singer @HORD

EVERY TIME I DIE : Nouvel albumDe Xavier le 06/07/2014 à 12:32


"From Parts Unknown"
Sortie le 25/08/14

Vidéo Decayin' With The Boys

Album en écoute intégrale ici :

ORIGIN stream new album in fullDe Xavier le 03/07/2014 à 20:28

Technical death metal giants ORIGIN are streaming their entire new album "Omnipresent" ahead of its release date (which will be on July 4th in Europe via Agonia Records and July 8th in North America via Nuclear Blast). The stream is available via Agonia Records website, at this link:

Featuring the recording debut of new vocalist Jason Keyser (ex-Skinless), together with drummer John Longstreth (ex-Angelcorpse), guitarist Paul Ryan and bassist Mike Flores, ORIGIN mark a genre-defying return with their 6th full-length release. The band comments: "Omnipresent is a culmination of 15 years of technical death metal brutality that transcends definition". And continues: "From light speed to absolute zero, it is a journey to the farthest reaches of the universe, to the darkest nether of the mind". Cover artwork has been created by Colin Marks (Nevermore, Kataklysm, Exodus).

The follow-up to 2011's "Entity" album was recorded and mixed with long-time producer Robert Rebeck at Chapman Recording Studio (US) and mastered together with Colin Marston at Menegroth - The Thousand Caves (Altar of Plagues, Krallice, Jarobe).

"Omnipresent" will be available in a variety of formats exclusively for the European and North American territory:

Pre-orders are available at at:

Agonia Records (Europe) -

Nuclear Blast (North America)-

Tour dates:
07-12-2014 Le Korigan, Luynes, France
10-12-2014 Metronum, Toulouse, France
11-12-2014 Ubu, Rennes, France
12-12-2014 Divan du monde, Paris, France

Track list:

1. All Things Dead
3. Permanence
4. Manifest Desolate
5. Absurdity of What I Am
6. Source of Icon O
7. Continuum
8. Unattainable Zero
9. Redistribution of Filth
10. Obsolescence
11. Malthusian Collapse
12. The Indiscriminate
13. Kill Yourself (S.O.D. cover song)


Jason Keyser - vocals
Paul Ryan - guitars/vocals
Mike Flores - bass/vocals
John Longstreth - drums

Formed in Kansas (North America) in 1997, ORIGIN is one of the top, most intense and most brutal technical death metal forces to be reckoned with. Since its inception, the group has charted twice on the Billboard Top Heatseekers (with "Antithesis" at #21 and "Entity" at #20) and emerged on countless highly-energetic shows across the world. This May, ORIGIN will be heading out on a headlining run in South East Asia and Australia.

Follow the band at:

Candlelight Records is delighted to announce the signing of Greek thrashers Bio-CancerDe Xavier le 01/07/2014 à 23:23

Candlelight Records is delighted to announce the signing of Greek thrashers Bio-Cancer

Bio-Cancer are a thrash metal band from Athens, Greece established in late 2010. After some line-up changes, demo recordings, and live shows, the band released its debut album ''Ear Piercing Thrash'' in 2012 gaining some good recognition in the underground scene, and got included in a large amount of magazine, website and fanzine lists all over the world for best thrash album of 2012. The band has ripped the stage all over Greece and abroad with bands like Sodom, Onslaught, Rotting Christ, Xentrix, Artillery and more, and as of 2014 they have finished their second offering called ''Tormenting the Innocent'' due to be released by Candlelight Records later this year (release date tbc).

Obligated to Incest

Tormenting the Innocent


Boxed Out

F(r)iends or Fiends?


Chemical Castration

Haters Gonna…Suffer!

Life is Tough (So am I)

Artwork by : Andrei Bouzikov (Municipal Waste ,Toxic Holocaust , Vektor, Violator

Mix/Master by : Andy Classen (Destruction, Tankard, Belphegor, Krisiun, Legion of the Damned

AXEL RUDI PELL`s "Into The Storm" gets deluxe treatment!De Xavier le 25/06/2014 à 23:23

After unbelievably topping both the German (#5) and Swiss (#9) charts with the latest album Into the Storm and selling out 7 dates of the first part of the Into the Storm-Tour in February there is still so much more to come from Axel Rudi Pell.

He released a new video “Long Way to Go” and revealed the guest list for his 25th anniversary headliner gig on July 11th at the BANG YOUR HEAD FESTIVAL in Balingen, Germany. Not only will he be joined on stage by Graham Bonnet (Rainbow, MSG), Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple), Doogie White (Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen), John Lawton (Uriah Heep), Tony Carey (Rainbow), Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Dio) and the former ARP singers Jeff Scott Soto and Rob Rock, but he will also be reunited with the original members from his former band STEELER.

This show is not to be missed!

To celebrate the second part of the “Into The Storm” – Tour , the Bochum show is already sold out again, the successful album “Into The Storm” gets a deluxe treatment with a bonus CD consisting of brandnew live recordings and the latest video as an enhanced part. On top the deluxe edition has a new cover and a new extended 16 page booklet with new photos and new liner notes by Axel Rudi Pell. Release dates are for Scandinavia August 20th, Germany August 22nd, Europe August 25th and USA September 2nd.

Then Axel Rudi Pell will continue with the second part of the Into the Storm-Tour. Once again, they will be supported by young German newcomers REBELLIOUS SPIRIT, who were so impressive on the first part of the tour, they’ve been invited back.

Tracklisting Digipak

CD 1
3) LONG WAY TO GO 5:32
8) HIGH ABOVE 4:49
9) HEY HEY MY MY 5:02
10) INTO THE STORM 10:35
11) WHITE CATS (Opus #6 Scivolare) 4:54 (Bonus Track)
12) WAY TO MANDALAY 7:52 (Bonus Track)

CD 2
1. NASTY REPUTATION – live 2014 ( 05:45 min.)
2. STRONG AS A ROCK – live 2014 ( 07:55 min.)
3. MEDLEY: Too Late / Call Her Princess / Eternal Prisoner / Too Late – live 2014
( 13:30 min.)
4. LONG WAY TO GO - enhanced video (04:47)

AXEL RUDI PELL released a new video for the song "Long Way To Go", taken from "Into The Storm". The video was directed by Tim Assmann (Kingdom Come and others).

You can see the video here:

ANNISOKAY DEBUT NEW VIDEODe Xavier le 25/06/2014 à 23:15

Album "The Lucid Dream[er]" Out Now!

ANNISOKAY - the up and coming post-hardcore 5-piece from Halle/Germany recently released a brand new video for the song "Day To Day Tragedy" - one of the bonus tracks of their debut album. "The Lucid Dream[er]" is mastered by Joey Sturgis (The Devil Wears Prada, We Came As Romans, Asking Alexandria) and already available worldwide.

Here's the video for "Day To Day Tragedy":

"The Lucid Dream[er]" Out Now

As veterans to the live scene ANNISOKAY captures the essence of their audience by delivering an unrelenting performance that never leads to a dull moment. They push every limit to create a musical energy that brings themselves closer to their fans, on and off the stage and they one day hope to share that same energy with the world. Within the last years ANNISOKAY shared the stage with amazing bands like GHOST INSIDE, SILENT SCREAMS, UPON THIS DAWNING, ESKIMO CALLBOY, HEART IN HAND, LIONHEART or HIS STATUE FALLS.
On their debut album “The Lucid Dream[er]” the band took the concepts of nightmares and lucid dreaming and explored the depths of the human mind by applying these dream metaphors to everyday situations in life. See and hear the perfect example of this in their music video of the track entitled "Sky”. The song received a huge positive resonance from their fanbase and got over 270.000 views on youtube by now. The release of their stunning music video for "Monstercrazy", directed by the guitarist and singer of the band, brought them even more attention overseas. ANNISOKAY is a team of musical workaholics, so they recently released an intense interpretation of Miley Cyrus' number one hit "Wrecking Ball" (over 350.000 clicks on youtube by now), while they are already writing on their next release.

More information at:

The Intersphere - Joker - live at Kleine Audiowelt De Xavier le 25/06/2014 à 23:01

The Intersphere - Joker - live at Kleine Audiowelt

LONELY THE BRAVE : nouveau clip De Xavier le 25/06/2014 à 22:59

Après leur passage remarqué à Paris le 28 mai dernier au Point Ephémère, LONELY THE BRAVE propose son nouveau clip "Trick of the Light"


Sortie 25 Septembre 2014


Hellfest : concerts filmés par Arte.tvDe Xavier le 24/06/2014 à 07:52

Certains concerts ont été films par durant la 9ème édition du hellfest

Pour le détail ça se passe par ici :

Vous avez déjà Eluveitie, Emperor, 1349, Shining, Dagoba, Sabaton...

Pinnick Gales Pridgen "PGP 2" albumDe Xavier le 17/06/2014 à 07:48

Pinnick Gales Pridgen is:
• dUg Pinnick - Bass and Vocals (King's X, KXM)
• Eric Gales - Guitar and Vocals (Eric Gales Band, Lauryn Hill)
• Thomas Pridgen - Drums (ex Mars Volta, Suicidal Tendencies)

PGP 2 contains all the stinging bite and all-out sonic boom of King's X, The Mars Volta and The Eric Gales Band. In addition, fans of artists as far ranging as Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Living Colour, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Tool, The Who, Stevie Wonder and Liquid Tension Experiment might find something meaningful in these meaty, extended tracks.

"Scars - The Third Reich In Ruins"De Xavier le 17/06/2014 à 07:41

Iron Knights drummer Larry Paterson (ex-Blaze Bayley) teams up with film-maker Kris McManus for the documentary project "Scars - The Third Reich In Ruins".

As well as being a musician, Paterson has another career as a military historian, having written 10 books on the Second World War U-Boat service. He first collaborated with Director Kris McManus on music videos for Chokehold, Blaze Bayley, and Rogue Male. McManus has two feature films to his credit.

"Scars - The Third Reich In Ruins" is being financed via the crowd-funding website Kickstarter, and full details of this fascinating project can be found here:

I would be grateful if you could take a moment to check out this new project (it may be of interest to you) and pass it around to anyone who has an interest in history. If you are able to publish the news and the above link to the project, that would be much appreciated too, as we are trying to reach as far and wide an audience as possible. It's a different piece of news this time, but there is a musical thread in there :)

Many thanks for your help,
Kind Regards,

Bernie MarsdenDe Xavier le 16/06/2014 à 07:54

NOUVEL ALBUM SHINE Sortie le 18 août

Son nom apparaît sur plus d'une centaine d'albums. Depuis les années 70 il a participé à des groupes tels que

Whitesnake, UFO, Wild Turkey, Babe Ruth, Paice Ashton & Lord, Cozy Powell’s Hammer, Alaska, M3...

Autant dire que Bernie Marsden n'est pas un novice en terme de blues et de classic rock.

"Shine" son nouvel album solo (le 1er pour Mascot / Provogue) a été enregistré sous la direction de Rob Cass dans Studio 3 d'Abbey Road, là même où les Beatles ont réalisé "Revolver".
Et pour l'occasion il a invité des "potes" : Joe Bonamassa, David Coverdale (Deep Purple, Whitesnake), Ian Paice (Deep Purple), Don Airey (Deep Purple, Ozzy Osbourne, Gary Moore...) Jimmy Copley (Jeff Beck group), Mark Feltham (Nine Below Zero)

Tracklist :
Linin' Track
Wedding Day
Walk Away
Kinda Wish She Would
Who Do We Think We Are?
Bad Blood
You Better Run
Hoxie Rollin' Time

Explications titre par titre: lien ici

RISE AGAINST, nouvel album en juillet, nouveau single aujourd'hui !De Xavier le 11/06/2014 à 21:54

1er single : « I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore » disponible dés aujourd’hui

Pour faire suite aux différents teasers vidéo postés récemment sur son site web et autres réseaux sociaux, Rise Against vient d’annoncer la sortie de son 7ème album studio ! C’est donc le 15 juillet que «The Black Market» verra le jour sur Interscope Records / Universal Music.

Intitulé «I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore», le 1er single est disponible à partir d’aujourd’hui en digital (téléchargement et stream) sur toutes les plateformes légales.

Ce nouvel album met l'accent sur nos propres prises de conscience : «Rise Against a toujours été un groupe politique, mais aussi un groupe très personnel» déclare chanteur/guitariste Tim McIlrath. «nous avons toujours eu des chansons à cheval entre ces deux mondes. Pour moi, ce disque est beaucoup plus introspectif que tout ce que nous avons enregistré jusqu’à présent.»

Les accords intensément mélodiques du premier single reflètent parfaitement cet état d’esprit. Des chœurs immenses servant de support à un message dénonçant sans partage les provocations policières et appelant à l'évasion.

Après 15 ans de carrière et 6 albums incendiaires Rise Against est devenu l’un des groupes punk les plus influents de la planète rock ! Les 4 dernières réalisations du combo de Chicago se sont écoulées à plus de 4 millions d’exemplaires à travers le monde. En 2011, l’album «Endgame» atteignait même la 1ère place des charts au Canada et en Allemagne et se classait n°2 du Top 200 du Billboard aux USA !

Alors qu’en Amérique du Nord Rise Against va bientôt se produire à trois reprises lors du Riot Fests à Toronto, Chicago et Denver, ainsi qu’au Made In America festival à Los Angeles, le groupe annoncera très bientôt d'autres dates de concert...

à suivre...

Teaser # 1 ICI

Teaser # 2 ICI

Teaser #3 ICI

Teaser #4 ICI



UK underground thrash giants SOLITARY celebrated their twentieth anniversary on 4th June 2014 and to commemorate this incredible milestone they are releasing their first live album entitled “I Promise to Thrash Forever” that was recorded in front of a manic crowd in Selby in late 2013. The album encapsulates the energy of the bands live performance coupled with the exuberance of the current UK underground metal scene.

Solitary part funded the release via Pledge Music achieving their target goal in just 25 days. Rich Sherrington, guitarist and lead vocalist said: “The Pledge campaign showed just how much people want to hear us and how even after 20 years we are still relevant to a lot of people. It was a great, humbling experience to reach the target so quickly and the whole band appreciate the fans support in getting this live album recorded and released” The album features images of the everyone that was at the live recording as well as the people that pledged via the Pledge Music Campaign.

Having played shows with Xentrix, Lawnmower Deth and DAM in 2013 “I Promise to Thrash Forever” is a fitting narrative to a band that have remained stalwarts to the Thrash movement of the late 80’s. The fact that many of the 80′s UK Thrash bands have given Solitary permission to publish their album artwork on the release is an acknowledgement of their dedication and displays a level of recognition to the band that have been the only link between yesteryear and the recent Thrash resurgence.

The concept of the artwork for “I Promise to Thrash Forever” depicts the decline of the LP and the fact that the key things that were so important in the original thrash movement have been disregarded in the wake of technology and file sharing, those of us old enough to remember the golden years will recall the ecstasy of flipping through LPs in your local record shop and finding the album you’d been after for weeks. Followed by the obligatory study of the cover, lyrics and thanks list on the bus on your way home, this was all part of the buying experience back in the day. The artwork shows the 80’s UK Thrash legends album covers having been rotted away and burnt in an attempt to show that the new technology as well as downloading and “burning” of CDs has all but replaced the LP which has been almost forgotten completely.

The album was mixed by bassist Ren Robinson and has been mastered by DARKANE vocalist Lawrence Mackrory who learnt his trade from Daniel Bergstrand (In Flames, Meshuggah, Dimmu Borgir and Darkane) released worldwide on 2nd June the CD version of the album will be available for just £2.99 plus P&P from the bands website and Copro Direct. It will be available from all the usual retail outlets and digital platforms.

Bands featured on the artwork are Xentrix, Onslaught, Slammer, DAM, Acid Reign, Re- Aminator, Toranaga and Sabbat.

The Track List is

1 Spineless
2 Into The Pit
3 Predator
4 The Downward Spiral
5 Twisted
6 No Reason
7 Unidentified
8 Keep Your Enemies Closer
9 Requiem
10 Hatred
11 A Second Chance

Solitary are to release a new studio album towards the end of 2014 and will support with a series of live dates.

Nouvel album de Sivert HoyemDe Xavier le 11/06/2014 à 12:43

Seether - Words As Weapons (Lyric Video) De Xavier le 11/06/2014 à 07:57

SEPTICFLESH stream full album! De Xavier le 11/06/2014 à 07:35

SEPTICFLESH, Greek giants of dark symphonic metal are now exclusively premiering their forthcoming stunning full-length "Titan" in full via these following official media partners:

Metalasfuck (AU) lien ici (DE) lien ici
This Is Rock (ES) lien ici
Inferno (FI) lien ici
Metal Hammer (GR) lien ici
Terrorizer (UK) lien ici

"Titan" is scheduled for release on the 20th of June. The album in its various formats including a limited collector's box are now available for pre-order on the Season of Mist e-shop.

The stunning cover art was created by vocalist, bass player and renowned graphic artist Seth Siro Anton. Artwork and tracklist are now being unveiled below:

1. War in Heaven
2. Burn
3. Order of Dracul
4. Prototype
5. Dogma
6. Prometheus
7. Titan
8. Confessions of a Serial Killer
9. Ground Zero
10. The First Immortal

Titans are the most ancient of all the gods depicted in Greek mythology – even older than the Olympic deities. They represent the forces of nature. No other title could have been more apt to represent SEPTICFLESH's ninth full-length. "Titan" is the power of darkness made manifest in music. Guitarist Christos Antoniou, who passed his academic studies of classical composition with honours and distinction, already proved his prowess for orchestration with "The Great Mass" (2011). Now "Titan" shows a level of maturity in his use of classical instruments in a metal context with no equal. The way to this glory was paved by the Greek's celebrated comeback album "Communion" (2008), which came as a refined version of SEPTICFLESH's long established sound: massive deadly guitars on the edge of blackness with intricate string-work supplemented by haunting gothic melodies and epic orchestral arrangements. The Greeks had used their hiatus after splitting up in 2003 well. Starting out as SEPTIC FLESH in 1990, they released the "Temple of the Lost Race" EP only one year later. With every following album from their debut "Mystic Places of Dawn" (1994) to the stunning “Sumerian Daemons” (2003) the band evolved in huge steps transforming and honing their songwriting skills and sound into highly original and very cinematic dark musical matter that has been described as black, death and gothic metal. Most of their previous albums have meanwhile been reissued with bonus material and made available again by Seasons of Mist. Yet now SEPTICFLESH have reached a new peek in their career. This "Titan" stands high and proud as a new force of nature to be reckoned with!

Seth Siro Anton: bass & vocals
Christos Antoniou: guitar & orchestral arrangements
Sotiris Anunnaki V: guitar & clean vocals
Fotis Benardo: drums & percussion

ETHEREALDe Xavier le 10/06/2014 à 08:05

Candlelight is proud to announce the signing of uk black metal band ETHEREAL

For the past decade, the 'Beasts of UK Darkness' ETHEREAL have bombarded audiences with their own unique brand of extreme symphonic black metal. With roots dating back to the early 2000's, Ethereal have established themselves as one of the most exciting acts in British black metal today.

Throughout their history Ethereal have undergone a steady process of evolution and refinement, returning to the stage in 2013 with their most accomplished line-up to date. This new incarnation of Ethereal has stormed stages across the UK, winning over fans both old and new with their energetic live performances and gargantuan black metal sound.

Ethereal are currently in the final stages of recording their debut full length album entitled "Opus Aethereum". The album will be mixed at Hertz Studio in Poland by the world renowned Wieslawscy brothers, and will be released by Candlelight Records. The album is a sonic manifestation of darkness and chaos, an uncompromising aural assault that both pays homage to and redefines the blueprint of black metal.

Statement :
“We are pleased to announce that Ethereal have formed an alliance with the legendary Candlelight Records UK, who will be releasing our debut album "Opus Aethereum" in the near future. The excellent reputation of this record label and the artists that they have worked with requires no further introduction from us, and we are confident that our association with Candlelight Records will be another vital step towards spreading Ethereals message of rebellion, darkness and misanthropy across the globe.”

Republic of Rock n RollDe Xavier le 10/06/2014 à 07:59

14/06 : Splendid – Lille
15/06 : Botanique – Bruxelles (BE)
29/06 : Bataclan - Paris

TANZWUT: medieval album "Eselsmesse" out now / video clip released!De Xavier le 07/06/2014 à 00:25

TANZWUT are one of the most exceptional bands of the gothic/medieval scene: their outstanding skills allow them to compose and perform both as Rock act and medieval band. Also, mastermind "Teufel" enjoys a fabulous reputation for being a true pioneer of the genre and one of the most recognizable and charismatic performers. Now, three years after „Morus et Diabolus“, TANZWUT return with their brand new medieval/acoustic album "Eselsmesse", again proving that they are true masters who are able to capture the spirit of ancient times and make the past come alive in the here and now.

Right in time for the release of "Eselsmesse", also the official video clip for the song "Unsere Nacht" has been made available.
Guests are Jule Bauer (Triskilian) und French exceptional artists Entr'Act.

The first edition of "Eselsmesse" comes as Digipak CD with embossed printing.

Agent Fresco - Dark Water (Official Video) De Xavier le 06/06/2014 à 08:09

CANNABIS CORPSE premiere new song!De Xavier le 05/06/2014 à 21:43

Weedy Death Metal act CANNABIS CORPSE unleash a new song from their forthcoming new album "From Wisdom to Baked". The smoking hot track "Individual Pot Patterns" featuring guest-growler Chris Barnes is now exclusively streaming via these official media partners: VS-Webzine (FR) lien ici

The fifth fat doobie of the American greenhouse will flash the world on June 20th and can now be pre-ordered via the Season of Mist e-shop. Artwork and tracklist can be viewed below:

1. Baptized in Bud
2. Zero Weed Tolerance
3. Weedless Ones
4. Individual Pot Patterns
5. Pull the Carb
6. Considered Dank
7. Voice of the Bowl
8. THC Crystal Mountain
9. With Their Hash He Will Create
10. From Wisdom to Baked
11. Medicinal Healing

Phil "Landphil" Hall: vocals, guitar, bass
Josh "HallHammer" Hall: drums
Brent Legion: guitar

U.D.O.: „Steelhammer - Live From Moscow“ enters album chart in Germany!De Xavier le 05/06/2014 à 21:34

U.D.O., the legendary German Metal band around iconic vocalist Udo Dirkschneider, has entered Germany’s official media control album chart on #60 with their new release “Steelhammer - Live From Moscow”. Congratulations!

Live Video „Trip To Nowhere“ : lien ici
Live Video “Metal Machine” : lien ici
Live Video “Go Back To Hell” : lien ici

BLACK TRIP release "Radar" video!De Xavier le 05/06/2014 à 21:30

Swedish hard rock band BLACK TRIP release the first video for the song "Radar" taken from their debut album "Goin`Under":

The idea for Black Trip goes all the way back to 2003. Black Trip has created a big media stir in their native Sweden, and this before their debut album was even released!

Peter Stjärnvind, a veteran of the Swedish metal scene, and a former drummer for (amongst others) Entombed, Nifelheim and Merciless was hanging out with his good mate and fellow drummer Daniel Bergqvist (ex Wolf) and the two decided to start a new band and named it Black Trip. They wanted this band to build on the musical heritage and sound of the bands they both grew up with. Stjärnvind traded in his drums for the guitar and set to writing and recording new tracks. Unfortunately the whole project then came to a halt and nothing became of their idea for Black Trip. Fast forward to 2011 and backstage at a festival in Germany, Stjärnvind got to talking with Joseph Tholl, guitarist for Enforcer and Corrupt. They got to discussing who was their favourite NWOBHM-singer of all time, and Tholl acknowledged that he’d long had ambitions to be the singer in a band. That was it! Black Trip was alive again and Tholl was the new singer.

The band recorded another demo and also released a 7” single. By this time the foundation for the Black Trip sound had matured; Peter Stjärnvind’s raw and unpolished riffs and Joseph Tholl’s amazing bluesy rock voice created the perfect canvas for Black Trip.

The band was completed by Sebastian Ramstedt (ex-Nifelheim) on guitar, Johan Bergebäck (ex-Nifelheim) on bass and finally Jonas Wikstrand on the drums.

The debut album “Goin’ Under” will be released by SPV/Steamhammer on July 04th in Germany and July 07th in Europe (excl. Scandinavia) as CD, LP and download.

In the true spirit of NWOBHM there’s not one single filler on the album, each and every track is a killer song in its own right. All songs are written by Stjärnvind and Tholl, and the influences couldn’t be more clear; it’s classic NWOBHM bands like Iron Maiden and Saxon, whose heavy riffs have always been paired with an impeccable sense of melody, but there’s also a hint of the slightly bluesier sensibilities of Thin Lizzy and the dirty attitude of the 70’s era Scorpions. Black Trip pay both homage and respect to the classic metal sound, but they most certainly take it in their own direction and make this sound their own.

Black Trip is:
Peter Stjärnvind – guitar
Joseph Tholl – vocals
Sebastian Ramstedt - guitar
Johan Bergebäck – bass
Jonas Wikstrand - drums

HELLYEAH, ça va saigner ! Découvrez leur nouvel album en avant-première !De Xavier le 05/06/2014 à 08:09



« Blood for Blood » est un retour en forme, c’est le moins que l’on puisse dire à l’écoute de ces dix nouvelles trempes qui dépassent un nouveau niveau de furie sonore. D’un titre à l’autre HELLYEAH ne cache pas sa colère et son besoin de vengeance… C’est à se demander ce qui peut bien autant énerver ces gars-là.

On parle ici de rock/metal sale, bruyant, abrasif, qui ne laisse pas la place aux fanfaronnades. Parfois le groupe semble même être possédé d’une sorte d'énergie punk qui ne déplairait pas aux fans de Motörhead. Et si le quatuor lève un peu le pied sur «Moth» ou «Hush,» s’est uniquement pour atteindre un registre plus émotionnel, et prouver que si sa musique peut être incroyablement lourde, grasse et rapide, elle n’en reste pas moins réfléchie…

C’est clair avec ce «Blood for Blood», HELLYEAH a rechargé ses batteries à sang pour sang…

HELLYEAH se compose de Chad Gray (Mudvayne) au chant, Vinnie Paul (Pantera) à la batterie et Tom Maxwell (Nothingface) à la guitare et Kyle Sanders (Bloodsimple) à la basse.

HELLYEAH - "Sangre Por Sangre (Blood for Blood)" from ElevenSevenMusicGroup on Vimeo.

MOTÖRHEAD de retour sur scène et sur disque !De Xavier le 05/06/2014 à 07:58

A L’occasion de son grand retour sur les scènes européennes, Motörhead va sortir une « Tour Edition » d’Aftershock, son splendide dernier album studio en date !

Sortie en octobre 2013, « Aftershock », le 21ème album studio de Motörhead, a été salué par l’ensemble de la critique. Beaucoup considérant cette galette comme étant le meilleur disque enregistré par le trio depuis bien longtemps.

Ayant dû surprendre ses activités « live » pendant un certain temps et pour les raisons que l’on sait, Motörhead est enfin remonté sur scène aux USA il y a quelques semaines.

L’été 2014 marquera le retour de Lemmy, Phil et Mikkey en Europe, où le groupe va se produire dans différents festivals.

Pour marquer l’évènement, le 7 juillet prochain, UDR / Motörhead Music / Warner, vont sortir une édition spéciale de ce disque baptisée : Aftershock - Tour Edition.

En plus de l’album studio, les fans pourront y découvrir un CD bonus composé de titres live récemment enregistrés pendant la tournée du groupe sur la côte ouest des Etats-Unis. On y trouvera notamment « Lost Woman Blues », le nouveau single. Cette version live est issue du concert donné à The Warfield de San Francisco, le 18 avril dernier. Une prestation atomique qui devrait rassurer tout le monde sur l’état de santé du combo et de son célèbre leader.

Somme toute une bonne manière de rappeler à tout le monde que : they are Motörhead, and they play rock'n'roll !

Liste des titres du CD bonus
« Best Of The West Coast Tour 2014 »
I Know How To Die
Damage Case
Stay Clean
Over The Top
The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
Rock It
Lost Woman Blues
Doctor Rock
Just `Cos You Got The Power
Going To Brazil
Killed By Death
Ace Of Spades

24/06 - Milano, Ippodromo City Sound- Italy
27/06 - Wetzikon, Eishalle – Switzerland
04/06 - Hyde Park London, British Summer - England
06/07 - Roitzschora, With Full Force – Germany
11/07 - Aix Les Bains, Esplanade du Lac – France
25/07 - Moscow, Crocus City Hall – Russia
27/07 - Minsk, Palace of Sports, - Belarus
01/08 - Wacken Open Air – Germany
03/08 - Lokerse, Lokerse Feesten – Belgium
10/08 - Colmar, Theatre de Plein Air – France
13/08 - Avenches, Roman Amphitheatre, Switzerland

Nuclear Blast News June 2014 Part IDe Xavier le 05/06/2014 à 07:45

Les dernières informations du label Nuclear Blast : lien ici

EQUILIBRIUM : Erdentempel

BLOOD OF KINGUDe Xavier le 05/06/2014 à 07:40

BLOOD OF KINGU, another creative outlet of DRUDKH mastermind Roman Sayenko, have announced a new album! The Ukrainian band’s third full-length will be entitled ‘Dark Star on the Right Horn of the Crescent Moon’ and has been scheduled for an August 29th release.

BLOOD OF KINGU is dedicated to ancient mythologies - mostly of Mesopotamia, the birth place of human urban civilisation between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates. This includes the bronze age cultures of Sumer, Akkadia, Babylonia, and Assyria until the coming of Indo-Iranian people during the iron age.

DRUDKH drummer Vlad joined BLOOD OF KINGU as keyboardist/ timpani player. The cover artwork and track list of entitled ‘Dark Star on the Right Horn of the Crescent Moon’ will be unveiled within a couple weeks, simultaneously with the start of pre-orders on the Season of Mist e-shop.

BLOOD OF KINGU follows Roman Sayenko's strict policy of no pictures, no interviews and no concerts.

The Dead DaisiesDe Xavier le 04/06/2014 à 08:28

The Dead Daisies débarquent enfin en France avec un 1er single “Lock ‘N’ Load”, un titre co-signé par Slash et sur lequel le légendaire guitariste au gibus est aussi venu poser sa six cordes !

Ce titre a déjà connu un joli succès en Angleterre où il s’est classé n°15 des 100 meilleurs titres de l’année passée ! A noter que le groupe s’est déjà produit à de nombreuses reprises en Grande-Bretagne.

Ce premier single ouvre une longue campagne de promotion qui débouchera sur la sortie d’un album dans nos contrées au début de l’année 2015. D’ici là le public et les médias pourront découvrir The Dead Daisies à travers d’autres singles, qui seront d’ailleurs disponibles en digital avec des titres bonus !

"Lock'N'Load" sera disponible sur iTunes à compter du 18 juillet

Originaire d’Australie, The Dead Daisies se composent du chanteur Jon Stevens (INXS, Noiseworks) et du guitariste David Lowy (Red Phoenix, Mink), alliés à Richard Fortus (guitare, Guns N’ Roses, Psychedelic Furs), Dizzy Reed (claviers, Guns N’ Roses, Hookers & Blow), Marco Mendoza (basse, Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake) et Brian Tichy (batterie, Billy Idol, Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne)… avec des musiciens dotés de tels CV, il est clair que nous sommes en présente de poids lourds du « classic rock », bref de valeurs sûres… à suivre...

«Bang»! : des guitares et du foot !De Xavier le 04/06/2014 à 08:01

Avec "BANG!”, le second single extrait de l'album du même nom, les boys de GOTTHARD vont droit au but en injectant une décharge de rock ‘n’ roll dans cet été riche en football ...

«Bang!» Nouveau single & vidéo


Cela fait maintenant cinq semaines que l'album “BANG!” domine le Top 5 des charts en Suisse et ce nouveau single va hisser la barre encore plus haut : grâce à des archives TV datant des années 50, GOTTHARD a crée, à travers son prochain clip (disponible à partir du 10 juin), sa propre version du film “Le Miracle de Berne”. Tourné au stade de Lugano avec l'aide d'anciens héros du football suisse (ainsi que des fans et amis du groupe) Pascal “Zubi” Zuberbühler, Kubilay “Kubi” Türkyilmaz ainsi qu'Antonio Esposito, ce clip est réalisé avec enthousiaste et avec un esprit d'équipe. Leo, Nic, Freddy, Hena et Marc font bien sûr partis du tournage – dans des tenues très spéciales ... préparez-vous à être surpris ! Pour l'instant, Pascal “Zubi” Zuberbühler nous révèle juste ceci : “Lorsque Marc Lynn m'a appelé et m'a demandé si je voulais faire partie du casting du clip “BANG!”, j'ai tout de suite accepté! J'ai souvent assisté à leurs concerts et aux fêtes du groupe et c'était toujours très sympa. Les gars de GOTTHARD sont tout simplement géniaux et le tournage était très fun – Cela faisait longtemps que je n'avais pas autant ris!” – Mettez-vous déjà dans l'ambiance, le groupe soutient l'équipe nationale suisse et dédie avec fierté son nouveau single au roi football, et "BANG!" se retrouve tout naturellement n° 1 pour le choix de l'hymne de la coupe du monde de football !


Après leur incroyable prestation au festival „Under the Bridge“, GOTTHARD jouera en juin aux festivals de Morat et Hinwil avant de s'envoler fin septembre, pour une tournée de quatre dates au Pays du Soleil Levant. Puis, à partir de mi-octobre ils mettront le feu aux salles européennes, quatre dates sont prévues en France comme suit :

17.10. Marseille / Le Moulin
20.10. Lille / Le Splendid
21.10. Paris / Le Trabendo
22.10. Lyon / Ninkasi Kao

FAIR WARNING release "The Box" !De Xavier le 03/06/2014 à 23:34

German rock band FAIR WARNING will release "The Box" in Scandinavia on June 11th, in Germany on June 13th, in Europe June 16th and USA June 24th. The hardcover boxset includes 4 studio albums and 1 live album in cardboard sleeves, some of them were not available for a long time.


1.Angels of heaven
2.Save me
3. All on your own
4. I'll be there
5. Man on the moon
6. Without you
7.Follow my heart
8.Rivers of love
10.Eyes of a stranger
11.Sailing home
12. The way you want it
13. The Love song

“Live And More”
1.Angels of heaven
2.I'll be there
3.Man on the moon
4. Don't give up
5.Desert song
6. We used to be friends
7.Follow my heart
8. Intro Bach for more/Come on
9. Keyboard Solo/Save me
10. Guitar Solo/ Burning heart
11.Get a little closer
12.Stars and the moon
13. Like a rock
14. Meant to be
15. Out of the night

1.Heart on the run
2.Through the fire
3.Break free
5. Tell me I' m wrong
6. Dream
7. I fight
8.Time will tell
9.Eyes of love
10.Find my way
11.Night falls
13.For the young

“Brother`s Keeper”
1.Don't keep me waiting
2.Generation Jedi
3.All of my love
4.Rainbow eyes
5.Push me on
6.Wasted time
7. The cry
8.The way
9.Once bitten, twice shy
10.Tell me lies
11.In the dark
12.All I wanna do

1.Fighting for your love
2.Here comes the heartache
3.Hey girl
4.Don't count on me
6.Holding on
7.Walking on smiles
9.It takes more
10.As snow white found out
11.Station to station
12.Falling reprise

Founded out of the ashes of ZENO (bassist Ule W. Ritgen played on the band's first 2 records) and V2 (the band in which singer Tommy Heart was involved before joining ZENO), FAIR WARNING debuted with their self titled album in 1991 and released the next album “Rainmaker” in 1995.

After that FAIR WARNING released two more studio albums: "Go" and "Four" before disbanding in the year 2000. Many of the band members have pursued different project with Tommy Heart heading the hard rock band SOUL DOCTOR and Helge Engelke (with C C Behrens) resurfacing later in DREAMTIDE

More than five years after their last album "Four", the German Melodic Hard Rock sensations Fair Warning are back! Their album “Brother's Keeper” and “Aura”, again displaying Fair Warning's highly acclaimed ability to use all kinds of stylistic musical elements and yet having their own unique identity. The lastest album "Sundancer" was released 2013 through SPV/Steamhammer.

Palmarès du Grand Prix de l'imaginaireDe Xavier le 30/05/2014 à 08:00

Tout le détail ici:

Remise publique du prix à 18h le dimanche 18 juin 2014 à la Maison de l'Imaginaire
durant le festival Saint-Malo Étonnants Voyageurs suivie d'un cocktail en présence des lauréats.

1) Roman francophone

Lauréat : Anamnèse de Lady Star de L.L. Kloetzer (Denoël, Lunes d'Encre)

2) Roman étranger

Lauréat : L'Homme qui savait la langue des serpents d'Andrus Kivirähk (Le Tripode)

3) Nouvelle francophone

Lauréat : 7 secondes pour devenir un aigle (recueil) de Thomas Day (Bélial')

4) Nouvelle étrangère

Lauréat : Complications (recueil) de Nina Allan (Tristram)

5) Roman jeunesse francophone

Lauréat : Animale. La Malédiction de Boucle d'or de Victor Dixen (Gallimard Jeunesse)

6) Roman jeunesse étranger

Lauréat : Une Planète dans la tête de Sally Gardner (Gallimard Jeunesse)

7) Prix Jacques Chambon de la traduction

Lauréat : Bernard Sigaud pour Complications (recueil) de Nina Allan (Tristram)

8) Prix Wojtek Siudmak du graphisme

Lauréat : Didier Graffet pour Steampunk - De vapeur et d'acier avec Xavier Mauméjean (Le Pré aux clercs)

9) BD / Comics

Lauréat : Souvenirs de l'empire de l'atome d'Alexandre Clerisse et Thierry Smolderen (Dargaud)

10) Manga

Lauréat : The Arms Peddler (tomes 1 à 6) de Kyoichi Nanatsuki et Night Owl (Ki-oon)

11) Essai

Lauréat : Souvenirs du futur. Les Miroirs de la Maison d'Ailleurs sous la direction de Marc Atallah, Frédéric Jaccaud et Francis Valéry (Presses Polytechniques et Universitaires Romandes)

12) Prix spécial

Lauréat : L'édition synchrone de L'Intégrale Stefan Wul chez Bragelonne et des Univers de Stefan Wul chez Ankama, adaptations des romans en BD par D. Cassegrain, M. Hawthorne, D. Lapiere, J.-D. Morvan, M. Reynes, O. Vatine, Yann...

BETRAYING THE MARTYRS : Nouveau morceau en ligne !De Xavier le 30/05/2014 à 07:48

BETRAYING THE MARTYRS ( vient tout juste de mettre en ligne un tout nouveau titre, le premier single de leur nouvel album, "WHERE THE WORLDS END".

Voici le communiqué officiel du groupe : "Après deux ans et demi d'attente... Nous sommes fiers de vous révéler ENFIN le premier single de notre NOUVEL ALBUM ! Nous sommes de retour !"

Vous trouverez leur nouveau morceau ici :

POP EVIL enfin disponible en France !De Xavier le 29/05/2014 à 18:55

Eleven Music présente: POP EVIL - Onyx

dont "Boss's Daughter" (featuring Mick Mars) - regardez ICI






Encore quasiment inconnu dans nos contrées, POP EVIL n'en reste pas moins l'une de valeurs montantes de la scène rock US. En effet, outre Atlantique, le groupe a déjà commencé à bâtir une très sérieuse carrière : deux singles n°1 dans les charts «rock», 6 singles Top 10 et 850.000 single vendus en digital.

Ils ont également déjà donné plus de 1.000 concerts et partagé l’affiche avec des noms tels que Five Finger Death Punch, Stone Sour, Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, Theory of a Deadman, Judas Priest, Black Label Society ou Black Stone Cherry.

En mars dernier, POP EVIL jouait pour première fois sur Vieux Continent en assurant la 1ère partie de la tournée européenne de Five Finger Death Punch.

"Onyx" est produit par Johnny K (Disturbed, 3 Doors Down, Megadeth). Comme ses prédécesseurs ce disque regorge de singles : "Trenches", "Deal with the Devil", "Goodbye my Friend", "Torn to Pieces"...

À suivre...

Découvrez POP EVIL via Deezer ICI

SLASH - nouvel album "World on Fire" - sortie le 15 septembreDe Xavier le 28/05/2014 à 08:03

SLASH featuring MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORS présentent leur nouvel album « World On Fire », prévu pour le 15 septembre prochain.

Le premier single « World On Fire » sortira le 16 juin 2014.

La pochette de l’album a été réalisée par l’artiste contemporain américain Ron English.

Après sa tournée américaine avec AEROSMITH, le groupe sera en Europe en novembre et décembre 2014, avec une date prévue le 12 novembre au Zénith de Paris. Les places seront en vente le vendredi 30 mai à 10h.

SLASH et ses acolytes MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORS sortiront leur nouvel album « World On Fire » le 15 septembre chez Dik Hayd International, le label de SLASH distribué par Roadrunner. Le groupe a dévoilé la pochette du disque réalisée par l’artiste contemporain américain Ron English:

Avec le premier single éponyme « World On Fire », cet opus est le troisième album solo de SLASH et le second avec la formation actuelle composée par Myles Kennedy au chant, Brent Fitz à la batterie et Todd Kerns à la basse.

SLASH et son groupe ont annoncé des dates supplémentaires en solo aux États-Unis entre les concerts de leur tournée d’été avec AEROSMITH en juillet/août/septembre 2014. Ils seront également en Europe en novembre et décembre.

SLASH a vendu plus de 100 millions d’albums, a été nommé 7 fois aux Grammy Awards (dont une victoire), et s’impose au sein du prestigieux Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Time Magazine l’a élu n°2 parmi les « 10 meilleurs guitaristes de tous les temps », derrière Jimi Hendrix. Il a participé à la création des légendaires riffs de guitare des GUNS N ROSES sur « Sweet Child O’Mine » et « Welcome To The Jungle ». Après avoir quitté le groupe, SLASH s’est illustré au sein de Slash’s Snakepit et du supergroupe Velvet Revolver. Il atteint le sommet des charts avec son premier album solo éponyme en 2010, sur lequel il a collaboré avec Ozzy Osbourne, Fergie et d’autres. Avec MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORS, ils ont sorti « Apocalyptic Love » en 2012, salué par la critique.

OCTOBER FILE release lyric video for new single "Elation"De Xavier le 24/05/2014 à 13:01

“Elation” is taken from the brand new album "The Application of Loneliness, Ignorance, Misery, Love and Despair: An Introspective of the Human Condition" which will be released May 26 (UK) and June 10 (USA).

October FIle can't wait to play tracks from "The Application of Loneliness..." live and have already been confirmed to play at this summer's Rebellion Festival and Bloodstock Open Air.

Pré Aux Clercs aux Imaginales d'EpinalDe Tiphaine le 21/05/2014 à 18:14

Dédicaces et conférences seront au programme avec :
- Sire Cédric pour La Mort en tête, Le premier sang, De fièvre et de sang…,
- Jean-Luc Bizien pour la série "Katana" (collection Pandore),
- Hervé Jubert pour Magies secrètes et Le Tournoi des ombres (collection Pandore),
- Fabien Clavel pour Les Adversaires (collection Pandore),
- Xavier Mauméjean, directeur de la collection young adult Pandore, et pour le livre Steampunk,
- Cristina Rodriguez pour Le baiser du banni.

BIRTH OF JOY DEBUT VIDEO FOR "GROW"De Xavier le 11/05/2014 à 22:18

Dutch psychedelic rockers BIRTH OF JOY recently completed work on their new music video for the song "Grow". Like they did before in the video for "Three Day Road" Birth Of Joy mix up their rough rock sound with impressive landscapes again. The video was shot in the Swiss Mountains when the band was touring Switzerland back in March.

The video can be viewed here:

BIRTH OF JOYs new album "Prisoner" is available as CD Digipak, coloured Vinyl (incl. CD), Download and Stream. It was recorded and mixed by JORIS WOLFF (e.g. De Staat, Within Temptation and Mister and Mississippi) and mastered by BRIAN LUCEY (e.g. The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, David Lynch and Dr. John).

MAY 12: FR - Europavox @ Le Grand Mix, Tourcoing
MAY 13: FR - Europavox @ La Maroquinerie, Paris
MAY 14: FR - Europavox @ La Vapeur, Dijon
MAY 15: FR - Europavox @ Le Transbordeur, Lyon
MAY 16: FR - Europavox @ l’Autre Canal, Nancy
MAY 17: FR - Europavox @ La Cartonnerie, Reims
JUN 27: FR - RDTSE Festival, Evreux
JUN 28: FR - EHZ Festival, Mendionde
JUL 20: FR - Vieilles Charrues, Carhaix-Plouger
JUL 26: FR - Transes Cevenoles, Sumene

Les informations Nuclear BlastDe Xavier le 11/05/2014 à 21:50

Pour tout connaitre des derniers infos Nuclear Blast:

KILLER BE KILLED : Self-titled debut album out now!
SUICIDE SILENCE : Release 'Cease To Exist' lyric video!
BLUES PILLS : Announce debut album's tracklist, pre-order available!
DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER : "Tief.Tiefer." album trailer, special release show!
EQUILIBRIUM : Second track-by-track trailer online!
TANKARD : First track-by-track video posted!
SONIC SYNDICATE : Post second in-studio video trailer!
BURY TOMORROW : First track-by-track trailer released!
RAGE : »The Soundchaser Archives« interview released!
BELPHEGOR : Release cover-artwork of »CONJURING THE DEAD«!
DECAPITATED : New message from the studio posted!
OVERKILL : Announce European headliner tour!

Changement de jour de diffusion pour l'émissionDe Xavier le 10/05/2014 à 01:44

Gros changement : Notre émission est désormais diffusée le lundi soir.

Prochain rendez vous le lundi 12 mai sur les ondes du 90.90 Fm en Indre et Loire de 21h30 à minuit et en direct sur internet :

H.E.A.T autre titre vidéo acoustiqueDe Xavier le 08/05/2014 à 16:54

NOTHING MOREDe Xavier le 06/05/2014 à 07:46

NOTHING MORE, premier concert en France quelques jours avant la sortie de son premier album !


Réservation ICI

Regardez le clip de "This Is The Time (Ballast)"

Allen Kovac le boss d’Eleven Seven Music Group est particulièrement de sa dernière signature en date : Nothing More, un groupe d’alternative rock originaire de San Antonio, Texas.

Des mélodies vocales méticuleusement articulées autours de structures rythmiques atypiques et d’énormes chœurs… voilà comment l’on pourrait rapidement présenter le premier album de Nothing More qui sortira le 23 juin sur Eleven Seven Music.

Leur premier single « This Is The Time (Ballast) » (disponible depuis le 10 mars en digital) montre à lui seul à quel point le groupe est paré pour relever le niveau de la musique rock contemporaine.

Nothing More est bien entendu ravie de signer avec ESMG « Nous allons enfin pouvoir travailler en partenariat avec un label qui a autant envie que nous de conquérir le monde grâce à la musique » dit chanteur Jonny Hawkins. « Nous sommes fiers de travailler avec des gens passionnés ! » ajoute Danny Wimmer d’Armsdivsion Management « alors qu’aujourd’hui la plupart des labels sont la poursuite de la prochaine sensation pop et des tendances radio, Eleven Seven reste fidèle au rock et redouble d’efforts pour développer ses artistes. C’est très excitant pour Nothing More de rejoindre une telle maison de disques »

Et Allen Kovac de conclure « A peu près tous les 10 ans un groupe déboule pour bousculer les choses... J’ai le sentiment que c’est le moment avec Nothing More qui devrait satisfaire les attentes des véritables amateurs de rock… C'est d'ailleurs pourquoi nous avons signé ce groupe pour 5 albums ! »

Les nouveautés et sorties 2014 de Lune-Ecarlate EditionsDe Xavier le 04/05/2014 à 15:21

En ce premier semestre 2014 Lune-Ecarlate vous a proposés quelques nouveautés dont une nouvelle collection steampunk en épisodes avec Lady Falkenna de Alizée Villemin.

Présentation de la série :

Lady Falkenna – Eve pour les intimes – est une jeune femme au tempérament bien trempé. Chasseuse de l’occulte, elle quitte parfois son domaine niché au sein de l’Angleterre victorienne pour plonger dans un monde où l’emprise de la magie se révèle chaque jour plus importante, où les dragons griffent les ardoises parisiennes et les faëries dansent sur la Tamise…

Mais également pas mal de nouvelles autres choses.
La sortie brochée de Mystérieuse Rencontre de March Hélène.
La sortie numérique de Tangram de Nathalie DAU
Le second Tome de Dark-Side de Nathy en broché et en numérique.

Nous annonçons également les prochaines sorties brochées :
Sutures de Frederic Livyns dont les précommandes commenceront le 10 mai.
Les précommandes du premier tome de Lady Falkenna à partir du 31 mai et bon nombre d'autres sorties prévues.

Voici l’agenda des sorties prévues pour l’année 2014 :

Sortie de l’épisode 3 de Lady Falkenna d’Alizée Villemin le 1er mai.

Début des précommandes le 10 mai 2014 du recueil de nouvelles horrifiques « Sutures » de Frédéric Livyns.

Début des précommandes du premier tome de Lady Falkenna le 31 mai.

Sortie de « Sutures » de Frédéric Livyns le 9 juin 2014 en version brochée et en numérique.


Sortie de l’épisode n°4 de Lady Falkenna par Alizée Villemin le 1er juillet.

Sortie du premier tome de Lady Falkenna regroupant les épisodes de 1 à 4 le 1er juillet en broché et numérique.

Pas de sorties prévues

Sortie de l’épisode n°5 de Lady Falkenna de Alizée Villemin.

Début des précommandes de « A.M.E. » de Tiffany Schneuwly et Suzanne VanWeddingen le 13 septembre.

Sortie en numérique du 2ème tome des Chroniques de Susylee de Cathy Coopman.


Sortie de A.M.E. le 15 octobre en numérique et brochée.

Sortie de l’épisode N°6 de Lady Falkenna de Alizée Villemin.

Autres sorties prévue mais sans dates actuelles :

Anthologie Monstres à toute vapeur et le Artbook

Anthologie Vampires délires

Anthologie Rencontre

Edesse de Madeline Toppnorth (fantastique)

Dark-Side Tome III de Nathy (urban fantasy)

Les Tegs de Mell 2.2 (SF dystopie cyberpunk)

Le Djinn aux yeux bleus de Jaap de Boer (romance historique)

Sait-on jamais ... de Bernard Afflatet (Thriller)

L'autre Menace de Aurélie Mendonça

SABATON - 'Resist And Bite' Digital single out now + Lyric Video online De Xavier le 03/05/2014 à 14:12

Today is the release of the second SABATON single called 'Resist And Bite', out of their upcoming new record »Heroes«, out on May 16, 2014 via Nuclear Blast.

You can order the track digitally here:

the new album Heroes (incl. digital booklet and bonus track) is out on 16th May -> Pre-order the album now and get the instant great single Resist And Bite now instantly without having to pay extra for that track!

iTunes US:
Amazon MP3:

Also watch the brandnew lyric video of 'Resist And Bite' here:

Last week, SABATON also launched their very own Smartphone App!

You can find the App by searching for “Sabaton” on Appstore or Google Play, and it's 100% free!
Commented the band: If you choose to accept us to send push messages to you in the app, we just might inform you first of all when we have some really cool news in the future!

»Heroes« will be out on May 16, 2014 via Nuclear Blast.

You can pre-order your copy at this address:

EDGUY - »Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown« enters German charts on #2De Xavier le 02/05/2014 à 16:56

EDGUY - »Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown« enters German charts on #2, and reaches best international results

The new EDGUY album »Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown« enters the official German album charts at #2, bagging this week's highest new entry in the album charts. This is the best chart position of an EDGUY album ever.

Tobias Sammet has sent us the following statement: "The fans have spoken! On behalf of my buddies Jens, Dirk, Eggi & Felix: Thank you all so much! We have been quite vocal about how much we love this album but it is an amazing feeling to learn that you agree. We wanna thank the whole world of Rock & Metal for the great reactions. It took us 22 years into our career to celebrate the biggest success of our band history? Seriously? That's amazing! We will always be thankful and we will work our asses off to reward you with a big show on the world tour in autumn. See you there and cheerzz, the 'Love Tyger' ;) "

»Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown« also entered the UK Rock Charts on # 1. For the first time EDGUY have also entered the long play album charts in the UK as well, going in on #82.

EDGUY also reached their highest chart entries in Czech Republic (#8), Finland (#12), Switzerland (#13) and Austria (#27), and made another Top 30 entry in Sweden (#28).

More chart entries to come!

Watch the 'Love Tyger' video clip:

The new ACE FREHLEY album will be released through SPV/Steamhammer in Europe!De Xavier le 02/05/2014 à 16:51

SPV/Steamhammer is proud to release the new ACE FREHLEY album in Europe


2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee ACE FREHLEY will release SPACE INVADER, his first new solo album in five years, via SPV/Steamhammer in Europe on July 07th 2014. The album will include nine brand new original songs as well as a cover of Steve Miller’s “The Joker.”

Frehley has released an official statement surrounding his new studio album:

“Life on Earth has been very good to me, and the body of work I’ve created over the years has withstood the test of time. Today I see no obstacles before me and my creativity has never been more fine tuned. Growing up in an Alien world has enhanced my senses and allowed me to succeed where others would have failed. The best is yet to come!”

Widely known as the original “Space Ace" and founding guitarist for 16 cumulative years (over 2 tenures) of the multi platinum selling rock band KISS, Frehley is demonstrably the most popular original member. In addition to having the best selling solo album career (vintage or current) among the original foursome, Frehley’s self titled Ace Frehley, released in 1978, went on to sell over one million copies, producing the only Top 40 single, “New York Groove,” from any of the legendary KISS solo albums; (peaking at #13). The massive hit was most recently featured in an episode of cult show “Entourage” and was also KISS’ second bestselling download in 2012, besting such KISS Army anthems as “I Was Made For Lovin’ You,” “Beth” and “Calling Dr. Love” even after 36 years.

Since departing from KISS, Frehley went on to release four more solo albums and one live EP including his most recent effort, Anomaly in 2009, which received a welcoming response among critics. "’Anomaly' shows why many rock and metal guitarists list ‘Space Ace’ as a prime six-string influence," said Rolling Stone.

DødsfallDe Xavier le 02/05/2014 à 11:59

Dødsfall have finished the writing of all the music for the new album,and have 7 songs for a total running time of 40 minutes approximately.

The band think to enter the Sunlight Studio to do the recordings during Autumn. Meanwhile they are working with a session drummer for the live shows.

In July Dødsfall will have a couple of shows in Sweden and UK.

WITCHMASTERDe Xavier le 02/05/2014 à 11:55

WITCHMASTER is back with a new line-up and new album on Osmose Productions!

Poland’s notorious Black/Thrash metal outfit WITCHMASTER signed a deal with Osmose Productions, who will release their new album, entitled ‘Antichristus ex utero’.
It contains eleven tracks of rabid old school Black & Thrash metal in the uncompromising WITCHMASTER style.

Inferno (of Behemoth) returned to the band after some 10 years of absence, taking care of battery and guitars, The rest of the line up is Reyash (ex Vader, Incantation), Bastis and Kali.

The album was recorded during summer 2013, and mixed by Malta (Behemoth, Decapitated).

Osmose Productions

SEETHER De Xavier le 01/05/2014 à 18:51

Nouvel album "ISOLATE AND MEDICATE" Sortie le 30 juin 2014 sur Spinefarm / Caroline

1er single « Words As Weapons » déjà disponible sur

1er mai 2014 - Los Angeles, Californie : SEETHER, le groupe «alternative rock» maintes fois récompensé par deux disques d'or et deux autres de platine, sortira « Isolate And Medicate », son 7ème album studio, le 30 juin prochain sur Concord Music / Spinefarm (distribution Caroline / Universal).

Le trio s’est une fois de plus allié à l’as des producteurs Brendan O’Brien (Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, AC/DC) pour signer le disque le plus poignant, le plus passionné et certainement le plus puissant de sa carrière.

Avec onze singles classés n°1 et six autres Top 5 à son actif, en 2011 SEETHER a été consacré «Active Rock Artist of the Year» par le Billboard. Aux Etats-Unis les nombreux hits du groupe hantent sans cesse les ondes. Gageons que «Words As Weapons», le premier single extrait de cette nouvelle galette suivra la même voie.

Ce titre imparable est disponible dés aujourd’hui, jeudi 1er mai 2014, en avant-première et en téléchargement gratuit ( !) via le site officiel du groupe :

Le succès de l’album précédent, «Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray» (sorti en 2011 et entré directement n°2 dans les charts) et de la longue tournée qui l’a suivit, avait cependant laissé des traces évidentes de fatigue au sein du groupe. Longtemps considéré comme l’un des plus redoutables groupes «alternative rock» de la planète, SEETHER savait qu'il était plus que temps de changer certaines choses dans sa manière de fonctionner.

Afin de limiter les distractions extérieures, le leader du groupe Shaun Morgan (chant / guitare) a commencer par se construire une sorte de refuge musical dans sa maison du New Hampshire. «En fait j'avais besoin d’un endroit où je pourrai écrire au calme», se souvient-il. «J'ai presque tout fait moi-même, mis le plancher en bois, décoré et peint. Après cette tournée épuisante c'était un processus essentiel pour retomber les pieds sur terre. J'avais vraiment besoin d’un endroit à moi, confortable, afin que je puisse être créatif en me concentrant sur la composition de nos nouvelles chansons sans être perturbé par les distractions qui accompagnent la vie quotidienne»

C’est ainsi que Morgan a (re)trouvé son inspiration, des idées fraîches qu’il a ensuite développées et affinées en répétition avec les autres musiciens, John Humphrey (batterie) et Dale Stewart (basse). Le nouveau matériel fin prêt, c’est en janvier 2014 qu’ils ont commencé à travailler sous la houlette de Brendan O'Brien aux Henson Studios d’Hollywood. Sachant exactement où il voulait aller, le trio n'a eu besoin que de seize jours d'enregistrement pour mettre le tout en boîte, confirmant ainsi son infaillible détermination !

Depuis sa formation en 1999, SEETHER a rencontré un succès énorme à travers le monde. Originaire de Pretoria en Afrique du Sud, le groupe a sorti six albums synonymes de quatre millions et demi de disques vendus dont 500 000 copies rien que pour leur DVD live «One Cold Night». Grâce à un énorme soutient des radios rock US, ils ont aussi vendu plus de sept millions de singles ! Un score pas toujours évident à atteindre de nos jours…

Paré pour la sortie de «Isolate And Medicate», SEETHER est actuellement en tournée aux Etats-Unis. Ils seront d’ailleurs bientôt à l’affiche du Rise Above Fest avec Avenged Sevenfold, Hellyeah, Black Stone Cherry.

Le groupe débarquera en Europe en juin pour participer à différents festivals comme le Rock Am Ring et le Rock Im Park en Allemagne le Download en Angleterre, le Greenfield en Suisse ou encore le Grasspop en Belgique.

En France, en amont de sa prestation devant les 45 000 spectateurs du HellFest (le 22 juin à Clisson aux côtés de Black Sabbath, Soundgarden et Megadeth), SEETHER donnera deux concerts « club » dans l’Hexagone : le 17 juin au Forum de Vauréal (au Nord de Paris) et le 18 à la Laiterie de Strasbourg, avant de revenir dans nos contrées à l’automne pour une nouvelle série de dates.

Liste des titres :
1. See You At The Bottom
2. Same Damn Life
3. Words As Weapons
4. My Disaster
5. Crash
6. Suffer It All
7. Watch Me Drown
8. Nobody Praying For Me
9. Keep The Dogs At Bay
10. Save Today

«Isolate And Medicate» est disponible en pré-commande ici :



Seether’s Official Store:

Candlelight Records Release Legion 3 De Xavier le 29/04/2014 à 14:31

Candlelight brings you a brand new compilation of some the best music talent the world has to offer.

‘featuring a host of exclusive demos and live versions’

Always pushing boundaries never compromising with trends.

In our twenty one years in the metal music business we have worked with some of the leading bands and musicians: From current acts like Emperor, Ihsahn, Corrosion of Conformity, Pestilence, Winterfylleth, and Orange Goblin; and our past artists such as Opeth, 1349, Arcturus, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Crowbar and Killing Joke.

1- Coldwar “Heart Of Darkness”
2- October File “As The Clouds Meet The Horizon”
3- Armed For Apocalypse “Signals Of Life” Unreleased Track UK ONLY
4- Pet Slimmers Of The Year “Days Since I Disappeared”
5- Demonic Resurrection “Death, Desolation and Despair” Demo
6- Abaddon Incarnate “Fear”
7- Omnium Gatherum “Nail” Live
8- Shrapnel “The Watchers”
9- Chasma “Cathedral of Luminaries”
10- Krieg “Order of the Solitary Road” 2014 Demo
11- Corrosion Of Conformity “Trucker”
12- Cold In Berlin “Natural Order” Demo
13- Falloch “Tòrradh” Instrumental Demo
14- Sigh “Out of the Grave” Demo
15- Shores Of Null “Kings of Null”
16- Ancient Ascendant “To Break the Binds”
17- The Wounded Kings “Gnosis”
18- Hopeless Youth “Ghost”
19- Earth Crisis “De-Desensitize”
20- Vampillia “DYH” Unreleased Track
21- The Meads Of Asphodel “Warfare” Warfare Cover
22- Sigiriya “Tribe of the Old Oak”
23- Ashes “Stone Spiral” UK ONLY
24- Coltsblood “Grievous Molestation”
25- Nonexistence “Eternal” Paradise Lost Cover
26- Throne Of Katarsis “Det Iskalde Mørket” 2006 Demo
27- Zatokrev “The (Body Count) Phantom” Demo
28- Saturnian Mist “The Heart of Shiva - Demonstrations MMXIII” Demo
29- Xerath “Sentinels”
30- Orange Goblin “The Ballad Of Solomon Eagle”

Legion III can be purchased from the following outlets



Amazon MP3

Follow Candlelight Records on Social Media (global) (Europe) (North/South America) (Europe) (North/South America)

Bookmark our official websites (Europe) (North/South America)

Shop at our official commerce/webstores (Europe) (North/South America)


ORANGE GOBLIN, London’s finest purveyors of booze-fuelled, punk-infused Sabbathian-Doom Rock and Metal are currently hard at work in a London studio recording the follow up to 2012’s hugely successful ‘A Eulogy For The Damned’. After a full year of touring the world in 2013, the brand new album is set for release in Autumn 2014 and OG will hit the road immediately in support of their as yet untitled 8th studio record. The band are honoured and thrilled to announce that ORANGE GOBLIN will join forces for a massive co-headline tour with none other than the legendary Kings of Doom Metal, SAINT VITUS, who are celebrating their 35th Anniversary on this tour and performing their classic album ‘Born Too Late’ in it’s entirety. This is truly all doom metal and stoner rock fans dream come true as these titans of the scene join forces for the first time.

OG vocalist Ben Ward had this to say, “We are extremely excited to be going on tour with our good friends and long-time heroes Saint Vitus. Vitus are one of the bands that inspired us to form Orange Goblin all those years ago and to be able to promote our new album and celebrate their 35th anniversary at the same time just blows my mind. This tour is going to be awesome. DOOM!!!!”

Shows in France:
Thu 9th – Le Grillen, Colmar, FRANCE
Fri 10th – CCM John Lennon, Limoges, FRANCE
Thu 16th – Le Krakatoa, Bordeaux, FRANCE
Fri 24th – Le Fleche D’Or, Paris, FRANCE
Sat 25th – Le Grand Mix, Tourcoing, FRANCE

Official Website:

21OCTAYNE release “Dear Friend” video clip & digital single!De Xavier le 29/04/2014 à 11:53

21OCTAYNE is the epitome of soulful, honest, ass-kicking Rock with a slight modern touch. A new name, a new band, but no unknowns here: the band consists of vocalist Hagen Grohe (The Joe Perry Project), Marco Wriedt (Axxis), Andrew „The Bullet“ Lauer (Paul Gilbert) and drummer Alex Landenburg (Rhapsody). The four guys took their time and worked hard on their debut album for more than two years, ready for impact now!

A video clip for the track “Dear Friend” is available now, also as digital single.

21OCTAYNE's debut album "Into The Open" will be released on May 23rd (Europe), May 27th inn the US.

KATATONIA - LETHEANDe Xavier le 28/04/2014 à 18:17

Katatonia sera en concert le 15 mai au divan du monde pour leur tournée acoustique.
Vous pouvez déjà regarder ce clip tiré de la version unplugged du titre Lethean:

JUDAS PRIEST, un nouveau titre en écoute !De Xavier le 28/04/2014 à 18:02

cliquez sur l'image... pour écouter une nouvelle chanson, découvrir la pochette du nouvel album et sa date de sortie...

LONELY THE BRAVE : la révélation Rock UK de 2014 (Columbia/Sony)De Xavier le 28/04/2014 à 17:53

Vous les aviez découvert en 1ère partie de DEFTONES
Maintenant toute la presse anglo-saxonne en parle!!

LONELY THE BRAVE : Découvrez la révélation rock UK de 2014

“A band whose name will soon be up in lights, whether they like it or not.” - NME

“They're a curiosity to a lot of people, but that's a magic and exciting time. If you're a fan, hold onto them tightly - If you're not, you will be.” - Zane Lowe, BBC Radio 1

"The hype surrounding them is entirely justified…the start of something extraordinary for the band.” – Kerrang!

“Their vocalist has a mammoth arena-filling voice and it will only be a matter of time before they do so.” – The Huffington Post

Le groupe s'est révélé au grand public sur les grandes scènes du Download, du Reading et de Leeds en 2013. En faisant aussi la première partie de Bruce Springsteen à l'Olympic Park et en ouvrant pour Deftones lors de leur dernière tournée Européenne.
Le groupe a publié un premier EP ‘Backroads' unanimement acclamé par la presse.

2014 a commencé avec une série de concerts en France et en Hollande suivie d'une tournée anglaise en tête d'affiche , avec une date complète au Cargo à Londres . Des dates sont à suivre sur les festivals d'été ainsi qu'une date à Paris le 28 Mai au Point Ephémère.
Ne manquez pas ce nouveau phénomène en passe de devenir la révélation rock !

Trick of the Light

Black Saucers


Sortie 25 Aout 2014

BLONDIE fête ses 40 ans avec un nouvel album, un greatest hits et une tournée !De Xavier le 26/04/2014 à 20:05


Un nouvel album + un greatest hits dispo le 26 mai !

L’année 2014 marque donc le 40ème anniversaire de Blondie, groupe phare de la scène rock new-yorkaise de la fin des 70’s.

Avec plus de 40 millions d’albums vendus, Blondie est devenu une sorte de « trésor national » introduit au Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame en 2006.

Pour fêter l’événement Eleven Seven Music Group annonce la sortie de « Blondie 4(0) Ever », un coffret présentant « Deluxe Redux: Greatest Hits » + « Ghosts Of Download » + (pour la version Deluxe) un DVD bonus (distribution Caroline)

On ne mesure plus l’influence qu’a eu (et continu d’avoir) ce « groupe punk », sur le monde de la musique, de la mode et de l’art. Le duo Debbie Harry / Chris Stein a toujours su être en avance pour créer les modes et non les suivre… Comme à l’éveil de la new wave où, ensemble, ils ont poussé le punk sur les dance floors en n’hésitant pas à y incorporer des sons hip-hop, commençant ainsi à signer une formidable collection de hits pop.

« Heart of Glass », « Call Me », « Dreaming », « Rapture », « Atomic », « The Tide is High »… Tous ces tubes interplanétaires, Blondie les a spécialement réenregistrés pour ce « Deluxe Redux: Greatest Hits » qui sort avec en complément un tout nouvel album studio : « Ghosts Of Download » !

Ce 10ème album studio a été enregistré au cours des deux dernières années sous la direction du producteur Jeff Saltzman, connu pour ses collaborations avec The Killers.

Intitulé « A Rose By Any Name », le 1er single, n’est ni plus ni moins qu’un duo entre Debbie Harry et Beth Ditto de Gossip. Difficile de rêver mieux en terme d’hymne pop/électro que cette rencontre au sommet entre deux générations de rockeuses.

Les participations d’autres invités émaillent ce disque : Miss Guy sur « Rave », le groupe de hip hop colombien Systema Solar sur « Sugar on the Side » et le rappeur Panaméen Los Rakas sur « I Screwed up ». Autre surprise de l’album : la reprise de « Relax » , l’hymne de Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

Outre Debbie et Chris, en 2014, Blondie se compose du batteur original Clem Burke et de Leigh Fox (basse) Tommy Kessler (guitare) et Matt Katz-Bohen (claviers).

A noter que « Deluxe Redux: Greatest Hits » est illustré par un portrait de Debbie Harry signé Andy Warhol et que la version Deluxe de « Blondie 4(0) Ever » contient un DVD bonus avec un concert filmé en 1977 au CBGBs, une collection de photos signées Chris Stein et un poster « vintage ».

L’album est disponible en pré-commande sur iTunes ici :


Les fans qui pré-commanderont l’abum, recevront en retour un lien pour télécharger gratuitement une nouvelle chanson : « I Want To Drag You Around »

Important, la version iTunes de « Ghosts of Download » sera disponible avec 3 titres bonus et un livret digital

Récemment Debbie Harry a enchanté le public du Coachella festival et les médias américains en rejoignant Arcade Fire sur scène. En France on l'a remarquée en duo avec Etienne Daho sur « L'étrangère » et en couverture du magazine Rock & Folk.

Blondie tournera en Europe cet été.

Blondie 4(0) Ever
liste des titres :
Disc 1 : « Deluxe Redux: Greatest Hits »
1.Heart of Glass
3.Tide Is High
5.Sunday Girl
6.Hanging on the Telephone
7. Rapture
8.One Way or Another
9.Call Me
11.Rip Her to Shreds

Disc 2 : « Ghosts of Download »
1.Sugar on the Side
3.A Rose By Any Name
4.I Want To Drag You Around
6.I Screwed Up
8.Take Me In The Night
9.Make A Way
10.Mile High
12.Take It Back
13. Backroom

Disc 3 : DVD LIVE AT CBGB 1977
1. Kung Fu Girls
2. In The Sun
3. Little Girl Lies
4. Look Good In Blue
5. Man Overboard
6. A Shark In Jets Clothing
7. Rifle Range
8. In The Flesh
9. X-Offender
10. Youth Nabbed As A Sniper
11. Rip Her To Shreds
12. Heart Full Of Soul
13. I Love Playing With Fire
14. Palisades Park
15. Denis (rehearsal)

Blondie World Tour : Les dates française:
07/04/14 Herouville St-Clair, France @ Chateau De Beauregard
07/07/14 Argelès-sur-Mer, France @ Les Deferlantes
08/22/14 Paris, France @ Rock En Seine


Within Temptation De Xavier le 26/04/2014 à 19:52

C'est donc cette semaine, le mardi 22 avril, que Within Temptation a entamé sa tournée française par une date à Toulouse. Un concert qui est passé du Bikini au Phare pour répondre à la très large demande de places.

Jeudi 24, le n°1 des groupes hollandais sera à Lyon, à la Halle Tony Garnier, pour un concert initialement prévue au Radiant, mais là aussi la demande des fans a été la plus forte.

Pour le concert du vendredi 25 à Paris, le Zénith affiche COMPLET ! Un concert qui va couronner le succès de l'album "Hydra" (entré n°10 au top album)

Ensuite, Within Temptation se rendra à Nantes (le 24 au Zénith), puis à Lille (le 28 à l'Aéronef)

Pour terminer, Within Temptation a rejoint l’application vidéo iPad (gratuite) Wholeworldband : les fans-musiciens peuvent s’enregistrer en vidéo jouant sur le titre « And we run » (featuring Xzibit) , et s’intégrer au clip à travers une mosaïque pour créer leur nouvelle version. Les vidéos sélectionnées feront partie d’une sortie digitale avec le prochain single.

Plus d’infos via le comuniqué ci joint ou sur :

SABATON- new Smartphone App available!De Xavier le 26/04/2014 à 19:47

Stagnation clearly does not exist for Swedish metal act SABATON. With the release of their new album »Heroes« coming up in just a few weeks, the band has now put out their very own Smartphone App!

To kickstart the App, everyone who will download it now, will be able to listen to ‘Resist And Bite’ from the upcoming album »Heroes« prior to its release. You can find the App by searching for “Sabaton” on Appstore or Google Play, and it’s 100% free!

Commented the band: “If you choose to accept us to send push messages to you in the app, we just might inform you first of all when we have some really cool news in the future!”

»Heroes« will be out on May 16, 2014 via Nuclear Blast. You can pre-order your copy at this address:

More on »Heroes«:

Trailer #1:

Trailer #2:

Trailer #3:

SABATON - Live 2014
20.06. FR Clisson - Hellfest
27.11. FR Lille - Aeronef
11.12. FR Toulouse - Le Bikini
18.12. FR Lyon - Transbordeur
20.12. FR Strasbourg - La Laiterie

Loudblast "Burial Ground" 2014 Final teaser De Xavier le 26/04/2014 à 18:39

LESSEN présente "Facing" (Lyrics Video)De Xavier le 25/04/2014 à 08:53

LESSEN présente "Facing" (Lyrics Video) , premier titre issu de leur premier album à venir dans 2 jours (26.04) "A Redemptive Decay" (send the wood music/season of mist) !

"Facing" Video Link :

►Pre-order :

►Preo-order :

MEMORIES OF A DEAD MANDe Xavier le 25/04/2014 à 08:38

MEMORIES OF A DEAD MAN vous présente le clip "Melancholia" issu de leur dernier album "Ashes Of Joy" sorti le 14 avril (Send the wood music/Season of mist).

►Melancholia Video Link :

►Trouvez "Ashes Of Joy" sur les liens suivants :
Edition Digipack :
- Season of Mist shop :
-Send the wood Music Shop:

POP EVIL -Clip Torn To PiecesDe Tiphaine le 24/04/2014 à 13:58

NOTHING MORE "This Is The Time (Ballast)"De Tiphaine le 24/04/2014 à 13:54

Label : Eleven Seven Music

XANDRIA - Sacrificium (Preview) | Napalm RecordsDe Tiphaine le 24/04/2014 à 13:49

sortie de l'album : 2 mai 2014

24/04 avt première l'Ile Giovanni (KAZE) Paris 19De Tiphaine le 24/04/2014 à 12:42

Avant-première en présence du réalisateur

Le 24 avril à l'UGC Ciné Cité Paris 19
Eurozoom et Kazé sont heureux d’annoncer l’avant première du film L’île de Giovanni le 24 avril à 20h00 à l’UGC Cine Cité Paris 19. La séance se fera en la présence exceptionnelle de Mizuho Nishikubo le réalisateur du film.
Projection en VOSTF.

NO SINNER, le blues des temps modernes.De Xavier le 24/04/2014 à 07:57

Vendredi 30 mai, le jeune groupe canadien NO SINNER jouera pour toute première fois à Paris, au Bus Palladium !
Pour 6 euro seulement (sur place, pas de pré-ventes),
vous pourrez donc enfin découvrir sur scène la chanteuse Colleen Rennison entourée de son gang.

Originaire de Vancouver, NO SINNER délivre un blues rock moderne et énergique qui s'inspire des classiques du genre,
mais aussi de Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Kings of Leon ou des White Stripes...
Véritable force de la nature, Colleen cite Nina Simone, Tina Turner, Joe Cocker,
Big Mama Thornton, Eddie Cochran, Robert Plant et Bessie Smith comme principales influences.

Sortie (sur Mascot / Provogue) depuis peu, "Boo Hoo Hoo", leur premier mini album de 9 titres, a été largement salué par la critique à travers toute l'Europe.

Regardez le clip de "Boo Hoo Hoo" ICI

Regardez "Love is a Madness" ICI

Regardez "Mandy-Lyn" (live) ICI

KATATONIADe Xavier le 17/04/2014 à 08:12

KATATONIA have launched a competition to give away an exclusive one-off A4 artbook featuring hand written lyrics from ‘Dethrone & Uncrowned’ and designed by Travis Smith which will be signed and personally dedicated to one very lucky winner.

This beautiful ultra rare book will be presented to the winner at one of the shows on the forth coming ‘Unplugged & Reworked’ tour in May

Details of how to enter are on the band Facebook page -

nouveau EP de Down « IV – Part 2 »De Xavier le 15/04/2014 à 13:07

Le super groupe de la Nouvelle-Orléans composé de Phil Anselmo (ancien chanteur de Pantera), Pepper Keenan (chanteur-guitariste de Corrosion of Conformity), Jimmy Bower (batteur de Eye Hate God), Pat Brudners (bassiste de Crowbar, qui avait remplacé Rex Brown), etBobby Landgraf (guitariste de Honky, qui vient tout récemment de remplacer Kirk Windstein), nous livrera le 12 mai la suite du « Purple EP » sorti en 2012, sobrement intitulée « Down IV – Part 2 ».

Enregistré au Nodferatu's Lair, le home studio du chanteur Philip H. Anselmo et produit par Michael Thompson, Phil Anselmo et Down, « Down IV – Part 2 » reprend les choses là où le « Part 1 » s’était arrêté, dans la moiteur du bayou natal du groupe.

Après plus de quinze ans d’existence et trois albums totalisant plus de 700,000 copies vendues dans le monde, Down est aujourd’hui bien plus qu’un projet parallèle. Le groupe influencé par Black Sabbath et mêlant le son « sludge doom » aux accents blues et country typiques de la Nouvelle-Orléans sera en tournée toute l’année

1. Steeple
2. We Knew Him Well
3. Hogshead/Dogshead
4. Conjure
5. Sufferer's Years
6. Bacchanalia

ANATHEMADe Xavier le 13/04/2014 à 19:40

Ahead of ANATHEMA’s brand new studio album distant satellites due to be released in June (04/06 – Japan; 06/06 – Germany; 09/06 – UK & RoW; 10/06 – France, USA & Canada) via Kscope the band have launched a track teaser from the new album.

Have a listen to the teaser from the first single ‘THE LOST SONG part 3’

distant satellites is the highly anticipated follow up to 2012’s Weather Systems, recorded at Cederberg Studios in Oslo, with producer Christer-André Cederberg, with additional mixing by Grammy Nominated Steven Wilson, ANATHEMA also brought in the legendary services of Dave Stewart (Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson) to create the new album’s extraordinary orchestral arrangements.

The brand new album ‘distant satellites’ is now available to pre-order now at:

3 Disc Deluxe 44 page hardback book in rigid slipcase (CD + 2 x DVD-V)
Featuring studio album + DTS 5.1 Surround / Dolby AC3 5.1 Surround / 48/24 Stereo LPCM DVD-V mixed by Jens Bogren (Opeth) & Making Of ‘distant satellites’ DVD all housed in 44 page heavyweight hardback book

Media Book Edition (2 Disc)
Featuring studio album + DTS 5.1 Surround / Dolby AC3 5.1 Surround / 48/24 Stereo LPCM DVD-V mixed by Jens Bogren (Opeth) with 24 page booklet

Gatefold 180 gm heavyweight double vinyl in poly-lined bags with 8 page LP booklet

Digital pre-order link to follow soon

For more information and full details of the ANATHEMA’S tour dates and festival appearances:

AC/DC Tours de France 1976-2014De Xavier le 03/04/2014 à 12:42

Sept années. C’est le temps qu’il aura fallu à Philippe Lageat (rédacteur en chef du mensuel Rock Hard, concepteur du fanzine Let There Be Light, ex-Hard Rock Magazine) et Baptiste Brelet (webzine Can’t Stop AC/DC) pour venir à bout de AC/DC Tours de France 1096-2014, un livre aux allures de pavé retraçant le parcours d’AC/DC en France de 1976 à 2014.

Dans ce beau livre de 700 pages type « coffeebook » pesant pas moins de quatre kilos (!!!) et de format 23 x 30 cm, Philippe et Baptiste reviennent sur TOUT ce qu’AC/DC a fait dans l’Hexagone : 62 concerts (ils y sont TOUS disséqués), l’enregistrement de deux de ses albums (For Those About To Rock et Blow Up Your Video), un long métrage (Let There Be Rock : The Film), apparitions télé et radio, séance de dédicaces, jams, etc.

Au menu également, plus de 1200 photos (dont 85% non publiées à ce jour) réalisées par les plus grands photographes rock français (Claude Gassian, Marc Villalonga, Youri Lenquette, Pierre Terrasson, Georges Amann, Marc Delavaud, Alex Mitram, Fred Doré, etc.), mais aussi par des fans. Plus de 600 documents sont au rendez-vous (billets de concerts, affiches, pass, t-shirts, memorabilia…), ainsi qu’une discographie, une bibliographie et une « bootlegraphie » 100% françaises, et toutes les unes consacrées à AC/DC par des mags nationaux.

Plus de 200 interviews ont été réalisées par les auteurs de ce livre : groupes de première partie, roadies, gens de maisons de disques, tour-managers, fans, tourneurs, etc., tous ont accepté de se livrer exclusivement pour ce bouquin événement, à commencer par de nombreux musiciens : Bernie Bonvoisin, Norbert Krief, Vivi, Ray, Jeannot & Moho (Trust), Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath), Georges Bodossian (Ocean), Dave Meniketti (Y&T), David Coverdale & Bernie Marsden (Whitesnake), Slash, Simon Philipps, Rob Halford, K.K. Downing & Ian Hill (Judas Priest), The Wildhearts, King’s X, Karoline, Maggie Bell, Mick Mars, Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx & Tommy Lee (Mötley Crüe), Patrick Rondat, Renaud Hantson & Pierre Guiraud (Satan Jokers), Ganafoul, Don Dokken & Jeff Pilson (Dokken), Brian Tatler (Diamond Head), Laurie Mansworth (Airrace), The Answer, Café Bertrand, etc. Sans oublier les regrettés Phil Kennemore (Y&T), Omar (Trust) et Ronnie James Dio (Rainbow).

Bien sûr, Brian Johnson, Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Phil Rudd et Cliff Williams, membres actuels d’AC/DC, ont également été interrogés, de même que les ex-membres que sont Simon Wright, Chris Slade, Mark Evans et Stevie Young, ce dernier se livrant ici pour la première fois. Ce sont ces témoins privilégiés, et bien d’autres, qui racontent, avec moult détails, la saga française d’AC/DC !

Les plus grands fans du groupe risquent d’être surpris par certaines infos et révélations, même si cet ouvrage intéressera également les amateurs de rock et de hard rock en général.

La préface est l’œuvre de Francis Zégut, grand fan du groupe et mythique animateur de RTL, et la direction artistique assurée par Vanessa Girth du mensuel Rock Hard, qui a concocté un univers graphique particulier pour chaque chapitre du livre.

Avant sa sortie officielle en librairies calée au 9 octobre 2014 (aux Editions Point Barre), AC/DC - Tours de France 1976/2014 est disponible dans une version « spéciale » uniquement vendue sur Ce pressage collector ne sortira jamais dans le commerce : dédicacé à votre nom (ou à celui d’un ami) par les auteurs, ce tirage spécial sera aussi accompagné d’une lithographie A4 de la rarissime affiche du concert du Stadium 1978 (le premier concert français d’AC/DC en tête d’affiche) introuvable ailleurs.

Ceux qui commanderont leur pressage « Spécial » sur la page (au même prix que le livre « normal » qui sera disponible en librairie en octobre) le recevront chez eux à la fin septembre 2014.

Alors, n’attendez plus, réservez et commandez dès aujourd’hui votre édition « Spéciale » ! Merci de votre confiance !


MERGEDe Xavier le 02/04/2014 à 08:29

MERGE est la nouvelle sensation Post HxC et Rock Alternatif.

Remarqué par ses nombreux concerts depuis un an, les Parisiens n'ont cessé de jouer en partageant l'affiche avec des groupes tels que Funeral for a Friends, The Devil Sold his Soul, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

Le 1er album "Elysion" sera disponible en magasin le 7 Mai 2014
via La Baleine Distribution

17.04 Paris (FR) O'Sullivan - OUI FM party

!!!! EMISSION MARDI 1 AVRIL REMPLACE JEUDI 3 !!!De Tiphaine le 30/03/2014 à 23:02

En raison de la diffusion d'un match de foot le jeudi 3 avril, l'émission L'Autre Monde est exceptionnellement avancée à mardi 1er avril. Ce n'est pas un poisson, soyez nombreux à nous écouter!!

NEW MUSIC VIDEO FROM PATRIA!De Xavier le 27/03/2014 à 07:52

Hailing from Brazil, PATRIA is one of the most imminent Black Metal bands in South America today! They have 4 releases behind them, and will release "Individualism" via Indie Recordings on the 21st of April (24th in G/A)! You can pre-order the CD and LP HERE!

This is what Øystein of Borknagar has to say about the upcoming release: "The most interesting and convincing traditional Black Metal album I have heard in years! Highly recommendable!"

The first single "Blood Storm Prophecy" is already out and available on all digital plattforms like iTunes, Spotify and WiMP. Today is the release of their new music video for the single! Watch it HERE:

”Patria represents conservationism of Black Metal in its purest form: no bullshit, no fancy-pansy antics; just pure, raw Black Metal in the vein of the primitive early 90s. Like it or not, that is what it is." Ivar of ENSLAVED

Follow Patria on Facebook for updates on the coming album!


New album "Vinteroffer", a solid contribution to Norwegian Black Metal, to be released this April! You can already pre-order the album HERE. The first single "Cthulhu" is already out on all digital services, and today is the release of the second single "We Are The Sacrifice"! It is now available on iTunes, Spotify, WiMP and more. It is also used in the new video from Vredehammer.

Vredehammer personally guarantees that the new album "Vinteroffer" is great headbanging material. Check out their homemade video HERE:

Having been a promising act in the underground scene for several years, Vredehammer has taken the step into the big league. 5 years have passed since the birth of Vredehammer, and this is celebrated by the release of their first full-length album "Vinteroffer", the heaviest sounding release so far!

Stay tuned for news about the album and tours at Vredehammer on Facebook

SEBASTIAN BACH : Line up de folie pour son nouvel album !De Xavier le 27/03/2014 à 00:27

LINE UP du prochain album de SEBASTIAN BACH :

Sebastian Bach - Chant
John 5 - Guitares (Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie ...)
Duff McKagan - Basse (ex Gun's Roses, Velvet Revolver...)
Bobby Jarzombek - Batterie (Halford, Iced Earth, Riot...)
Autre participations :
Steve Stevens
Devin Bronson

Il passera en France le 28 Juin à Vauréal, au Forum !

"Give 'Em Hell"
Frontiers Records
Sortie le 18 Avril 2014

Iconic singer Sebastian Bach new studio album "Give 'Em Hell" is the follow-up to 2011's "Kicking & Screaming" and was once again produced by Bob Marlette (ROB ZOMBIE, BLACK SABBATH and SHINEDOWN).

Sebastian managed to involve in the writing and recording some very special friends and guest stars, including none other than Duff McKagan (VELVET REVOLVER, GUNS N' ROSES), and not one but two top-class guitar players: John 5 (MARILYN MANSON, ROB ZOMBIE) and Steve Stevens (BILLY IDOL). Rounding out the lineup on the CD are Devin Bronson (AVRIL LAVIGNE, PINK) on guitar and Bobby Jarzombek (HALFORD, RIOT, FATES WARNING) on drums.

The cover for "Give 'Em Hell" is once again being handled by Richard Villa, who worked on "Kicking & Screaming". Incorporated into the album design will be one of the paintings by Sebastian's late father David Bierk, who painted the artwork for SKID ROW's "Slave To The Grind", inside artwork for SKID ROW's "Subhuman Race", and Bach's solo albums "Angel Down" and "Bring 'Em Bach Alive!".

Bach stated about "Give 'Em Hell": "We have captured some kick-ass rock and roll magic and producer par excellence Bob Marlette is the wizard behind the board. It is such an awesome feeling to be able to say to the planet if you like the music I have put out before, I can guarantee you will dig this one! I cannot stop listening to it and that is the whole intention. For those of you who dig my high crazy-ass screams of the other records, well, I am proud to say this new disc features all the ranges and textures I have been known for, clean soaring melodic ballads and blood-curdling death screams from hell."

Sebastian Bach has sold in excess of 20 million records worldwide as lead singer with his former band, Skid Row and as a solo artist. Far from just being a multi-platinum recording artist, the singer/songwriter/actor/entertainer has expanded his career over the past decade to include episodic television with a 5-season recurring role on the CW's hit series “Gilmore Girls”, starring roles on Broadway (“Jekyll & Hyde”, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”) and national touring companies (“Jesus Christ Superstar”), and has appeared regularly on MTV and VH1.

1. Hell Inside My Head
2. Harmony
3. All My Friends Are Dead
4. Temptation
5. Push Away
6. Dominator
7. Had Enough
8. Gun To A Knife Fight
9. Rock N Roll Is A Vicious Game
10. Taking Back Tomorrow
11. Disengaged
12. Forget You.

Produced by Bob Marlette

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, des CD à gagner !De Xavier le 26/03/2014 à 08:17

NOTHING MORE la nouvelle signature du label Eleven Seven MusicDe Xavier le 25/03/2014 à 12:40

New York, NY – Allen Kovac le boss d’Eleven Seven Music Group est particulièrement fier d’annoncer la signature de Nothing More, un groupe d’alternative rock originaire de San Antonio, Texas.

Des mélodies vocales méticuleusement articulées autours de structures rythmiques atypiques et d’énormes chœurs… voilà comment l’on pourrait rapidement présenter le premier album de Nothing More qui sortira cet été sur Eleven Seven Music.

Leur premier single « This Is The Time (Ballast) » - disponible depuis le 10 mars sur digital - montre à lui seul à quel point le groupe est paré pour relever le niveau de la musique rock contemporaine. Écoutez le titre :

Nothing More est bien entendu ravie de signer avec ESMG « Nous allons enfin pouvoir travailler en partenariat avec un label qui a autant envie que nous de conquérir le monde grâce à la musique » dit chanteur Jonny Hawkins. « Nous sommes fiers de travailler avec des gens passionnés ! » ajoute Danny Wimmer d’Armsdivsion Management « alors qu’aujourd’hui la plupart des labels sont la poursuite de la prochaine sensation pop et des tendances radio, Eleven Seven reste fidèle au rock et redouble d’efforts pour développer ses artistes. C’est très excitant pour Nothing More de rejoindre une telle maison de disques »

Et Allen Kovac de conclure « A peu près tous les 10 ans un groupe déboule pour bousculer les choses... J’ai le sentiment que c’est le moment avec Nothing More qui devrait satisfaire les attentes des véritables amateurs de rock… C'est d'ailleurs pourquoi nous avons signé ce groupe pour 5 albums ! »

Un peu partout dans le monde le buzz monte autour de Nothing More… Programmeurs radio, promoteurs de spectacles, journalistes… tous sentent qu'un groupe « spécial » est arrivé.

En France aussi Nothing More suscite aussi l'intérêt des médias :
« Nothing More ou la claque sonore agressive dans sa sensibilité !!! On a donc trouvé les remplaçant de My Chemical Romance et les enfants de Linkin Park » - Pierre Janaszak (Bring The Noise / Ouï FM)

« Quand 30 Seconds To Mars rencontre Linkin Park et Killswitch Engage cela donne Nothing More ! Les harmonies entre chant et rythmique s'entremêlent pour donner une atmosphère musicale à la fois mélodique et puissante. "Sans plus" n'est pas l'appréciation adéquate pour cet album, bien au contraire ! » - Christophe Droit (HardForce / Metral XS)

« un savoureux mélange entre Chiodos, Fall Out Boy et la nouvelle génération métalcore! Un pur bijoux » - Loïc Comery (Metal Obs')

« Intriguant et moderne, il sera difficile de faire un parallèle entre Nothing More et d'autres groupes. Touche à tout sans parler des styles qui se recoupent, Nothing More surprenant énormément... énormément ! » - Chante Basma (RockUrLife)

« Un bon compromis entre un metal emo de bonne facture, avec des touches de djent dans les guitares, des textures électro et un soupçon de Linkin Park dans les mélodies qui rendent addict… » - Ludovic Egraz (Guitar Xtrem)

« Du gros potentiel ! De la modernité sans la superficialité. C'est rafraîchissant et finalement assez inclassable à la manière d'un Fair To Midland. Du gros riff qui balance, de la subtilité et un déluge de mélodies entêtantes, sans compter une belle maîtrise technique et sonore avec quelques traits electro. Il y a une vraie fibre créative qui n'attend que d'être développée. En tout cas, c'est clair qu'ils ont les atouts pour devenir une des prochaines sensations » - Nicolas Gricourt (Radio Metal )

« ça a beau ne pas être mon style de prédilection, après 4 titres ça s'écoute fort bien. C'est énergique, varié, mélodique, et ça donne la patate ! Ça devrait mal plaire aux jeunes (et moins jeunes) métalleux avides de sonorités modernes originales et de mélodies accrocheuses » - Julien Bazile (La Grosse Radio)

« ça joue d’enfer… il n’y a rien qui dépasse. Super propre et puissant… » - Jean-Pïerre Sabouret (Guitarist)

ZERO TOLERANCE is the opening track of Black SnowDe Xavier le 25/03/2014 à 07:35

ZERO TOLERANCE is the opening track of Black Snow, the new album of KLOGR
Black Snow is the third release of the Alt Metal band from Italy and it shares with the band's previous releases (the full lenght debut "Till You Decay" and the EP "Till You Turn") the common theme of the relationship between man, society and, in the case of Black Snow, between human society and environment.

Mankind has transformed our planet to the point of making it unrecognizable, exploiting exasperatingly all natural resources and animal lives in the name of an economical profit which seems to be never enough to satisfy man's greed.

The song ZERO TOLERANCE takes inspiration from the dolphins slaughter taking place every year in the bay of Taiji, Japan to talk about the killing and captivity of animals caused by men for unnecessary reasons:

"Greedy man you're looking for new wealth, what are you gonna do when everything is wasted?"

and declares "Zero Tolerance" in the regards of such irresponsible behaviour displayed by a certain part of human society.

A war of man against man towards that which seems to be an impossible Utopia: an attempt to save what is left of our earth.

ZERO TOLERANCE will soon be released also as a videclip (directed by Davide Cilloni - Eklipse Design) featuring images from a documentary of the non-profit, marine conservation organization Sea Shepherd.

The earning from the first 500 iTunes downloads of the song ZERO TOLERANCE from will be entirely donated to Sea Shepherd.

Download ZERO TOLERANCE from iTunes at 0,99€ to contribute actively to the fight of for the safeguard of Ocean Life

ARKAN premiere first new song!De Xavier le 19/03/2014 à 23:08

French Oriental metal act ARKAN is now premiering the first new track of their forthcoming third full-length "Sofia". The song entitled "Hayati" ("My Life") is now exclusively streaming via the following media :

"Sofia" will be released on Digipak CD on May 23rd, 2014. The album can already be pre-ordered on Season of Mist’s e-shop. Artwork and tracklist are shown below:

1. Hayati
2. My Reverence
3. March of Sorrow
4. Leaving Us
5. Soiled Dreams
6. Deafening Silence
7. Endless Way
8. Wingless Angels
9. Beauty Asleep
10. Scar of Sadness
11. Cold Night's Dream
12. Dark Epilogue
(9. – 12. Sofia)

The sudden loss of a life far too young is always a cataclysmic event for those left behind. A void is left in place of what might have been. Pain and tears erase all smiles. "Sofia" is the artistic legacy of such a tragedy that befell a member of ARKAN – a Parisian Metal band founded by former THE OLD DEAD TREE drummer Foued Moukid in the year 2005. That deep personal crisis easily explains the change of musical spirit, which occurred between 2011’s sophomore album "Salam" ("Peace") and "Sofia". The band's trademark whirlwind of Arabic percussion and crushing guitar riffing has audibly matured into a much more melancholic and subtle sound. There are still those magical moments of ancient oriental string instruments, but they blend in more organically than before. The dark warmth of Sarah Layssac's vocals has deservedly gained more room, while Florent Jannier's deep growls now rarely make an appearance in favour of more clean singing. Heartbreaking suffering has been turned into music. Yet instead of wailing in self-pity, beauty and hope are offered without forgetting the scars. Foued founded ARKAN with a clear goal to amalgamate melodic Death Metal with Oriental traditions, whose roots reach deep down into the ethnic sounds of Algeria and Morocco. The result was the debut "Hilal" (2008), which made the band brothers in spirit of Oriental Metal bands such as ORPHANED LAND. Now ARKAN have redefined their style without losing touch of their base. Continuity also dwells in working again with Studio Fredman. "Sofia" is a deeply heartfelt tribute that reveals more secrets of its detailed textures and meaningful melodies with each new spin. There are treasures to be found by those who listen well and with care...

Foued Moukid: drums & percussion
Sarah Layssac: female vocals
Florent Jannier: male vocals
Samir Ramila: bass guitar
Mus El Kamal: guitars, acoustic guitars, oûd, mandola

MAYHEM reveal artwork and tracklist!De Xavier le 19/03/2014 à 23:00

Legendary Norwegian black metal instigators MAYHEM are now revealing the artwork and tracklist of their forthcoming fifth full-length entitled "Esoteric Warfare". The stunning cover was created by Polish artist and architect Zbigniew M. Bielak. Artwok and tracklist are shown below:

1. Watcher
2. Psywar
3. Trinity
4. Pandaemon
5. Mylab
6. Six Seconds
7. Throne Of Time
8. Corpse Of Care
9. Posthuman
10. Aion Suntalia

"Esoteric Warfare" is scheduled for release on the 23rd of May. The album in its various formats including a limited vinyl collector's box will be made available for pre-order on the Season of Mist e-shop next week.

MAYHEM have previously announced a first set of European shows in support of "Esoteric Warfare". The tour will kick off on May 14th in Germany at Hamburg's famous Markthalle and continue to rage through ten countries until a final onslaught in Denmark's capital København at Pumpehuset. All dates can be viewed below:

22 May 14 Paris (FR) Le Divan du Monde

It has been seven long years since MAYHEM released their fourth and latest full-length, "Ordo ad Chao". In the year of their 30th anniversary the single most notorious and important band in the history of black metal returns with ten venomous and vicious tracks that are true to the Norwegians’ immense legacy as kings of the underground.

Founded as early as 1984 in Oslo, Norway by the late and legendary frontman Øystein Aarseth aka Euronymous, bassist Jørn "Necrobutcher" Stubberud, and Kjetil "Manheim" Haraldsson on drums, the band took its name from the VENOM song "Mayhem with Mercy". Continuing and renewing the Black Metal style heralded by the latter English trio, MAYHEM soon became the instigators of the so called second wave and were at the heart of every controversy surrounding that genre.

The suicide of misanthropic frontman Per Yngve "Dead" Ohlin, the murder of Euronymous by guest bass player "Count Grishnakh" alias the notorious Varg Vikernes, church burnings, drugs and prison sentences – MAYHEM were always at the centre of the storm. Yet not even death could stop the Norwegians, who released one musical milestone after another.

The incredible rawness of the "Deathcrush" EP (1987) was followed by the still iconic and genre defining "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" (1994), which featured devilish drummer Jan Axel "Hellhammer" Blomberg, who had joined in 1988. The vocalist on this album was the Hungarian Attila Csihar of TORMENTOR fame, who returned later in 2004 to take over from his meantime heir, the enigmatic original singer Sven-Erik "Maniac" Kristiansen. The latter was featured on the "Wolf's Lair Abyss" EP (1997), which was written mostly by highly talented guitarist Rune "Blasphemer" Eriksen, who scored a massive artistic success with the highly controversial "Grand Declaration Of War" (2000). This was followed by the more classic "Chimera" (2004) and that masterpiece of utter darkness called "Ordo Ad Chao" (2007) with Attila singing again, which inspired many bands to follow in its tracks.

MAYHEM had always witnessed many line-up changes due to the circumstances described above. Therefore even the loss of Blasphemer, who decided to focus on his other band AVA INFERI in 2008, did not stop the band. Activities mainly revolved around live shows, until the right balance was found again with the recruitment of Morten "Teloch" Iversen. The guitarist had already made a name for himself with NIDINGR, which is highly regarded amongst black metal enthusiasts yet remained mostly an underground phenomenon.

Now his first compositional work with MAYHEM is unveiled and demonstrates how perfectly Teloch has captured the essence and spirit of the Norwegian legend by clearly linking the band back to its roots, while at the same time taking a step forward into the spearhead position of the genre instead of dwelling in nostalgia.

"Esoteric Warfare" is finally ready to be unleashed. This full-scale assault of total dark savagery of freezing riffs and Attila's inhumane vocals is entirely based on a concept dealing with the esoteric experimentations of the nuclear powers during the cold war. The album proves once again and beyond doubt that MAYHEM are the Alpha and the Omega of black metal!

Attila Csihar: vocals
Teloch: guitars
Necrobutcher: bass
Hellhammer: drums
Charles Hedger: guitar (live)

SNA-FU Grand Désordre Orchestre + HYPNOSEDe Xavier le 19/03/2014 à 22:49

SNA-FU Grand Désordre Orchestre :
Aujourd'hui, SNA-FU Grand Désordre Orchestre fête les 10 ans de la sortie de leur 1er EP.
A cette occasion, il se trouve en téléchargement gratuit avec en bonus un livret avec des photos du groupe sans ride !

HYPNOSE Crowdfunding :
L'operation " Crowdfunding pour Hypnose est un véritable succès . Le groupe est deja à 126 % de l'objectif pour le financement de leur prochain album .
Il vous reste encore 29 jours pour y participer ! Merci à tous pour votre confiance !

EDGUY – "Sabre & Torch" Lyric-Video online!De Xavier le 18/03/2014 à 23:26

On April 18th EDGUY are going to release their new album »Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown« ("Their best album - nearly in a decade!"- Rock Hard Magazine).

Today, the band releases the first track out of the record.

Check out the lyric-video for "Sabre & Torch" below:

Besides the regular CD edition the album will also be available as a limited digibook edition containing 2 CDs.

Also available will be a strictly limited hardcover earbook collectors' edition (28.5x28.5cm) containing the two discs, a photographic history with more than 130 photos from the band's archive, liner-notes, touring history, etc.

The track list of the album reads as follows:
1. Sabre & Torch
2. Space Police
3. Defenders Of The Crown
4. Love Tyger
5. The Realms Of Baba Yaga
6. Rock Me Amadeus
7. Do Me Like A Cavemen
8. Shadow Eaters
9. Alone In Myself
10. The Eternal Wayfarer

Bonus disc track list:
1. England
2. Aychim In Hysteria
3. Space Police (progressive version)
4. Space Police (instrumental version)
5. Love Tyger (instrumental version)
6. Defenders Of The Crown (instrumental version)
7. Do Me Like A Caveman (instrumental version)

Pre-order here:

The limited edition will come with a special collector's artwork:

Auteurs Mnemos au Salon du Livre de ParisDe Tiphaine le 17/03/2014 à 18:21

stand D64

11H – 14H30 : Yoann Berjaud
14H30 -16H30 : Charlotte Bousquet - Morgane Caussarieu
16H30 -19H : Jeanne-A Debats - David Camus - Raphaël Granier de Cassagnac

11H -15 H : Yann de Sain-Rat – Fabien Cerutti
15H -18 H : Justine Niogret - Christian Chavassieux

11H -15H : Laurent Kloetzer - Mathieu Gaborit
15H -18 H : Matt Verdier - Ludovic Albar

Auteurs J'ai Lu au Salon du Livre de ParisDe Tiphaine le 17/03/2014 à 18:18

Stand F80

Vendredi 21 mars
Oliver Peru – 14 h à 15 h
Gaëlle Josse – 15 h à 16 h

Samedi 22 mars
Quentin Leclerc – 12 h à 13 h
Sophie Jomain – 14 h à 15 h
Cassandra O’Donnell – 15 h à 17 h

Dimanche 23 mars
Georgia Caldera – 11 h à 12 h
Valérie Tong Cuong – 13 h à 14 h
Jean-Luc Marcastel – 14 h à 15 h
David Foenkinos – 14 h à 17 h
Patricia Darré – 17 h à 18 h 30

MAGNUM release sample teaser for the upcoming album!De Xavier le 16/03/2014 à 12:10

MAGNUM release a sample teaser for the upcoming studio album "Escape From The Shadow Garden":

‘Escape From The Shadow Garden’ will be released on Steamhammer / SPV on March 19th in Scandinavia, March 21st in Germany, March 24th in Europe and April 1st in the US/Canada. ‘Escape From The Shadow Garden’ will be available as a limited digipak edition with bonus DVD, as a double gatefold blue marbeled vinyl LP set incl. bonus track, standard jewel case CD and download.

The cover is once again created by famous fantasy artist Rodney Matthews (Asia, Nazareth, Eloy).

MAGNUM will hold a launch party for the new album:
Tuesday, March 25th 2014
The Robin 2, Bilston/Wolverhampton
07.30 pm,, free admission, all band members will be there

Three weeks after the release of ‘Escape From The Shadow Garden" MAGNUM set off on a huge European Tour.

MAGNUM live 2014

07.04. FI-Helsinki - Tavastia
09.04. DK-Copenhagen - Amager Bio
10.04. SE-Gothenburg - Sticky Fingers
11.04. SE-Borlange - Liljan
12.04. SE-Sandviken - Backstage Rockclub
19.04. GB-Southampton - The Brook
20.04. GB-Buckley - Tivoli
22.04. GB-Oxford - O2
23.04. GB-Bristol - O2
24.04. GB-Norwich - Waterfront
25.04. GB-Leamington Spa - Assembly Halls
26.04. GB-Manchester - The Ritz
28.04. GB-Nottingham - Rock City
29.04. GB-Glasgow - Garage
30.04. GB-Newcastle - O2
02.05. GB-Holmfirth - Picturedome
03.05. GB-Wolverhampton - Wulfrun Hall
04.05. GB-London - Islington Town Hall
06.05. NL-Uden - De Pul
07.05. B-Vosselaar - Biebob
26.05. A-Kufstein - Kulturfabrik
27.05. A-Dornbirn - Conrad Sohm

MAGNUM live 2014 (Double Headline Tour with SAGA)
08.05. D-Dortmund - FZW
09.05. D-Cologne- E-Werk
10.05. D-Emden - Nordseehalle
12.05. D-Hamburg - Docks
13.05. D-Berlin - Huxley`s Neue Welt
15.05. D-Saarbrücken - Garage
16.05. D-Filderstadt - FILharmonie
17.05. D-Offenbach - Capitol
19.05. D-Regensburg - Airport Obertrautling
20.05. D-Nürnberg - Rockfabrik
22.05. D-Munich - Circus Krone
23.05. CH-Pratteln - Z7
24.05. D-Ravensburg - Club-Oberschwabenhalle

MAGNUM live 2014 (Festival)

04.-07.06. SE-Sölvesborg - Sweden Rock Festival

Line Up:
Tony Clarkin - guitars
Bob Catley - vocals
Mark Stanway - keyboards
Al Barrow - bass
Harry James - drums

Message vidéo d'ExtremeDe Xavier le 16/03/2014 à 12:00

Le groupe annonce son concert au Hellfest et son concert à Paris où ils joueront intégralement leur album Pornograffiti

les news Nuclear BlastDe Xavier le 16/03/2014 à 10:25

Pour connaitre les dernières news de Nuclear Blast : lien ici
au programme:
THE EXPLOITED : Re-releases out now!
MACHINE HEAD: Details for »Killer & Kings« 10" revealed!
DEATHSTARS: Reveal details on their upcoming new album »The Perfect Cult«!
KILLER BE KILLED: Album artwork and details revealed!
VADER: New single `Go To Hell´ to be released on April 18th!
SABATON: Pay tribute to Metallica, Battle Beast and Raubtier!
DEVIL YOU KNOW : "Meet the band" video interview posted!
SONATA ARCTICA: Launch track-by-track video for »Pariah's Child«!
LOST SOCIETY: Third track-by-track trailer online!
DECAPITATED: Enter studio & introduce new drummer!
ELUVEITIE: Win Swiss Music Award!
MADBALL: Begin working on new full-length album!
WE CAME AS ROMANS: Announce European summer tour!

Mur : Mélange entre Post-Hardcore et Black Métal - Cinq extraits en écoute !De Xavier le 16/03/2014 à 10:01

Formé en 2010, Mur fait suite à la rencontre de musiciens en attente d’énergies nouvelles.
Julien Granger (batterie), fraichement libre de ses
précédents engagements (Four Question Marks, Today Is The Day, Glorior Belli), fait la rencontre de Philippe Bettinelli (guitares) et Alexandre Michaan (claviers/machines) par le biais de Matthieu Sassier (guitares), réunissant ainsi des musiciens issus d’horizons très différents. Julien Granger fait alors appel à Thomas Zanghellini (Basse), qui officie au sein de Comity, pour se joindre à Mur, et les compositions voient le jour.
Après le départ prématuré de Matthieu Sassier pour des raisons personnelles, les enregistrements des pistes instrumentales suivent leur cours, bien que la question du chant reste posée. S
uite à quelques rencontres infructueuses, c’est finalement Christophe Denhez (In The Guise Of Men, Jarell) qui vient apporter sa voix au projet. Une fois toutes les prises en boîte, les pistes sont confiées à Francis Caste (Kickback, Comity, Every Reason To…) pour être mixées et masterisées.

Ecouter cinq extraits & précommander l'EP :

SABATON – Pay tribute to Metallica, Battle Beast and Raubtier! De Xavier le 15/03/2014 à 12:28

For their upcoming new record »Heroes«, Swedish Heavy Metal institution SABATON now reveals the different track lists, including all the bonus tracks that will be available. Among them are three cover versions of METALLICA, BATTLE BEAST and RAUBTIER.

»Heroes« will be released on May 16, 2014 via Nuclear Blast.

The band comments the decisions like this:
METALLICA - ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’
“All of us are old fans of METALLICA. The choice of the song was difficult, but we all could agree on that one. As an addition, ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’ was the first heavy metal song ever performed on a stage by Pär.”

BATTLE BEAST - ‘Out Of Control‘
“BATTLE BEAST was our secret guest at our latest Sabatoncruise and we all enjoyed watching them perform their songs live. We thought we wanted to support young and upcoming bands and decided to do a cover of them.”

RAUBTIER - ‘En Hjältes Väg ‘
“RAUBTIER are our brothers from the north of Sweden. We have played together countless times and in the past, and Thobbe used to be in this band. At a special concert in 2012 Joakim performed this song live together with RAUBTIER and it awoke the idea of doing a cover-version. Seeing to the song title it was also a natural choice for our latest album »Heroes«.

The tracklists will be as follows:

Standard Jewel case:
01. Night Witches
02. No Bullets Fly
03. Smoking Snakes
04. Inmate 4859
05. To Hell And Back
06. The Ballad Of Bull
07. Resist And Bite
08. Soldier Of 3 Armies
09. Far From The Fame
10. Hearts Of Iron

01. Night Witches
02. No Bullets Fly
03. Smoking Snakes
04. Inmate 4859
05. To Hell And Back
06. The Ballad Of Bull
07. Resist And Bite
08. Soldier Of 3 Armies
09. Far From The Fame
10. Hearts Of Iron
Bonus tracks:
11. 7734
12. Man Of War

Digital only:
01. Night Witches
02. No Bullets Fly
03. Smoking Snakes
04. Inmate 4859
05. To Hell And Back
06. The Ballad Of Bull
07. Resist And Bite
08. Soldier Of 3 Armies
09. Far From The Fame
10. Hearts Of Iron
Bonus tracks:
11. 7734
12. Man Of War
13. For Whom The Bell Tolls

CD 1
01. Night Witches
02. No Bullets Fly
03. Smoking Snakes
04. Inmate 4859
05. To Hell And Back
06. The Ballad Of Bull
07. Resist And Bite
08. Soldier Of 3 Armies
09. Far From The Fame
10. Hearts Of Iron

CD 2 (bonus):
01. 7734
02. Man Of War
03. En Hjältes Väg
04. For Whom The Bell Tolls
05. Out Of Control

Album Trailer #1:

You can pre-order your copy of »Heroes« at the following address:




AMARANTHE, le sextette originaire de Göteborg vient d’officiellement confirmer que son nouvel album sortira à l’automne prochain sur Spinefarm Records (distribution Caroline / Universal en France). Ce disque fera suite aux albums « Amaranthe » - sorti en 2011 et certifié « or » en Suède - et « The Nexus » paru l’an passé.

Ces deux réalisations ont clairement définie, la signature musicale et vocale du groupe. Une marque de fabrique qui a valu à « The Nexus » de se classer n°1 en Suède, ainsi qu’à la première place des téléchargements des « Metal Charts » d’ iTunes aux Etats-Unis. Les vidéos extraites de ces deux albums ont fait un véritable carton sur le net, le clip illustrant le titre « Hunger » totalisant à lui seul plus de 6 millions de vues !

Un tel succès a évidement permis à AMARANTHE de jouer aux quatre coins de la planète devant un public de plus en plus fervent et nombreux.

A noter que la semaine dernière, la chanteuse Elize Ryd, l’une des trois voix du groupe, a reçu le trophée du « Rock n’ Role Model » lors de la cérémonie des Bandit Awards à Stockholm.

AMARANTHE sera en concert en France le 12 avril au Forum de Vauréal, dans la banlieue nord ouest de Paris

A suivre…

PRIMORDIAL premiere first track from folk compilation!De Xavier le 13/03/2014 à 07:35

Season of Mist is proud to present the first track taken from the compilation "One And All, Together, For Home", which features international metal artists gathered by DRUDKH mastermind Roman Sayenko. The song "Dark Horse On The Wind", originally recorded by Irish singer Liam Weldon has received a stunning adaption by compatriots PRIMORDIAL (featuring Gareth Averill on cello/additional drones) and is now exclusively streaming via these official media partners:

Alan Averill Nemtheanga comments on "Dark Horse On The Wind": "Possibly the greatest piece of Irish 'folk' music at least I have ever heard", explains the PRIMORDIAL singer. "The original by Liam Weldon recorded in the 1970's is one of the most spine tingling and truly tragic stand alone vocal pieces that encapsulates Ireland's bloody and tragic history like nothing I've witnessed before. Recording it was daunting and if I have even risen to a minute % of the original and make people discover Weldon's work through breathing life into the song for a completely different 'scene', then my work is done and I can rest proud."

"One And All, Together, For Home" is scheduled for release on May 23rd and now available for pre-order through the Season of Mist e-shop. You can find artwork as well as a list of bands and tracks below:


Primordial - Dark Horse On The Wind
Drudkh - Забута Колискова (Forgotten Lullaby)
Häive - Ei Kuule Emo Minua
Kampfar - En Hymne Til Urd
Winterfylleth - Abbots Bromley Horn Dance
Winterfylleth - John Barleycorn
Mondvolland - Montferland I (with FOLKCORN)
Mondvolland - Montferland II
Himinbjorg - Esprit De Brave

Winterfylleth - The Three Ravens
Kampfar - Bånnsull
Drudkh - Довбуш (Dovbush)
Mondvolland - Montferland III
Ava Inferi - Ao Teu Lado
Häive - Ukon On Tulinen Turkki
Häive - Onpa Tietty Tietyssäni
Primordial - The Foggy Dew


AVA INFERI (Portugal)
DRUDKH (Ukraine)
HÄIVE (Finland)äive/307092376054598
KAMPFAR (Norway)
MONDVOLLAND (The Netherlands)


Laying before you is the final outcome of an ambitious musical experiment and hard but heartfelt labour by all parties involved. This compilation features international metal artists gathered by DRUDKH mastermind Roman Sayenko. All participating bands are expressively linked in their artistic output to the culture and history of their countries of origin. Therefore they represent eight regions of modern Europe and yet find common ground in the different musical traditions they explore. Each artist employs their own means to find and present their roots to the world. You will discover interpretations of traditional songs, cover versions of folk artists or the use of themes and melodies from their musical heritage in original compositions. "The idea behind this compilation is a coming together of like-minded artists from all across Europe in an attempt to rediscover the history and traditions of their respective areas of origin; through the medium of traditional music", explains Chris Naughton of WINTERFYLLETH. "Given that Europe has a particularly strong folk heritage, all the bands contributing to this release are drawn from a broad range of countries that make up the continent; each with their own unique musical style and traditions to explore. One way that folk music has endured throughout the world's turbulent history is by people coming together and sharing the stories, tales and folklore of old; re-creating the melodies in a way that is relevant to them in the now. This compilation brings together eight artists, who have a strong historical interest and a pre-existing link to the music of their respective homelands." In an age and time once again witnessing the exploitation of culture, ethnicity, language, religion and territory for political means, these artists tell a different story about the true meaning of home. Music as a universal language includes and unites instead of sowing discord and destruction. You are given a piece of the artists' heart and soul in order to feel at home, wherever you are and come from. You are welcome!

Auteurs DELCOURT présents au Salon du Livre de ParisDe Tiphaine le 12/03/2014 à 13:30

François AYROLES - Une affaire de caractères
BRAHY - Complot
LE FAB – l'Homme de l'année - 1917
Patricia LYFOUNG – La Rose écarlate
Jérémy MOREAU – Max Winson
Davy MOURIER – La Petite Mort
Alexis NESME – Les Enfants du capitaine Grant
REDEC – Blind Dog rhapsodie
Patrick SOBRAL – Les Légendaires

Auteurs GLENAT au Salon du Livre de ParisDe Tiphaine le 12/03/2014 à 13:22

Captain Biceps T6 - Zep & Tebo (Présents Samedi et Dimanche)

Les Thanatonautes T3 - Werber & Taranzano (Présents Samedi & Dimanche)

La Nuit - Nouvelle édition - Druillet (Présent Samedi)

Geminis Panico T2 - Cepo & Martinez (Présents Samedi)

Uchronies - New Delhi Tome 2 - Defali (Présent Vendredi)

Le Petit Prince - Tome 19 - Christine Chatal (Présente Dimanche et Lundi)

A l'Origine des Contes- Pinocchio -Thibaud De Rochebrune (Présent Dimanche)

Mon Gros Dico des Monstres - Roland Garrigue (Présent Samedi & Dimanche)

Les Mystérieuses Cités d'Or 4 - Galy & Cousin - (Présents Dimanche)

Walhalla T1 - Marc Lechuga (Présent Samedi)

Jade - Ulysse Malassagne (Présent Samedi)

Le Grand Mort T4 - Vincent Mallié (Présent Vendredi)

Lady Elza T2 - Wurm (Présent Samedi)

La Dynastie Donald Duck - Tome 13 Disney - Fabrizio Petrossi & Ulrich Schroeder
(Présents de Vendredi à Dimanche)

Vito T2 - Eric Stalner (Présent Samedi & Dimanche)

Black Stone T2 - Chabbert (Présent Samedi)

Catacombes T3 Michel Chevereau (Présent Vendredi)
Jack Manini (Présent de Vendredi à Dimanche)

Auteurs PRE AUX CLERCS Salon du Livre Paris - Porte de VersaillesDe Tiphaine le 12/03/2014 à 13:08

Samedi 22 mars 2014

14h-16h : Sire Cédric pour La Mort en tête (éditions Le Pré aux Clercs)

Dimanche 23 mars 2014

- Jean-Luc Bizien pour sa série Katana (éditions Le Pré aux Clercs - collection Pandore)
- Justine Niogret pour Coeurs de rouille (éditions Le Pré aux Clercs - collection Pandore)

- Didier Graffet (illustrateur) pour Steampunk (éditions Le Pré aux Clercs)
- Xavier Mauméjean (auteur) pour Steampunk (éditions Le Pré aux Clercs)
- Xavier Sanchez (illustrateur) pour L'encyclopédie du hobbit (éditions Le Pré aux Clercs)
- Coralie Potot (auteur) pour L'encyclopédie du hobbit (éditions Le Pré aux Clercs)

DERIB vient fêter les 40 ans de Yakari (LE LOMBARD) au SDLPDe Tiphaine le 12/03/2014 à 13:05

Salon du Livre de Paris 21-23 mars 2014 - Porte de Versailles

Le dessinateur de Yakari honorera le Salon du Livre de Paris de sa présence sur le stand des éditions du Lombard.

URBAN COMICS invite Lee Bermejo au SDL de ParisDe Tiphaine le 12/03/2014 à 13:03

Salon du Livre de Paris 21-23 mars 2014 - Porte de Versailles

Lee Bermejo est l'auteur, chez Urban Comics, des albums :

Batman Noël (scénario et dessin):
Joker (dessin) :

et du tout récent Before Watchmen : Rorschach (dessin):

Liste Auteurs DARGAUD présents au Salon du Livre de ParisDe Tiphaine le 11/03/2014 à 17:05

Salon du Livre de Paris 21-23 mars 2014 - Porte de Versailles


Advance stream of NOCTURNAL BREED's new albumDe Tiphaine le 11/03/2014 à 00:27

Norwegian rock & roll thrashers NOCTURNAL BREED have teamed up with Metal Hammer UK to launch an advance stream of their new album "Napalm Nights" (out March 11th in Europe and April the 1st in North America). Including present and past members of Satyricon, Aeternus and Gehenna and featuring a guest appearance of Darkthrone's Nocturno Culto on vocals, the stream is available at:

While the album is being released as planned in Europe (March 11th), new North American release dates have been introduced: March 18th (iTunes and Amazon) and April 1st (all other stores).

"Napalm Nights" marks NOCTURNAL BREED’s triumphant return after a seven year silence. Recorded at Killer Studio (Norway) in 2012 and 2013, the fifth full-length album holds a mighty punch of epic old school thrash metal with a blackened rock and roll undercurrent.

Track list:
1 - The Devil Swept The Ruins
2 - Speedkrieg
3 - Cursed Beyond Recognition
4 - The Bitch of Buchenwald
5 - Napalm Nights
6 - Thrashiac
7 - Dawn Campaign... Flamethrower Ridge
8 - Under The whip
9 - Dragging The Priests
10 - Krigshisser

S. A. Destroyer - bass, vocals
Axeman I. Maztor - guitars
Tex Terror - drums, vocals
V. Fineideath - guitars
Nocturno Culto - guest vocals
E.A. Rattlehead - guest guitars

"Napalm Nights" will be available in digipack CD, limited double black vinyl in gatefold sleeves (with insert with lyrics and A2 poster), limited double military green vinyl (with insert with lyrics, A2 poster and laser-cut full color patch) and digitally. Pre-orders are available now via:

Follow the band at:

HAMMERCULT De Tiphaine le 09/03/2014 à 20:34

Israel's Neo-Thrasher HAMMERCULT release a new lyric video for the track "Into Hell" of their new album "Steelcrusher":

The new album "Steelcrusher" made quite a splash in the international metal community and a first series of shows in support of Napalm Death in April in addition to some festival appearances in summer are confirmed :

HAMMERCULT live 2014
10.04. D-Eisenach - Alter Schlachthof
11.04. F-Pontoise - Observatoire (with Napalm Death)
12.04. F-Creil - Grange a Musique (with Napalm Death)
13.04. F-Nantes - Ferrailleur (with Napalm Death)
14.04. F-Paris - Fleche d`Or (with Napalm Death)
15.04. F- Lyon - CCO (with Napalm Death)
16.04. F-Toulouse - Le Metronom (with Napalm Death)
17.04. F-Angouleme - La Nef (with Napalm Death)

18.04. B-Antwerp - Kavka
19.04. D-Siegen - Vortex
07.06. D-Reichenbach - Chronical Moshers Open Air
10.07. D-Ballenstedt - Rock Harz Open Air

EVENLINE De Xavier le 07/03/2014 à 01:11

CHECKMATEDe Xavier le 07/03/2014 à 01:10

QUINTESSENCE OF VERSALITYDe Xavier le 07/03/2014 à 01:06

GOTTHARD, nouveau clip vidéo avec Anita Buri !!!De Xavier le 01/03/2014 à 15:14

GOTTHARD, le n°1 des groupes de Rock en Suisse avec plusieurs millions d'albums vendus dans son pays d'origine, mais aussi en Allemagne et au Japon, sortira "Bang", sont nouvel album le 4 avril prochain.

Le clip video de "Feel What I Feel", premier single extrait de ce nouvel album, est disponible lien ici

On y retrouve Nic Maeder le chanteur du groupe, avec Anita Buri, une ex-Miss Suisse...

Doctor LivingstoneDe Xavier le 27/02/2014 à 08:11

DOCTOR LIVINGSTONE's official video for "Le."

DOCTOR LIVINGSTONE "Contemptus Saeculi"
Overstage Imperator Productions 21014

ENTHRONED premiere new song "Of Feathers And Flames"De Xavier le 25/02/2014 à 08:08

Belgian black metal masters ENTHRONED premiere a brand new song entitled "Of Feathers And Flames". It is the first song to be revealed from ENTHRONED's upcoming 10th album, "Sovereigns". The track is available in the form of a video featuring album formats at: 

The follow up to the critically acclaimed "Obsidium" (2012) is scheduled for a worldwide April 15th release via Agonia Records. "Sovereigns" drifts from sonic blast beats to oppressive slower parts, melds together aggressive shredding with forceful riffs, and blends satanic whispers with Nornagest's trademark vocals. On the whole, band's 10th album feels coherent and offers first-rate black metal. The album introduces a new drummer, Menthor, in the place of Garghuf and a new rhythm guitarist ZarZax.

"Sovereigns" was recorded and mixed in ENTHRONED’s own studio, Blackout Multimedia. The album will be available in: digipack CD, black vinyl, bone-white vinyl with green splatter limited to 100 hand numbered copies and exclusive BOX CD limited to 333 hand numbered copies (including: the new album released in exclusive jewelcase edition, embroidered patch (8cmx10cm), flag (42cmx59.4cm) and a lighter with band's logo).

Track list:
1. Anteloquium
2. Sine Qua Non
3. Of Feathers and Flames
4. Lamp of Invisible Lights
5. Of Shrines and Sovereigns
6. The Edge of Agony
7. Divine Coagulation
8. Baal al-Maut
9. Nerxiarxin Mahathallah

Nornagest - lead vocals & lead guitars
Phorgath - bass
Neraath - lead guitars
Menthor - drums
ZarZax - rhythm guitar

Follow the band at:

DELAINDe Xavier le 25/02/2014 à 07:46

DELAIN - "The Human Contradiction"
Sortie le 07 Avril 2014
Napalm Rec/Soundworks

1. Here Come The Vultures
2. Your Body Is A Battleground
3. Stardust
4. My Masquerade - vidéo live de ce titre ici !
5. Tell Me, Mechanist
6. Sing To Me
7. Army Of Dolls
8. Lullaby
9. The Tragedy Of The Commons

En tournée avec Within Temptation !

22.04.14 FR – Toulouse / Le Phare
24.04.14 FR – Lyon / Radiant
25.04.14 FR – Paris / Zenith
27.04.14 FR – Nantes / Zenith
28.04.14 FR – Lille / L'Aéronef

Avec ce 4ème album sur un nouveau label (Napalm Records), DELAIN ne séduira pas uniquement les fans de Symphonic Metal mais également les amateurs de refrains puissants, mélodiques et de métal moderne.
Les membres de DELAIN ont une nouvelle élevé le genre vers des horizons qu'on ne pensait pas atteindre dans ce style de métal

Membres du groupe
Charlotte Wessels, Martijn Westerholt, Sander Zoer, Otto Schimmelpenninck van der Oije,Timo Somers.

Liens :

KATATONIADe Xavier le 24/02/2014 à 22:24


It has been some time coming but guitarist Per ‘Sodomizer’ Eriksson and Katatonia have now mutually agreed to part ways. Per joined the band in 2010 as a live session player and after some substantial touring quickly became a steady fixture being heavily involved in the recording of Katatonia’s 2012 critically acclaimed studio album ‘Dead End Kings’.

A difference in views on the band’s current operative as well as last year’s decision from Per to permanently live in Barcelona have made his involvement in the band too problematic, both for him and for the remaining band members. They part ways as good friends and on a related note, his position within the death metal “super-group” Bloodbath remains unchanged and he will soon join his fellow band members in the studio to record their 4th album to be released on Peaceville records this fall.

Katatonia’s upcoming ‘Dethroned & Uncrowned’ Tour will go ahead as scheduled and will see none other than Bruce Soord (The Pineapple Thief, Wisdom of Crowds) as a special guest taking on guitar and vocal duties.


May 8 BE – Biebob, Vosselaar
May 9 NL – P60, Amstelveen
May 10 DE – Christuskirche, Bochum
May 11 DE – Freiheiz, Munchen
May 12 DE – Passionkirche, Berlin
May 13 CH – Schuur, Lucerne
May 14 CH – Les Docks, Lausanne
May 15 FR – Divan du Monde, Paris
May 16 UK – Union Chapel, London
May 17 UK – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

Altsphere Production De Xavier le 24/02/2014 à 22:13


La boutique en ligne d'Altsphere Production vous propose toujours plus de CDs et vinyles dans tous les sous-genres de métal existants.

Plus de 250 CDs en promotions ! Jusqu'à -60% !
Un bon nombre de CDs à moins de 5€ !

Dépêchez-vous !

Visitez la boutique en ligne ou la page des promotions

N'hésitez pas à nous contacter par email pour économiser sur les frais de pots !
(CDs envoyés sans boîtier ou autre solution pour les vinyles)

Nous sommes maudits

Suite aux derniers mauvais coups encaissés par Altsphere Production, le label a décidé de revenir à un système de distribution Do It Yourself et underground avec un rapport plus direct avec vous tous.

C'est pourquoi, en ce qui concerne le téléchargement, vous ne trouverez plus aucun album sur iTunes, Deezer ou autre mais que vous pouvez retrouver toutes nos productions sur la toute nouvelle plateforme bandcamp du label.

Pour lire l'article : lien ici

ARCANIA/ 2ème extrait de leur nouvel album / "Dreams are dead"De Xavier le 24/02/2014 à 22:09

Dwail De Xavier le 23/02/2014 à 22:38

Dwail prépare l'arrivée de son deuxième album sur le label Klonosphere en lançant une campagne de crowdfunding!

vidéo de présentation :


Et le lien du projet :

EKTOMORF: „Retribution“ track-by-track part 1!De Xavier le 23/02/2014 à 22:25

EKTOMORF frontman Zoli has compiled a nice „track-by-track“ breakdown about the songs on the band’s new album „Retribution”. Part 1 is available now (link here), part 2 and 3 will be made available on EKTOMORF’s Youtube channel within the next few weeks (link here).

ELVENKING: “The Pagan Manifesto” to be released in May / first teaser!De Xavier le 23/02/2014 à 22:09

„The Pagan Manifesto“ will be the title of Italian folk power metallers ELVENKING’s new album which is scheduled for release on May 9th.
A first teaser can be found on Youtube : link here

IRON SAVIOR: album trailer online!De Xavier le 23/02/2014 à 22:04

February 28th is a day that power metal fans should mark in their calenders: Hamburg’s IRON SAVIOR release their new album”Rise Of The Hero”, which will be available as CD, ltd. Digipak and ltd. Vinyl (250 units black, 250 blue).
Check out the „Rise Of The Hero“ album trailer here.

VANISHING POINT: “When Truth Lies” video clip availableDe Xavier le 23/02/2014 à 22:01

Along with the release of new album „Distant Is The Sun“, Australian melodic metallers VANISHING POINT present their video clip “When Truth Lies”.

NOUVEAU CLIP DE DAGOBADe Xavier le 20/02/2014 à 13:07

Après une tournée américaine aux côtés des japonais DIR EN GREY, et une date à Paris, au Bataclan, le 12 février, en compagnie des groupes ABORTED, GOROD et HACRIDE, DAGOBA dévoile le clip de son deuxième single Yes We Die, extrait de leur nouvel album Post Mortem Nihil Est


01/03/2014 Dagoba Septi’f Rock Festival - Treize-Septiers (85)

14/03/2014 Dagoba Le Silex - Auxerre (89)

15/03/2014 Dagoba Le Silo - Verneuil sur Avre (27)

11/04/2014 Dagoba Betizfest - Cambrai (59)

12/04/2014 Dagoba Canal 93 - Bobigny (93)

21/06/2014 Dagoba Hellfest - Clisson (44)

19/09/2014 Dagoba CCO - Villeurbanne (69)

VIDEO CLIP pour SNA-FU !De Xavier le 19/02/2014 à 19:46

Nous avons le plaisir de partager avec vous le nouveau clip de SNA-FU Grand Desordre Orchestre " Catrina " extrait du nouvel album Knives & Bells .

H.E.A.T. découvrez leur nouveau clip en avant-première ! Nouvel album en avrilDe Xavier le 18/02/2014 à 00:00

H.E.A.T. est de (très) loin le meilleur groupe de hard rock "live" que l'Europe ait connu depuis longtemps ! A l'automne dernier leurs prestations au FiresFest à Nothingham puis aux Rockalies en France ont tout simplement mis "tout le monde" par terre... Rarement mélodie avait rimé avec autant d'énergie !

Irrésistible sur scène, H.E.A.T. l'est maintenant sur disque comme le prouve "Tearing Down the Walls" son 4ème album qui sortira le 14 avril sur EarMusic / Edel (distribution Verycords / Warner en France)

PSYCHOPUNCH release "Smakk Valley" shortfilm on SPVs youtubeDe Xavier le 13/02/2014 à 07:57

Swedish straight forward Rock n Rollers PSYCHOPUNCH are releasing a short film on SPV's YouTube channel today.
This clip contains 3 songs / videos from their current album "Smakk Valley" and it was directed by Andreas Ekvall.

The "Smakk Valley" shortfilm can be found here:

Psychopunch guitarist and singer JM comments: "When we got the chance to make 3 videos at the same time for our new album “Smakk Valley”,
I got the idea that each video should end like an episode so that the next one could take over. Like a story. Then Jocke came up with the brilliant idea that
we should add stuff in between to make it like a real movie/film. So,said and done..ideas were tossed back and forth..what to add and what should be in it.

Intro…outro…text…characters etc etc..

A lot of the inspiration came from the movie “Sin city”.

It was real easy to work with the director, Andreas Ekvall. He loved the idea we had and came up with most of the ideas to the story. We were lucky to get hold of Andreas.

It was one of Jockes friends who already made a video with Andreas who told us to get in touch him. That was a good move!

So here it is, “Smakk Valley” the movie!"

Tankred : extrait du prochain albumDe Xavier le 08/02/2014 à 12:45

Vous pouvez écouter le titre "Je Cours"

Titre en exclu avant la sortie de l'album !
Mixage : Fabien Guilloteau // NomadAudio

POP EVIL signe avec Eleven Seven Music ! Bientôt en concert à Paris !De Xavier le 08/02/2014 à 11:20


Encore quasiment inconnu dans nos contrées, POP EVIL n'en reste pas moins l'une de valeurs montantes de la scène rock US. En effet, outre Atlantique, le groupe a déjà commencé à bâtir une très sérieuse carrière : deux singles n°1 dans les charts « rock », 6 singles top 10 et 850 000 single vendus en digital.

Ils ont également déjà donné plus de 1000 concerts et partagé l’affiche avec des noms tels que Five Finger Death Punch, Stone Sour, Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, Theory of a Deadman, Judas Priest, Black Label Society ou Black Stone Cherry.

En mars prochain, POP EVIL entamera sa conquête du Vieux-continent en assurant la 1ère partie de la tournée européenne de Five Finger Death Punch.

Le 17 mars, "Trenches", leur nouveau single - produit par Johnny K (Disturbed, 3 Doors Down, Megadeth) - sera disponible en France, en avant-première d’une édition spéciale de l’album ‘Onyx’ prévue pour quelques semaines plus tard...

À suivre...

A voir en concert avec


le 26 mars à Paris, au Bataclan

ORDER OF ISAZ premiere new song!De Xavier le 02/02/2014 à 12:40

Gothic Metal act ORDER OF ISAZ' just premiered a new song! Entitled "UmbraSombra", the track is exclusively premiered on Rock Hard Italy. "UmbraSombra" will appear on the Swedes' forthcoming debut full-length 'Seven Years of Famine', an album scheduled for a March 14th release.

ORDER OF ISAZ is led by bassist Johnny Hagel (of TIAMAT fame) and fronted by former NECROPHOBIC vocalist Tobias Sidegård.

'Seven Years of Famine' is available for pre-order on the Season of Mist e-shop.

1. The Coalesce
2. The Blackened Flame
3. Screeching Owl
4. Dancing Shadows
5. Drowning
6. Umbra Sombra
7. Father Death
8. Spirit (Dead Can Dance cover)
9. The Dying Star

Johnny Hagel: bass
Tobias Sidegård: vocals & guitar
Anders Bentell: drums
Magnus Naess: guitar

Some albums have a harder time than others. There are always new obstacles springing up out of nowhere and one worse than the other, just when everything seems ready. ORDER OF ISAZ know this tale all too well and state that their new album was "recorded over 7 Years of Famine at House of Voodoo Studio" by drummer Anders Bentell, which partly explains the title. Yet the Swedes never gave up. ORDER OF ISAZ was founded in Stockholm during the year 2009 and immediately released a self-titled EP to major critical acclaim, which was followed by a long period of silence. Former TIAMAT bassist Johnny Hagel has left a deep mark on the sound of his brainchild. Listening to ORDER OF ISAZ, one cannot help but notice that he helped creating Gothic Metal masterpieces such as "Wildhoney" (1994) and the "Gaia" EP (1995). Yet there is also a strong undercurrent of Gothic Rock waiting to be unveiled in "Seven Years of Famine" as well as obvious classic influences from the likes of THE SISTERS OF MERCY and FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM. ORDER OF ISAZ melt all this dark musical gold down in the crucible of Swedish melodic mastership and cast it into new exciting shapes with the aid of buzzing guitars and the outstanding vocal range of former NECROPHOBIC frontman Tobias Sidegård. For all those that long for the beautifully sinister days of Gothic Metal glory, "Seven Years of Famine" is the record that will bring them back. And nothing will stop this now!

Greek Metal Gods SEPTICFLESH Complete Recording New Album!De Xavier le 02/02/2014 à 12:34

Riding high from the success of their critically acclaimed album ‘The Great Mass’ and the recent reissues of their first four albums, Hellenic metallers SEPTICFLESH have completed the recordings of their upcoming full length, which title is yet to be unveiled. The new album will consist of 10 songs that were recorded once again at Devasoundz Studios in Athens, Greece and in Prague, Czech Republic with the collaboration of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir. It was mixed and mastered in Los Angeles by acclaimed producer Logan Mader (CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, FEAR FACTORY, GOJIRA).

“We are really exhausted from the work on this record, but also very proud of the results”, the band comment. “We worked very hard with Logan to bring you the ultimate death metal soundtrack for your darkest dreams. The compositions are progressive with a lot of emotional peaks, while at the same time the songs sound very aggressive and powerful. We also had the chance to work for the first time with a full children choir beside the regular adult choir, and that helped us dive deeper into darker cinematic atmospheres. We have achieved a new level of extreme emotions.”

The album will be released this summer. In the meantime, you will find news about SEPTICFLESH on the band's and Season of Mist's Facebook pages.

AXEL RUDI PELL "Into The Storm" first week chart entries released!De Xavier le 02/02/2014 à 12:22

The new album "Into The Storm" of german guitar wizard AXEL RUDI PELL entered the charts in several european countries:

Germany: # 5
Switzerland: # 9
Austria: # 40
Finland: # 44

In Germany and Switzerland it`s the highest chart entry ever in his 25 years solo career.

On February 07th AXEL RUDI PELL will start the first leg of the "Into The Storm"-Tour:

"Into The Storm"-Tour 2014 Part 1
special guests: REBELLIOUS SPIRIT

07.02. D-Hannover - Capitol
08.02. NL-Weert - De Bosuil
09.02. GB-London - The Garage
11.02. D-Nürnberg - Löwensaal
12.02. CH-Pratteln - Z7
14.02. D-Memmingen - Kaminwerk
15.02. D-Erfurt - HsD
16.02. D-Hamburg - Markthalle
18.02. D-Langen - Neue Stadthalle
19.02. D-Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik
20.02. D-Bochum - Zeche (sold out)
21.02. D-Bochum - Zeche (sold out)

MEKONG DELTA reveal first infos about new studio album!De Xavier le 02/02/2014 à 12:10


Ambitious album scheduled for release in April 2014

For almost thirty years, Mekong Delta have enjoyed an excellent reputation as an independent and exceptionally creative band in the world of progressive metal sounds. Albums such as The Music Of Eric Zann (1988) and Pictures At An Exhibition (1997) are considered classics of their kind. With their blend of prog metal, classical elements and thrash, the musicians are considered pioneers of a stylistic mix which has been emulated by a considerable number of epigones. Now the German quartet is set to unleash its latest recording: In A Mirror Darkly will be out on 28 April 2014 (Germany: 25 April 2014; US: 29 April 2014).

Martin LeMar (vocals), Ralf Hubert (bass), Erik Adam H. Grösch (guitar) and Alex Landenburg (drums) have recorded a total of eight songs for In A Mirror Darkly, among them three instrumental numbers like the ingenious ‘Inside The Outside Of The Inside’ with its diverse arrangements. “Typically Mekong Delta, the new numbers all have a playing time of between five and seven minutes. As far as I am concerned, that’s just the right time frame to gain sufficient stylistic depth without pushing the envelope or creating artistic ambiguities,” band founder Ralf Hubert explains the initial parameters of the new album. “I feel that we’ve once again found the right mix of complexity and uninterrupted leitmotiv.”

Mekong Delta recorded their latest oeuvre at the band members’ respective studios. In A Mirror Darkly was produced by Ralf Hubert, the spectacular cover artwork is expected to be borrowed from an animation created for the album. Hubert: “Thematically, the new recording will pick up where our 2010 release Wanderer On The Edge Of Time left off, although the new material is more loosely connected and only occasionally linked by little interludes.” Definitely something to look forward to!

HIRAX confirm "The Metal Apocalypse Tour 2014"!De Xavier le 02/02/2014 à 12:05

Legendary Thrash Metal Act HIRAX confirm "The Metal Apocalypse Tour 2014" together with Bonded By Blood, Nuclear and Methedras.

24.04. E-Zaragoza - Utopia
25.04. E-Gijon - Otto
26.04. PT-Barroselas - SWR Barroselas Metalfest
27.04. E-Madrid - We Rock
28.04. E-Valencia - Lala
29.04. E-Barcelona - Estaperlo Club
30.04. F-Toulouse - Terre Blanque
04.05. I-Brescia - Circolo Colony
05.05. I-Rome - Traffic Club
06.05. I-Bologna - Freakout
07.05. SLO-Skofja Loka - Pri Rdeci Ostrigi
08.05. A-Vienna - Metal Escape
09.05. D-Cottbus - Gladhouse
10.05. D-Essen Turock
11.05. D-Darmstadt - Steinbruch Theater
12.05. CZ-Brno - Melodka Club
13.05. D-Hamburg - Bambi Galore
15.05. NL-Arnhem - Willemeen @ The Move
16.05. NL-Drachten - Iduna
17.05. B-Luffinge - Huggins Awakening Fest

(more dates will be announced soon)


The new album Immortal Legacy will be released in Germany on 21 February, in Europe on 24 February and in the US/Canada on 4 March through SPV/Steamhammer as CD, gatefold coloured LP and download.

THE INTERSPHERE Present New Album Cover and European tourdatesDe Xavier le 02/02/2014 à 12:02

"Relations In The Unseen" will be released on March 7th in G.A.S., March 10th in UK/Europe and March 18th in N. America

Almost two years after the suprising German chart success of "Hold On, Liberty!", The Intersphere return with a brand new studio album, entitled "Relations in the Unseen". And instead of relying on formulas or formats, the band have relied completely on their hands an hearts. That being said, The Intersphere are pushing the boundaries of rock music towards new horizons with a pace and precision seldom found in German bands in the last few years. Under the production acumen of Singer/Guitarist Christoph Hessler and co-producer/mixer Moritz Enders (whose credits include German indie powerhouses Casper, Kraftklub and Madsen), this fourth release in The Intersphere discography was recorded together with Wolfgang Manns at Toolhouse Studios.

Today the band presents their new album cover and a bunch of UK tourdates supporting I AM GIANT!
"Relations in the Unseen" will be available as CD, 2LP (180g, incl. CD), iTunes Bonus Version (incl. 2 Bonus Tracks) and Standard Download.

THE INTERSPHERE "Relations In The Unseen" Release-Tour
presented by Visions,,, Slam, Eclipsed, Guitar, Drumheads &

06.03. GER, Stuttgart - Universum /w I Am Giant
07.03. GER, Aschaffenburg - Colossaal /w I Am Giant
08.03. GER, Ludwigshafen - Das Haus /w I Am Giant
09.03. GER, Köln - Luxor /w I Am Giant
10.03. GER, Hamburg - Knust /w I Am Giant
11.03. GER, Berlin - Comet /w I Am Giant
12.03. GER, Osnabrück - Kleine Freiheit /w I Am Giant
14.03. NL, Maastricht - Muziekgieterij
19.03. UK, Sheffield, Corporation /w I Am Giant
20.03. UK, Southampton, Joiners /w I Am Giant
21.03. UK, Newquay, Braefel /w I Am Giant
22.03. UK, Norwich, Waterfront Studio /w I Am Giant
24.03. UK, London, 100 Club /w I Am Giant
09.04. GER, Oberhausen - Zentrum Altenberg
10.04. GER, Nürnberg - MUZ
11.04. GER, Saarbrücken - Garage
14.-17.07. GER, Cuxhaven - Deichbrand Festival
07.-10.08. GER, Eschwege - Open Flair Festival
22.-23.08. CH, Gränichen - Openair Gränichen

A peek into the new material via the title track "Relations In The Unseen" is available as a Free Download.
Free Download Link:

"'Relations In The Unseen' is not a concept album, but there is definitely a purveying train of thought overall. We all communicate, not only directly, but also indirectly through gestures, body language, thoughts and connections that are unconcious at first," says Christoph Hessler. Lyrically, the album concentrates on these unconcious things that influence our feelings, thoughts and reactions. Every day we're offered countless examples of this - invisible, unknown - over distances, times and dimensions. With "Relations In The Unseen" The Intersphere have succeeded at a return to self - and to the really important things in music.

A studio video for "Relations in the Unseen" can be streamed here:

More information under:

HOLY MOSES reveal first infos about new studio album!De Xavier le 01/02/2014 à 18:48

German thrash metal legend to unleash new studio album

Redefined Mayhem scheduled for release in April 2014

Two years ago, 30th Anniversary – In The Power Of Now saw Holy Moses close a chapter of their band history; now they are setting the course for the future: Germany’s most eminent thrash metal act are about to launch their latest studio recording, Redefined Mayhem, on 28 April 2014 (Germany: 25 April 2014; US: 29 April 2014). The current line-up consisting of vocalist Sabina Classen, guitarist Peter Geltat, bassist Thomas Neitsch and drummer Gerd Lücking is ready to face new challenges in a permanently evolving metal genre. “This is Holy Moses mark 2014, and Redefined Mayhem defines a new chapter of our band history, proving also to our numerous young fans that we are one hundred per cent in the here and now,” explains Sabina Classen, adding: “We had to redefine ourselves as a band and gel as a team. There were people who voiced their doubts that it would work. But the new songs prove beyond all doubt that Holy Moses continue to be a force to be reckoned with.”

Last autumn, Holy Moses recorded a total of 13 new tracks at Sabina Classen and Thomas Neitsch’s own studio (Neitsch also producing the album); Redefined Mayhem was mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Dark Tranquility, Extol) in Denmark. Classen: “From the beginning, Tue really wanted to work with Holy Moses, he told us that our songs had provided the musical accompaniment to his adolescence and that he’d be proud to mix our new record.”

Holy Moses’ fans can expect a contemporary thrash metal offering which reflects the band members’ influence while skilfully forging an arch to the group’s successful past with classics such as Finished With The Dogs (1987) and The New Machine Of Liechtenstein (1989). Classen: “It’s still first-rate thrash metal, fast-paced and powerful, chaotic at times but with a modern touch and amazingly multi-faceted guitars and drums.”

HOLY MOSES live 2014

05.04. D-Otterbach - Pälzer Hell
24.04. E-Madrid - Sala Charada
25.04. E-Donosti - Sala Tunk
26.04. E-Zaragoza - Sala Explosivo
27.04. E-Valencia - Sala Agora
07.06. D-Hauptmannsgrün - Chronical Moshers Open Air

EKTOMORF: „Numb And Sick“ video clip released!De Xavier le 01/02/2014 à 18:47

Hungarian neo thrashers EKTOMORF were joined by Ill Niño’s Cristian Machado for guest vocals on their new track „Numb And Sick“. Cristian also took part in the filming of the „Numb And Sick“ video clip.
EKTOMORF’s new album “Retribution” will be released on January 31st (EU), March 4th (US).

KISSIN‘ DYNAMITE announce album title and tour dates!De Xavier le 01/02/2014 à 18:37

Young German rockers KISSIN‘ DYNAMITE have revealed the title of their upcoming new album, which will be released this Summer: „Megalomania“.
Also the first bunch of tour dates have been announced.

MAGNUM reveal tracklisting for upcoming album and more!De Xavier le 26/01/2014 à 15:01

Not only musicians and freelance artists know this phenomenon: it’s impossible to deliver top creative performances at the push of a button. You need peace, leisure, and – most of all – a certain amount of serenity to create truly great works of art. “We used to be under permanent pressure from our record companies,” says Magnum mastermind Tony Clarkin. “They kept calling us, demanding hit singles and radio numbers. But that sort of thing doesn’t work on demand. Now we’re with SPV, where it’s a totally different situation. They give us the necessary time and trust us to do the right thing. That’s probably the reason why I enjoy working with Magnum again."

Clarkin’s regained joy in his band is omnipresent on the latest Magnum offering, Escape >From The Shadow Garden. Just like his simple yet logical work ethos: “I simply told myself: you’re a passable guitarist, so you should play the guitar. As the band’s guitarist and producer, I have all the freedom I need to create exactly what I feel like creating.” The result of his latest burst of creativity consists of eleven wonderfully melodic rock songs which blend all the typical Magnum ingredients, sounding in a fascinating way both timeless and classic. “This band has certain unmistakable trademarks,” Clarkin explains. “Among them are my feel for melodies and Bob’s unique vocal style."

Only a month after the release of its predecessor, On The 13th Day, Clarkin started with the preparations for Escape >From The Shadow Garden – as always an exciting phase in his life. “Before you haven’t recorded and mixed every single note, you never really know whether you’ll be happy with the result. When I heard the final version of the eleven new songs with their different stories and diverse arrangements, I knew it had turned into an impressive and complete album. Together with the great cover artwork designed by Rodney Matthews (Asia, Nazareth, Eloy), this is a release which forges an arch to the early days of Magnum’s career. And that’s wonderful! I was really happy when my friend Jimmy Lea of Slade came to visit me at the studio again and said: ‘You’ve done it again?’ It doesn’t matter whether by sheer luck or hard work – life could have gone a totally differently way.”

‘Escape From The Shadow Garden’ will be release on Steamhammer / SPV on March 19th in Scandinavia, March 21st in Germany, March 24th in Europe and March 25th in the US/Canada.

‘Escape From The Shadow Garden’ will be available as a limited digipak edition with bonus DVD, as a double gatefold coloured vinyl LP set incl. bonus track, standard jewel case CD and download.


Digipak Version
1. Live ‘Til You Die
2. Unwritten Sacrifice
3. Falling For The Big Plan
4. Crying In The Rain
5. Too Many Clowns
6. Midnight Angel
7. The Art Of Compromise
8. Don’t Fall Asleep
9. Wisdom’s Had Its Day
10. Burning River
11. The Valley Of Tears

Bonus Features
Recorded Over Six Nights In Europe Live Footage
(Black Skies - Freedom Day - All My Bridges - On A Storyteller’s Night)

Extras (On tour Footage)
(Too Many Clowns - Dance Of The Black Tattoo)

Jewel case Version
1. Live ‘Til You Die
2. Unwritten Sacrifice
3. Falling For The Big Plan
4. Crying In The Rain
5. Too Many Clowns
6. Midnight Angel
7. The Art Of Compromise
8. Don’t Fall Asleep
9. Wisdom’s Had Its Day
10. Burning River
11. The Valley Of Tears

LP Version

LP 1 Side One
1. Live ‘Til You Die
2. Unwritten Sacrifice
3. Falling For The Big Plan

LP 1 Side Two
1. Crying In The Rain
2. Too Many Clowns
3. Midnight Angel

LP 2 Side One
1. The Art Of Compromise
2. Don’t Fall Asleep
3. Wisdom’s Had Its Day

LP 2 Side Two
10. Burning River
11. The Valley Of Tears
12. Dance Of The Black Tattoo (live) – bonus track
The cover is once again created by famous fantasy artist Rodney Matthews (Asia, Nazareth, Eloy).

Line Up:
Tony Clarkin - guitars
Bob Catley - vocals
Mark Stanway - keyboards
Al Barrow - bass
Harry James - drums

ARCANIA / Teaser du nouvel album " DREAMS ARE DEAD"De Xavier le 26/01/2014 à 13:12

voici le lien du teaser pour l'album "DREAMS ARE DEAD" de ARCANIA qui sortira en avril chez great dane records.

au passage toujours le lien vers le clip

2 Teasers LoudblastDe Xavier le 26/01/2014 à 13:09

"Drums sessions" 2014 teaser #1

"Bass sessions" 2014 teaser #2

KLOGR, avant-première mondiale sur UNITED ROCK NATIONSDe Xavier le 26/01/2014 à 13:00

Vendredi 31 janvier, écoutez en avant-première mondiale « Draw Closer »
le nouveau single du groupe Italien KLOGR dans l’émission radio
UNITED ROCK NATIONS, diffusée de 20h à 22h sur !

C’est le 4 février que le groupe Italien de Métal Alternatif KLOGR publiera « Draw Closer », le premier single / clip video extrait de son deuxième et nouvel album « Black Snow » à paraître le 11 mars 2014 sur Zeta Factory (distribution Bertus / Believe).

Après un premier album (« Till You Decay ») et un EP (« Till You Turn ») acclamés par la critique, KLOGR revient avec des nouveaux titres puissants. Le single « Draw Closer » décrit l’hypocrisie de l’être humain qui a contaminé son propre habitat, en cachant les preuves de ce qu’il a détruit.

Le clip vidéo disponible le 4 février sur a été réalisé par Flush Design.

HOLY CROSS/ Vidéo Live au FIL de St EtienneDe Xavier le 26/01/2014 à 12:57

Nuclear Blast News De Xavier le 26/01/2014 à 12:46

INDICA : New record »Shine« out now!
TUOMAS HOLOPAINEN's solo album: details revealed!
BEHEMOTH : Unveils new video: the making of »The Satanist« part 3!
SONATA ARCTICA : Second Studio Trailer of »Pariah's Child« released!
GRAND MAGUS : New "Triumph & Power" trailer online!
CARNIFEX : Post first »Die Without Hope« studio vlog!
LOST SOCIETY : Unveil cover art for "Terror Hungry"!
MAYAN : Release new album song commentary, part 2!
CHROME DIVISION : Lyric video for 'You're Dead Now' posted!
FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE : Release trailer for upcoming video for 'Pathfinder'!
THE DEFILED : Release new video, kick off UK headline tour!
IMMOLATION : Kicking off European tour this week!
pour tout lire et regarder: lien news ici

VANISHING POINT: “Distant Is The Sun” album trailer available!De Xavier le 26/01/2014 à 12:40

Australian melodic metal masters VANISHING POINT will release their new album “Distant Is The Sun” on February 21st. More than six years after the previous release, “The Fourth Season”, the band strikes again with their unique blend of power, prog & AOR. Check out the album trailer to get a first impression.

HELSTAR: „This Wicked Nest” to be released on April 25th!De Xavier le 26/01/2014 à 12:38

Texas-based metal legend HELSTAR returns with the brand new studio album “This Wicked Nest” on April 25th. The band, fronted by vocalist James Rivera, has now unveiled the album’s front cover. “This Wicked Nest” will be available as CD and limited edition Vinyl.

Steel Panther : 2 clips extraits du prochain albumDe Xavier le 26/01/2014 à 12:28

Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World

The Burden of Beign Wonderfull

Le 10 mars à Toulouse / Bikini
Le 11 mars à Paris / Bataclan


The track listing for All You Can Eat is:

1. Pussywhipped
2. Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World
3. Gloryhole
4. Bukkake Tears
5. Gangbang At The Old Folks Home
6. Ten Strikes You’re Out
7. The Burden Of Being Wonderful
8. F@#king My Heart In The Ass
9. BVS
10. You’re Beautiful When You Don’t Talk
11. If I Was The King
12. She’s On The Rag



Release Date: February 28, 2014

The highly acclaimed concert Blutengel played with a symphony orchestra in front of a sold-out "Neues Gewandhaus Leipzig" at the first Gothic Meets Klassik Festival seemed like a revelation to all people involved. Carefully rearranged and carried by the massive sound of a full orchestra, the Berlin-based group’s songs unfolded a completely new dimension of impact that left no one cold and had even long-time fans discover the music from a brand-new perspective. Band-mastermind and singer Chris Pohl and second vocalist Ulrike Goldmann were so mesmerized by the experience that they decided it would be a waste to let this project just be a one-time event. At the end of 2013, they had the songs rearranged and organized a tour featuring a carefully toned down version of the experience with a chamber ensemble. As a logical next step, the band now presents the full symphonic experience as a gigantic studio production that reproduces the sound of a full orchestra in a crystal-clear audio experience on the new album “Black Symphonies.” The 12 songs on the album span an exquisite selection of the finest Blutengel-classics and hits, complemented by the epic new song “Krieger.” The album will also be released as a deluxe version featuring a bonus live DVD containing the best moments from the legendary show with the symphony orchestra of Zielona Gora at the "Neues Gewandhaus Leipzig", which started it all. For real diehard fans, “Black Symphonies” is also released as a deluxe set in a lavish black wooden box with gold print which contains the deluxe CD/DVD version of the album, plus the exclusive CD-single “Krieger”, an exclusive “Black Symphonies” T-shirt/girlie shirt and a “Black Symphonies” candle cover starter set with a red candle. As a special exclusive collector’s item, the box also contains a hand numbered replica page from the original score for “Reich mir die Hand”, hand-signed by Chris Pohl and Ulrike Goldmann. “Black Symphonies” is the irresistible opportunity to discover the world’s most successful Gothic-Pop band from a completely new perspective. From intense cinematic grandeur to the intimate, quiet moments …prepare to be captivated by this amazing sonic experience!

Track List CD:
1. Legend / Nachtbringer (Symphonic Version)
2. Krieger (Symphonic Version)
3. Soultaker (Symphonic Version)
4. Über den Horizont (Symphonic Version)
5. Deine Welt (Symphonic Version)
6. Behind The Mirror (Symphonic Version)
7. Kinder dieser Stadt (Symphonic Version)
8. Reich mir die Hand (Symphonic Version)
9. Die Zeit (Symphonic Version)
10. Seelenschmerz (Symphonic Version)
11. You Walk Away (Symphonic Version)
12. Monument (Symphonic Version)

Track List DVD: (Box Set and Deluxe Version)
Live from "Neues Gewandhaus Leipzig"
1. Soultaker
2. Ein Augenblick
3. Die With You
4. Reich mir die Hand

Track List “Krieger” CDS: (Box Set only)
1. Krieger
2. Krieger Lord Of The Lost Version feat. Chris Harms
3. Grey City


hier bestellen / order here

Inhalt / Content:
- Black Symphonies" Deluxe DigiCD/DVD
- "Krieger" CD-Single (exclusive)
- "Black Symphonies" T-Shirt (exclusive)
- "Black Symphonies" CandleCover + Kerze /+ Candle
- handnummeriertes Echtheits Zertifikat & handsigniert von Chris und Uli / hand numbered Ownership Certificate & hand-signed by Chris and Uli

hier bestellen / order here

Inhalt / Content:
- Black Symphonies" Deluxe DigiCD/DVD
- "Krieger" CD-Single (exclusive)
- "Black Symphonies" Girlie (exclusive)
- "Black Symphonies" CandleCover + Kerze /+ Candle
- handnummeriertes EchtheitsZertifikat & handsigniert von Chris und Uli / hand numbered Ownership Certificate & hand-signed by Chris and Uli

Mylidian - Seven LordsDe Xavier le 26/01/2014 à 11:44

AFM Records NewsletterDe Xavier le 26/01/2014 à 11:43

AFM Records to release extensive anniversary edition of CLAWFINGER classic album!

20 years after its original release, preparations started for the ultimate anniversary edition of CLAWFINGER’s classic album “Deaf Dumb Blind”, one of the most important crossover albums of the 1990’s. “Deaf Dumb Blind” was turned into “Deafer Dumber Blinder” (which can be taken as a promise considering content of the extensive re-issue):

CD 1: Original Album „Deaf Dumb Blind“
CD 2: „The Best Of B-Sides“ (17 Tracks)
CD 3: „The Best Of Demos“ (20 Tracks)
DVD „Live In Woodstock“ + Documentary, MTV Specials & more!

“Deafer Dumber Blinder” will be released on March 7th.

The band comments:

Baard Torstensen:
“None of us would have thought in the early Nineties that we ould live our dream for almost two decades, travel the world and play for millions of people on three continents (europe, america, asia). Our anniversary box DEAFER DUMBER BLINDER reflects pretty much what Clawfinger is all about. Enjoy the unreleased demotracks from early days up 'till 2005, a bunch of good B-sides, the classics from DEAF DUMB BLIND, and have fun with a live DVD from Woodstock Festival Poland where we played in front of more than 100‘000 people back in 2009. This DVD also contains bonus material. (2 scandinavian documentaries, festival clips, MTV Most Wanted).”

Zak Tell:
“Deafer, Bumber, Blinder”, the last and the tastiest piece of chocolate in the box is coming your way. It’s a treat so sweet you just can’t resist it. Demos, B-sides, Live footage, photos, the story of Clawfingers humble beginning and more. This sucker comes with material no one has ever seen or heard before and it will be in stores shortly so be sure to keep your ears and eyes open and scream your heart out when it arrives. The kings are dead, long live the kings.”

Jocke Skog
“We’ve gone through a lot of stuff to make this a box worth owning. It’s a tad late for an anniversary box since we released the first one back in 1993, but in this era where everything is online, it doesn’t matter that much. Enjoy! I know I will.”

WORDS OF FAREWELL: lyric video “Beauty In Passing” available!
Another teaser for the highly-anticipated second album of German melodic prog/deathers WORDS OF FARWEWELL comes in shape of a lyric video for the song „Beauty In Passing“. Watch out for the release of “The Black Wild Yonder” on February 28th (Europe), March 4th (US).

STREAM THE NEW KAMPFAR ALBUM NOW!De Xavier le 22/01/2014 à 22:25

Critically acclaimed metal-veterans Kampfar will with their coming release "Djevelmakt" step one step closer to the Black Metal Throne. Two singles are already out and today you can stream the entire album almost a week before releasedate!

To stream the album in G/A/S territory, go to!
To stream the album in Norway, go to Pyro!
The album stream will aslo be available on Metal Hammer UK tomorrow!

The releasedate for the album "Djevelmakt" is 27th of January world wide and 31st of January in G/A/S. Preorder the album, bundles and limited editions HERE!



Merging intensity with melody, 3 Years Hollow plans to spread their rabid Quad Cities fanbase throughout the rest of the US and beyond, with an upcoming tour (alongside Saving Abel - with additional dates to be added), and their upcoming release, 'The Cracks,' which drops on February 11, 2014. The twelve-track release will be the group's full-length debut for Imagen Records, and was produced by none other than Sevendust guitarist/songwriter Clint Lowery (Lowery also guests on a track, "For Life").

"We want to play melodic hard rock," explains singer Jose Urquiza. "That's the music that brought us together. At the same time, we all have drastically different influences from progressive rock to hair metal to pop punk."

Comprised of Urquiza, Tony Reeves (guitar), Neil Kuhlman (guitar), Dex Digga (bass), and Chris Cushman (drums), 3 Years Hollow has already enjoyed success on such stations as Sirius XM Octane, which added the song, "Remember" (of which a remastered version resides on 'The Cracks') to their rotation. Soon after, the song hit #1 on the channel, while all of the group's videos have attracted nearly 500,000 YouTube views.

Also included is the aforementioned "For Life," of which Urquiza describes as "It's about a person who is struggling and has fallen away from the world alone. You can see the damage and the demons the person deals with on a daily basis. However, all of a sudden, there is hope instead of despair. The final message is to pull away from the demons, stand strong against them, and keep them out for the rest of your life. It was such an honor to bring that track to life with Clint."

Instead of setting up shop at a single recording studio, it turns out that the sessions for 'The Cracks' occurred at several different studios, including Groovemaster Studios (where Disturbed, Sevendust, and Pop Evil have all recorded) in Chicago, IL, Trailer Studios in St. Louis, MO, and the band's own studio, Real Trax Recording, in Davenport, IA. According to Urquiza, it is also the realness of his lyrics that resonate greatly with fans. "Everything I write about is a completely personal experience or something I've witnessed or experienced myself. I talk about things I've seen or experienced. I want to give everybody something real."

'The Cracks' Tracklisting:

1. The Devil's Slave
2. Chemical Ride
3. For Life (Featuring Clint Lowery)
4. The Cracks
5. Fallen
6. Taken By All
7. Hungry
8. RunAway
9. We Belong
10.Take The World
11. Lost
12. Remember (remastered)


For More Information:
Official Site

SNA-FU / Knives and Bells - News - 1er extrait de l'albumDe Xavier le 07/01/2014 à 23:29

Voici le 1er extrait " Furious and Fast " du nouvel album de SNA-FU "Knives & Bells" qui sera disponible en France le 18 Janvier .

Le disque est produit par Francis Caste ( Kickback , Bukowski , The Arrs )

Le disque est disponible en pré commande ici même :

Angra "Angels Cry" Live taken from "Angels Cry -- 20th Anniversary Tour"De Xavier le 07/01/2014 à 23:22

Angra "Angels Cry" Live taken from "Angels Cry -- 20th Anniversary Tour" - OUT January 31st, 2014

nouveau titre d'Alcest en ligne !De Xavier le 07/01/2014 à 23:20

Un nouveau titre d’Alcest est désormais en ligne !

All we Need : premier EPDe Xavier le 06/01/2014 à 23:41

"All we Need" groupe de Metal-Core Nimois sort son premier EP intitulé "Cold Dream", EP enregistré, mixé et Masterisé par Jonathan Devaux (HORD) au Piche studio 2.0. EP disponible sur le shop du label Send The Wood Music et en digital sur le réseau mondial.
Shop :

NOS COUPS DE COEUR 2013De Tiphaine le 05/01/2014 à 20:20


Musique :
Glittertind, Djevelsvart, Indie Recordings
Bullet For My Valentine, Temper Temper, Sony Music
Wolfpakk, Cry Wolf, AFM
Apocalyptica, Gregor Seyffert's Wagner Reloaded, BMG
Apolline, No Longer Rain, M&O

Livres :
Zoo des chimères, Chantal Robillard, Argemmios
Animale, Victor Dixen, Gallimard Jeunesse
La fille sortilège, Marie Pavlenko, Le Pré Aux Clercs
Sans âge, Gail Carriger, Orbit
Les lames du cardinal, Pierre Pevel, Folio SF

Bandes-dessinées/comics/mangas :
Chimichanga, Eric Powell (Delcourt)
American Vampire Scott Snyder/Rafael Albuquerque (Urban Comics)
Barracuda, T4 Révoltes, Jérémy/Jean Dufaux (Dargaud)
Memphis, T1, Rodolphe/Marechal (Glénat)
Les nouvelles aventures de Rocketeer (Delcourt)

Films :
Le Monde Fantastique d’Oz, Sam Raimi
The Lone Ranger, Gore Verbinski
Maniac, Franck Khalfoun
Pop Redemption, Martin Le Gall
Antiviral, Brandon Cronenberg


Musique :
7 weeks, Carnivora, Klonosphere
Cronian, Erathems, Season Of Mist/Underground Activist
Dwail, The Human Concern, Autoproduction
Rotting Christ, Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy, Season Of Mist
Dis Krupps, Risikofaktor, Synthetic Symphony

Livres :
Rosée de feu, Xavier Mauméjean, Folio SF
Redshirts Au mépris du Danger, John Scalzi, L’Atalante
A Travers le Temps, Robert Charles Wilson, Folio SF
Grisha 1 Les Orphelins du Royaume, Leigh Bardugo, Castelmore
Utopiales 2013 – recueil, collectif, ACTU SF

Bandes-dessinées/comics/mangas :
Walking Dead vol.18 Lucille, Adlard/Kirkman, Delcourt
Elric1 Le Trône de Ribus, Moorcock/Blondel/Poli/Recht/Bastide, Glénat
Severed vol.1, Snyder Scott/Tuft Scott/Futaki Attila, Urban Comics
Terra ForMars, Tachiba Ken-Ichi/Sasuga Yu, Kazé manga
Out There vol.1, Augustyn B./Ramos H., Glénat Comics

Films :
Imaginaerum, Stobe Harju
Jug Face, Chad Crawford Kinkle
World War Z, Marc Forster
Maniac, Franck Khalfoun
Upside Down, Juan Solanas

StonemanDe Xavier le 01/01/2014 à 23:20

Was macht die Sonne am Himmel rot, wer bringt den Tod in diese Welt?
(“What turns the sun red in the sky, who brings death into this world?”)
After extensive European Tours with Deathstars, Tiamat and Wednesday 13, the dark Swiss export band returns to celebrate their 10th anniversary with a new concept.
The powerful fourth release (working title: GOLDMARIE) will be the first entirely written in Greman and is produced by the renowned Berlin producer “Steve van Velvet”.
Bittersweet melodies meet brutal force in an unknown quality, as if STONEMAN want to prove to play in the upper class of headline bands. They will erect a monument for themselves by their upcoming work.
Founding member Mikki (vox) and Rico H (drums) have picked the best musicians from the Highland Country and present a new lineup completed by Jadro (guitar) and Dee (bass).
For those who can’t wait to get a sneak preview in advance, the band has exclusively release the track “An die Geräte” (“To the gear”).
Click, chear and sing along!

MRDTCDe Xavier le 01/01/2014 à 23:15

When sound wizard Christoph Lemke (Mr. Dupont) and the strong-voiced Tino Claus (Amnistia) decide to run a project together, there is only one possible result … first class Electronic Body Music!
MRDTC was founded in 2010. On their debut "#2 (We Transfer)" they presented a very broad mixture of old school EBM and old school electro.
February 2013, release of the successful MRDTC debut "#2 (We Transfer)".
Dezember 2013, the EBM-electronics do it again. MASSIVE!

"#3 (WE TRAVEL)" offers 10 tracks which warm the heart of every fan of electronic music.

4 NEW TRACKS, 4 LIVE-TRACKS from the legendary show at the "Electrocution V" festival in Rostock 2013. Among others and to accommodate the high demand of the fans - "Sick In Your Mind" - a cover of the classic tune by The Klinik. Finally 2 REMIXES of popular tracks from the debut album.
But that’s not all. "#3 (WE TRAVEL)" will be released on Cd in a limited edition of 300 copies.

Shop Links:
Limited Box:

01 No Kingdom
02 Believe
03 Revenge
04 Bells Of Death
05 For The Good Times *
06 God Of Anger *
07 Motif *
08 Sick In Your Mind *
09 Motif (Re[tro]mix By Logikfehler)
10 God Of Anger (Wrecked)
* recorded live at "Electrocution V" festival at M.A.U. Club Rostock, Germany, 2013.02.16